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Astrology Studies


Saturn Square Pluto
by Jeff Jawer
On November 15 serious Saturn in Libra makes the first of three stressful squares with powerful Pluto in Capricorn that mark a major step toward reshaping the world. 11/3/2009
Saturn in Libra
by Ed Tamplin
Saturn is now in Libra, as it is in the United States chart. Astrologer Ed Tamplin looks at this major planetary ingress in light of U.S. and international events. 10/30/2009
Mercury Not Retrograde
by Jeff Jawer
The planet of information turned direct on May 30 in solid Taurus, but there are some slippery spots in the road ahead. 6/2/2009
The Moon's Nodes
by Elizabeth Spring
The Nodes answer questions of soul purpose and life direction, not from the perspective of ego and personal ambition, but from the Soul’s perspective. 5/29/2009
The Soul Purpose
by Jeff Jawer
Jeff Jawer looks at his friend David Railey's revised edition of The Soul Purpose, one of the most important books yet on the Moon's Nodes. 3/20/2009
Pluto in Capricorn
by Ed Tamplin
Ed Tamplin tracks Pluto in Capricorn's role in transforming history from the days of ancient Rome to the American Revolution. 1/25/2008
Uranus in Pisces
by Therese Murphy
Revolutionary Uranus began its seven-year stay in spiritual Pisces on March 10, 2003. 1/1/2008
The Astrology of Menopause
by Elizabeth Spring
Menopause is tracked through three planetary cycles: Uranus opposite Uranus, the Chiron return, and the second Saturn return. 11/30/2007
Saturn in Virgo
by Ed Tamplin
Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin looks back at previous periods of Saturn in Virgo with an eye on what its next visit there might bring. 8/31/2007
Curtain of Fate
by Elizabeth Spring
A look at the oscillating patterns of Saturn and Uranus—of contraction and expansion, of constructing and deconstructing. 7/13/2007
When I'm Sixty-three
by Elizabeth Spring
At each Uranus cycles—at 21 and 42 and 63 and 84—we get a new chance to answer the voice within us that calls for more unique individuality. 4/27/2007
Five New Progressions of Self-Evident Astrology
by Jeffrey S. Close
The five new progressions of Self-evident Astrology are included in the unique Intrepid calculation software. 4/13/2007
Between Past & Presence
by Bill Streett
Eric Meyers' new book, Between Past & Presence: A Spiritual View of the Moon & Sun, is reviewed by astrologer Bill Streett. 3/30/2007
Soul-Sick Nation
by Katherine James
Astrologer Jessica Murray's new book, an in-depth astro-analysis of the United States, is reviewed by Katherine James. 1/26/2007
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
by Ed Tamplin
It’s not drawing too long a bow to liken Sagittarian Jupiter to a big man riding a giant horse, heading for a gunfight at the nearest OK Corral. 12/8/2006
Finding Your Write Niche
by Donna Cunningham
What does a writing signature consist of? Naturally, we would think of Mercury first, and yet a strong Mercury does not automatically make you a writer—what it makes you is a communicator. 10/27/2006
Indispensable Tyl
by Donnalyn Kirchner
Astrologers of all levels of experience can benefit from Noel Tyl's exceptional DVDs. 9/1/2006
Saturn-Neptune Avian Flu
by Robert Gover
Sign Swap
by Amanda Owen
Swords & Plowshares
by Judith Goldberg
Grand Cross or Southern Cross
by Ed Tamplin
Hidden Treasure: Jupiter in Scorpio
by Lynn Bell
Gods or Monsters: Jupiter in Scorpio
by Ed Tamplin
The Tenth Planet
by D.K. Brainard
London 2005
by Lisa Stephens
Uranus: The Constant of Change
by Bill Streett
Bill Streett's forward to Uranus: The Constant of Change introduces us to Eric Meyers' exciting new book. 7/18/2005
When Destiny Calls - Saturn in Leo
by Judith Goldberg
Saturn in Leo
by Ed Tamplin
Horoscope in Manifestation
by Norma Jean Ream
The Astrology of Film
by Jeffrey Kishner & Bill Streett
Jupiter in Libra
by Ed Tamplin
Astrological Levels
by Eric Meyers
Jupiter in Virgo
by Ed Tamplin
Venus Transit
by Various Sources
Best Drivers - Worst Drivers
by Nancy R. Fenn
