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Bedroom Astrologer


The Bedroom Astrologer 5-23-01
by Jill Dearman
Jill looks at how a married Virgo and Taurus couple can keep the sparks flying in the bedroom long after the honeymoon has ended. 5/23/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
A Sagittarian woman asks Jill's advice on how to regain a sexual spark with her husband after giving up a turbulent affair with Mr. Wrong. 4/11/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises an Aries woman whose boyfriend has betrayed her with an online affair, and explains why "chatting" may be a turn-on for him. 3/28/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
A Cancer woman asks Jill's advice about whether she should get involved again with her ex-lover, a triple Scorpio who is too "laid back" to get a regular job. 3/14/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 2-28-01
by Jill Dearman
A Pisces woman in a new relationship with a Sagittarius man asks Jill if the union will last when she takes off her rose-colored glasses. 2/28/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 2-14-01
by Jill Dearman
A Cancer woman asks Jill if her new Sagittarian boyfriend is better marriage material than her ex-husband, or if they should just skip to the part where he runs off with the vehicles and she writes a settlement check. 2/14/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 1-31-01
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises a Gemini woman who made the mistake of cheating on her Scorpio girlfriend and is now wondering if she'll ever be forgiven. 2/2/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 12-27-00
by Jill Dearman
Jill dispels a man's fears about getting involved with another Scorpio woman. 12/27/2000
The Bedroom Astrologer 11-29-00
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises a woman wondering if she should stick it out with a boyfriend who can't commit and likes going out on drinking binges. 11/29/2000
The Bedroom Astrologer 11-15-00
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises a woman to not be so accommodating in relationships and explore her sexual "dark side." 11/15/2000
The Bedroom Astrologer 11-1-00
by Jill Dearman
Jill gives a fiery Sagittarius advice on how to keep the flame of love alive in her relationship with a Taurus. 11/1/2000

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