Saturn in Cancer: Security and Insecurity
by Jeff Jawer
Harmonic Concordance, A Reality Check
by Ken Kalb
Saturn and the Vanquishing of Illusion
by John Whalen
The State of Astrology
by Jeff Jawer
Being and Becoming
by Jeff Jawer
The natal chart doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t grow. Humans, however, jump off the page and make choices. 9/29/2003
Mayan Time and Money
by Robert Gover
Nurturing Neptune: Care of the Soul
by Marguerite Elsbeth
The planet Neptune symbolizes our psyches and our dreams. Here are some care and feeding tips to keep your Neptune in top shape. 6/25/2003
Sacred Days
by Barbara Schermer
Uranus in Pisces, Part 2
by Therese Murphy
Ingress charts for Uranus in Pisces in 2003 and 1919 are explored and compared to the US Sagittarius rising chart. 3/13/2003
Jupiter Opposite Neptune
by Jeff Jawer
Jupiter and Neptune are in opposition with one another, just as they were at the beginning of the Vietnam War. 2/10/2003
by Philip Sedgwick
The Kuiper Object Quaoar is the largest new body found in the solar system since Pluto's discovery in 1930. 10/11/2002
Two Degrees of Scorpio
by John Whalen
While Venus is retrograde, Mars pursues her, but falls short by two degrees of Scorpio. 10/10/2002
Saturn-Pluto Revisited
by Jeff Jawer
The opposition between Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius is technically over, but its effects will be with us for years. 9/20/2002
Ceres, Goddess of the Environment
by Michael WolfStar
The asteroid Ceres was named for the Goddess of the Harvest, and is now is a symbol of the environmental movement. 9/19/2002
Biblical Insights
by Kelly Lee Phipps
There's considerable evidence supporting the importance and meaning of astrology in the Bible. 8/1/2002
Six Degrees of Jupiter
by Gail Kavanagh
The popularity of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon could be linked to the actor's Jupiter-North Node connection. 7/21/2002
Writing Ability
by John Hayes
Mercury's aspects to other planets in the natal chart provide insights into writing talent and styles. 7/19/2002
Astrology's Archaic Truths
by Jeff Jawer
Astrology's Earth-centered perspective can help us reconnect with our senses, which have been refuted by "objective" science. 6/27/2002
We Are The Transits
by Jeff Jawer
Every transit is two-way conversation allowing us to have real communication with and influence on the planets. 6/20/2002
by Jeff Jawer
Our culture has fallen out of balance with the Earth. Astrology can help by remedy this by reminding us that we live on a planet. 6/13/2002
Creative Prediction
by Jeff Jawer
The purpose of astrology may be more than trying to predict the future, but to help create it in symbolically appropriate ways. 6/6/2002
Woman as Lover or Mother: The Venus-Ceres Crisis
by Valerie Vaughan
Why has modern society developed such a separation between erotic and maternal love? In astrology, we see this as the Venus-Ceres split. 5/2/2002
Venus Elements
by John Whalen
Love is magic, and Venus is its guiding planet. Looking at the element of Venus in a birth chart is a helpful guide to making this heart-opening connection. 2/14/2002
Outer Planets 2002
by Jeff Jawer
This is a table of the outer planet aspects, sign changes, stations, as well as eclipses, for 2002. 1/2/2002
The Gift of the Magi
by Rick Levine
Astrology played a prominent role in the founding of Christianity. The Wise Men were astrologers. What was the Star of Bethlehem? 12/24/2001
Sagittarius and the Holiday Spirit
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
With all its Sagittarius buildup, the ho-ho-ho and high spirits, Christmas is actually a Capricorn holiday. 12/20/2001
Scorpio: Beyond Reason
by Jeff Jawer
Sometimes shy, sometimes passionate Scorpio is a mystery to many people. This look below the surface reveals some of this sign's many secrets. 10/24/2001
The New Global Perspective
by Rick Levine
Saturn-Pluto cycles correlate with the rise and fall of civilizations. How does the current Saturn-Pluto opposition fit into the flow of history? 10/20/2001
Astrological Secrets of Washington, DC
by Pythia Peay
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 9/19/2001
Virgo New Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
Mooncircles Virgo New Moon 9/16/2001
Beth Alpha Synagogue’s Zodiac Floor
by Marcia Masino
In 1928, Israeli farmers discovered the remains of a fifth century synagogue's pillars and walls. The greatest surprise came when they unearthed an almost completely intact zodiac mosaic floor. 5/31/2001
Attack on Kepler College: A Modern Inquisition
by Rick Levine
A recent attack on the Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences by the Chancellor of Boston University reveals that prejudice can obscure the judgment of a highly educated academic. 5/18/2001
Battlefield: Education
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The education signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are currently seeing quite a bit of astrological action, provoking hot debates over public education and who is going to pay for it. 4/17/2001
The Terrible Twos
by Pat Lantz
The fiery bursts of energy and refusal to cooperate with authority that characterize the so-called "terrible twos" can be viewed astrologically through the cycle of Mars, the planet of self-assertion. 4/13/2001
Venus and Mars Retrograde:
Looking Back, Looking Within

by Eric Francis
Both Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are now in hot, outgoing fire signs. However, Venus has recently turned retrograde and Mars will soon follow, switching our focus from outer life to inner realities and past relationships. 3/13/2001
Classroom Avengers:
The Astrology of School Shootings

by Valerie Vaughan
During the past decade, the American public has been shocked by a wave of school shooting incidents. Common astrological themes appear frequently at the time of these tragic events. 3/9/2001
Imbolc: In the Belly of the Stars
by Eric Francis
The modern celebration of Ground Hog Day has its roots in the ancient pagan holiday Imbolc and the symbolism of the astrological sign Aquarius. 2/1/2001
Mercury Retrograde: January 18 - February 8
by staff
Mercury Retrograde 1/18/2001
Washington's Astrological Secrets
by Marcia Masino
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 1/15/2001
Washington's Astrological Secrets
by Marcia Masino
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 1/15/2001
Tracking Orion the Hunter
by Kelley Hunter
Orion the hunter is one of the best-known constellations. Its astronomy and mythology make it even more interesting to watch as it stalks across the winter sky. 1/4/2001
Keeping Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions
by Maggie Anderson
An understanding of your Sun sign can help keep you on track and increase your chances of sticking to your New Year's fitness resolutions. 1/1/2001
The Christmas Eclipse: Bringing Your Heart's Desire
by John Whalen
There's something special happening this Christmas. Think hard about what your heart most desires because this year, Santa may grant your wish. 12/25/2000
The Capricorn Christmas Eclipse
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
A special Christmas present awaits us this year, although it’s in the sky over our tree, rather than under it. 12/21/2000
When Lightning Strikes: The Shocking Story
by Valerie Vaughan
During one second of time, about 100 lightning bolts strike somewhere on the Earth. What can astrology tell us about these dramatic acts of nature? 12/18/2000
Horary of the Month: December
by Lee Lehman
Lee answers a woman's question about whether she will be able to save money for a trip and if the trip is even a good idea in the first place. 12/13/2000
The Astrological Tarot Deck
by Marcia Masino
The Minchiate is a rare and highly-prized tarot deck from Renaissance Florence that combines the symbolism of the tarot with astrology. 12/11/2000
The Infant, the Moon, Mom and Emotions
by Pat Lantz
An infant's Moon sign can provide parents with information about the type of environment and emotional response that will make their baby feel secure and happy. 11/28/2000
Locating Jupiter and Saturn: Astronomy for Astrologers
by Kelley Hunter
It's 10:00 pm in November, 2000. Do you know where Jupiter and Saturn are? The two largest planets are easy to locate most of the night in the region of the Bull’s Eye and the Pleiades. 11/16/2000
Genetically Modified Foods
by Ricky Corcilius and Dany Falconer Flint
Astrology gives us insight into the current trend of genetically modified foods and the power struggles behind their use. 11/15/2000
Astrology Looks at a Skeptic
by Anthony Louis
Michael Shermer has made a living off of debunking the claims of psychics, mediums and practitioners of the paranormal. A look at his chart shows why he may have found the perfect career. 11/12/2000
Of Plants and Planets: Mars
by Maggie Anderson
Plants of Mars seem to attack us with thorns and other prickly parts. While some feel we'd be better off with only user-friendly plants, Martian plants add spice to our lives. 11/11/2000
Unbroken Chain: Samhain, Halloween and Scorpio
by Eric Francis
The darkening days of autumn are a mysterious time. This is the season of death and transformation, Halloween and the sign Scorpio. 10/31/2000
Michael Shermer: Astrology Looks at a Skeptic
by Anthony Louis
Michael Shermer has made a career of debunking the claims of mediums, psychics and practitioners of the paranormal. A look at his birth chart shows what goes on in the mind of a skeptic. 10/25/2000
San Miniato al Monte: The Zodiac Church of Florence
by Marcia Masino
Outside of Florence, Italy stands San Miniato, the most famous zodiac church in Europe and a surviving example of medieval blending of astrological and Christian symbolism. 10/15/2000
Cybersex: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Typist
by Ricky Corcilius and Dany Falconer Flint
Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius brought us the Internet and the freedom to explore relationships and even pornography in an all new way. 10/13/2000
Horary of the Month: October
by Lee Lehman
Lee answers a question regarding whether or not a celebrity musician should go to Barbados to get away from it all. 10/11/2000
Of Plants and Planets: Jupiter
by Maggie Anderson
Plants and flowers ruled by Jupiter make a visual statement that people understand as shared beauty and pleasure. 10/7/2000
Travel with Electional Astrology
by Bruce Scofield
One of the greatest uses for electional astrology is travel. The astrological conditions of the moment of your depature reveal much about how the trip will unfold. 9/30/2000
Premature Birth: Astrology and the Ethics of Survival
by Valerie Vaughan
Pluto's transit through Scorpio brought incredible advances in medical technology, including the increased survival of premature babies. But at what cost? 9/28/2000
The Kursk: Things Fall Apart
by Eric Francis
When the Kursk nuclear submarine sank on August 12, another veil of the Iron Curtain was lifted to reveal a country being shaken at its roots. 9/20/2000
Horary of the Month: September
by Lee Lehman
In the second installment of this monthly series, Lee answers a question about bringing a new pet into the family. 9/13/2000
Gambling: Let the Good Times Roll
by Ricky Corcilius and Dany Falconer Flint
Ka-ching! The year-long conjunction of Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius is bringing with it a worldwide obsession with gambling and the lottery. 9/12/2000
Downloading Cosmic Mind Through Ritual
by Barbara Schermer
A ritual is an action for a specific purpose performed with intention. We can time our rituals with astrology for maximum effect. 9/3/2000
Stargazing: Astronomy for Astrologers Part 2
by Kelley Hunter
Not too long ago, all astrologers were astronomers, and the other way around! When was the last time you looked up into the night sky? 9/2/2000
Air Rage
by Philip Sedgwick
Air rage has been big news lately, as more and more cases are reported. Outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto tell the story. 8/23/2000
Human Genetics: O Brave New World!
by John M. Whalen
On June 26, President Clinton held a press conference to announce that science has begun to unravel the mysteries of genetic coding. Let's have a look at the chart for this historic moment. 8/16/2000
Horary of the Month: August
by J. Lee Lehman
In the first installment of a new monthly series, Lee tackles a question from a man about his romantic relationships. 8/16/2000
Martin Luther: Ecumenical Evolution
by Philip Sedgwick
Recently, Episcopal Church leaders approved a pact with the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States. This historic effort comes under the auspices of Pluto in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini. 8/13/2000
Of Plants and Planets: Saturn
by Maggie Anderson
A well-tended garden is a real-life representation of a responsible and productive life, things associated with the planet Saturn. 8/5/2000
A Stellar Alignment: Astrology and Chiropractic
by Valerie Vaughan
Both astrology and chiropractic are designed to align individuals within themselves and to bring them into greater balance with their environment. 7/31/2000
Getting It Right: What to Do When Astrology Goes Wrong
by Eric Francis
Interested in getting a chart reading but don't know where to begin? Here are some tips on choosing a good astrologer and ensuring that you'll have a rewarding session. 7/30/2000
Palmistry and Astrology Part Three
by Sasha Fenton
How do the ancient symbols of astrology and palmistry connect? In part three of this series we examine where to find the Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Mars and Uranus in the hand. 7/23/2000
The "Age-Old" Dilemma of Aging Gracefully: It's All a Matter of Timing
by Valerie Vaughan
Getting older is an awkward process—at any age. Can we learn to age more gracefully? Valerie Vaughan explains an ancient astrological formula for riding the ups and downs of the life cycle. 7/17/2000
Palmistry and Astrology Part Two
by Sasha Fenton
Sasha Fenton continues her exploration of the similarities and differences between palmistry and astrology. 7/16/2000
Stargazing: Astronomy for Astrologers
by M. Kelley Hunter
Looking up to the night sky in August, we see the summer constellations that paint their stories in the stars. Offering many images to enrich our interpretations of astrology, the eternal stars guide our lives. 7/15/2000
Go Figure! Newspaper Astrologers: How Do They Do It?
by Eric Francis
Ever read a newspaper horoscope that provided a flash of insight from seemingly out of nowhere, and wondered how it could be so accurate? Here's the secret of how these columns are created. 7/12/2000
Survivor: Candid Camera Runs Amok
by John Whalen
With shows like Survivor and The Real World topping the ratings, voyeuristic television is hot. Can astrology explain this new trend in "entertainment?" 7/8/2000
Spicing Up Mercury Retrograde
by Eric Francis
Tired of reading the same old stuff about Mercury retrograde? Then hold on to your hat (and hard drive) as Eric Francis gives us a whirlwind tour of Mercury retrograde. 7/6/2000
Animals and Astrology Part Two
by Jonathan Keyes
By observing and connecting to animals in nature, we become more attuned to the natural cycles and rhythms of life. It is helpful to work with animals that connect to our astrological charts through their affiliation with earth, air, fire or water. 7/3/2000
Is There a Moving Van in Your Future?
by Alice DeVille
Have you felt cramped for space recently when you look around your home? One reason for the restlessness could be the movement of one of the outer planets in a key area of your chart. 6/28/2000
A Blast From The Past: Remembering Mt. St. Helens
by Sharyn Smith
Washington state residents recently observed the twenty-year anniversary of the devastating eruption of Mt. St. Helens, the most destructive volcanic eruption ever recorded in the United States. 6/21/2000
Palmistry and Astrology
by Sasha Fenton
Palmistry and astrology share several ideas in common, but the two arts have drifted apart as each has been modernized. A look at the symbolism of palmistry gives us a glimpse into the world of astrology before modern psychology. 6/18/2000
Gardening by the Signs of the Moon
by Maggie Anderson
Did you know that certain signs are better than others for planting vegetables, flowers and trees? Once you gather your bumper harvest, you’ll realize how easy it is to garden with the Moon as your helper. 6/17/2000
Animals and Astrology
by Jonathan Keyes
Animals can act as powerful allies and healers of our souls if we take the time to watch them and take their spirit into our hearts. Here's how to find an animal ally that is associated with the predominant elements in your birth chart. 6/12/2000
Star-energy and Seven Centers
by Marguerite Elsbeth
Each of the body's seven energy centers, or chakras, is related to one of the seven "classic" planets. By balancing these centers, we can achieve better mental and physical health. 6/11/2000
Between Sky and Mind: The Lunar Link to Sanity
by Valerie Vaughan
Do changes in the lunar cycle affect mental health? For every experiment that supports the lunar effect, many more show no apparent relationship. Why then do people persist in believing in this lunar effect? 6/10/2000
When Jupiter and Saturn Meet
by Pierz Newton-John
On May 28, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sky. This major conjunction happens every 20 years, and marks an important shift in our collective values. 5/25/2000
Gardening by the Phases of the Moon
by Maggie Anderson
Pliny the Elder did it, and so did Benjamin Franklin and your great grandma as well! Learn how to plant a great garden by the phases of the Moon. 5/13/2000
Home Sweet Home
by Alice DeVille
Looking for a new place to live? The Fourth House of your birth chart can help you understand your true needs in a home. 5/10/2000
Holistic Astrology: An Introduction to Chiron
by Eric Francis
By using Chiron's natal placement and transits, attention is drawn to astrology as a holistic art and a spiritual science. 5/6/2000
All in the Family: Cloning, Genetics and Astrology
by Valerie Vaughan
Recent progress in genetic research is changing the way we view the creative process of life itself. Could it also change our ideas about astrology? 5/4/2000
Using the Moon’s Cycles Part 2
by Bruce Scofield
For centuries, people have used the cycles of the Moon to time everything from planting their gardens to fishing. Here is how the Moon's cycles work. 4/29/2000
Using the Moon’s Cycles Part 1
by Bruce Scofield
For centuries, people have used the cycles of the Moon to time everything from planting their gardens to fishing. Here is how the Moon's cycles work. 4/22/2000
All Those Planets in Taurus!
by Lynn Bell
By May, there will be seven heavenly bodies together in Taurus, an unusual gathering of all the visible planets. 4/12/2000
by John M. Whalen
Zen is both a way of meditation and a life path. Astrology and Zen together can help us express the positive energy of the signs. 4/9/2000
by Valerie Vaughan
Sometimes Mars, the planet of cars, meets Neptune and accidents happen. 4/8/2000
Astrology and Shamanism: A Natural Way of Healing
by Marguerite Elsbeth
Both astrology and shamanism interpret the natural world, allowing us to realize our purpose on Earth in accordance with nature and the cosmos. 4/2/2000
It's Mercury Retrograde Time!
by Bruce Scofield
Having a hard time getting things in gear to move forward lately? Mercury is retrograde, so it's a great time to redo, rework and reconnect. 2/26/2000
Your Astrological Navigation System
by Bruce Scofield
Want to know the best time to buy a car, get married, or take a trip? Electional astrology can help you make informed choices. 2/12/2000
Interview with the Messenger
by Alice DeVille
The planet Mercury comes to StarIQ for a job interview, ready to strut his stuff and prove that he's essential to the success of your business. 1/26/2000
The Deconstructed Horoscope
by Jeff Jawer
The natal chart is meant to help us grow. Sometimes we need to tear it apart to put ourselves back together. 11/28/1999
House Cusps and Systems
by Jeff Jawer
Houses are among the most important, but misunderstood tools for chart interpretation. Some fundamentals are addressed here. 11/20/1999
Mercury Retrograde: A Modern Look
by Rick Levine
This important cycle has been interpreted in rather limited ways. Here's another perspective. 11/9/1999
The Mercury Retrograde Story
by Rick Levine
The planet of communication is in reverse from November 4 - 24. Here's what it means. 11/8/1999

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