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Business & Finance


Aquarium Age
by Ralfee Finn
A powerful potential for joy permeates hearts as well as minds this week, and not just because Sunday is Valentine's Day. 2/11/2010
Market Week 11-2-2009
Market Week 10-19-2009
Market Week 10-12-2009
Market Week October 5, 2009
by Raymond Merriman
The Saturn-Uranus opposition reversal continues. This is yet another example of the effectiveness of Financial Astrology as a valuable tool for market timing. 10/3/2009
Market Week 9-28-2009
Market Week 9-21-2009
Market Week September 14, 2009
by Raymond Merriman
Nearly every world stock index we follow soared to its highest level since the Paulsen meltdown days of the last September-October. There were a couple of notable exceptions, such as in Japan. 9/12/2009
Market Week 9-14-2009
Market Week September 7, 2009
by Raymond Merriman
In equity markets, most of the major world indices topped out late the prior week, and then sold off into the middle of last week. 9/5/2009
Market Week 8-31-2009
Market Week 8-17-2009
Market Week 8-10-2009
Market Week 8-3-2009
Market Week 7-27-2009
Market Week 7-20-2009
Market Week 7-13-2009
Market Week 7-6-2009
Market Week June 29, 2009
by Raymond Merriman
Last week’s New Moon in opposition to Pluto was filled with classical issues related to the principles of Mundane and Financial Astrology. 6/26/2009
Market Week 6-22-2009
Market Week May 4, 2009
by Raymond Merriman
Equity markets across the world rallied last week, with many posting new post-Venus direct highs. In Asia and the Pacific Rim, none of the four indices we track made higher highs than those recorded around Venus direct. 5/1/2009
Pluto and the Fed
by Robert Gover
The history of the Federal Reserve Bank is explored in light of its natal chart and the upcoming transit of Pluto in Capricorn to the Bank's natal Sun. 12/7/2007
The Real Estate Cycle
by Robert Gover
Real estate tends to move in an 18-to-20-year cycle. From one top to the next, as from one low to the next, about 9 or 10 years usually elapses. 5/14/2007
Saturn-Neptune and the U.S. Monetary System
by Robert Gover
Neptune and the New Fed Chairman
by Robert Gover
Saturn & Neptune: Money and Oil
by Robert Gover
Money: Dollar & Yuan
by Robert Gover
Wal-Mart's Dilemma
by Robert Gover
Social Security and Murphy's Law
by Robert Gover
Planetary Aspects & Belief
by Robert Gover
The 72-Year Cycle
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 5
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 4
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 3
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 2
by Robert Gover
Economists and Astrology, Part 1
by Robert Gover
Mayan Time and Money
by Robert Gover
Dollar, Euro and War
by Robert Gover
Stock Market Alert
by Robert Gover
Planetary patterns suggest a possible American stock market crash in February 2003. 12/12/2002
Long-Range Economic Forecast
by Robert Gover
Long-term U.S. economic cycles follow a clear pattern based on transits to the nation's birth chart. 8/29/2002
Pep Rallies & Scouting Reports
by Robert Gover
Most investors were happily participating in the pep rally during the roaring bull market of the past 20 years. Few heeded the scouting reports. 8/15/2002
Enron: The Phoenix Will Rise Again
by Fred Singh
The chart of the Enron Corporation shows its innovation, potential for greed and fall. But at least one astrologer thinks that they're not done yet. 2/28/2002
Windows XP
by Paul Wade
From an astrological perspective, the launch of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows XP, appears to have occurred at a rather favorable time. 1/17/2002
Cisco: Shining Star has a Meteoric Fall
by Pat Hardy
Technology giant Cisco Systems is facing a crisis of major proportions. But expansive Jupiter's return to its position in Cisco's horoscope offers hope for a rebound. 5/17/2001
NASDAQ on the Rocks
by Dorothy Kovach
Only a year ago, the NASDAQ was riding the crest of a technology wave some thought would never end. Astrology sheds some light on why today, untold numbers are gasping for air since the dot com boom went bust. 4/10/2001
Disney: Who Moved the Mouse's Cheese?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Walt Disney Company seems to have fallen on hard times recently. Astrologically, the situation is accurately symbolized in both the birth chart for the company and that of CEO Michael Eisner. 4/3/2001
AOL-Time Warner: The New Media Giant
by Pat Hardy
AOL and Time Warner merged under the conservative sign Capricorn, but the newly-formed company has a rebellious streak that will either enhance its position in the marketplace or severely disrupt it. 3/1/2001
Jeff Bezos and Can Earth's Biggest Bookstore Make It?
by Pat Esclavon Hardy
What can astrology tell us about the challenges faced by the world's largest e-tailer,, and its founder Jeff Bezos? 1/5/2001
Carly Fiorina: Hewlett Packard's Head Profit
by Philip Sedgwick
CEO Carly Fiorina brings new leadership to Hewlett Packard. But, will this Virgo's vision lead to changes in the company's bottom line? 11/22/2000
Careers in Health Care: An Astrological View
by Valerie Vaughan
Health care jobs are one of today's fastest growing areas of employment. Astrology can shed some light on whether these careers might be right for you. 10/4/2000
Firestone’s Deadly Tire Recall
by Pat Esclavon Hardy
The Firestone tire recall is one of the biggest consumer panics to date. Will this corporate giant have to close its doors for good? 9/27/2000
Napster: The Music Industry Revolution
by Pat Hardy
Napster represents the shift in digital media distribution, including music, film and publishing. The way we access these is about to change. 9/21/2000
Is There a Promotion in Your Future?
by Alice DeVille
Most careers have their ups and downs. Here's a look at the astrological factors that correlate with these critical life cycles. 9/13/2000
Alan Greenspan’s Opus
by Pat Lantz
Appearing deceptively drab and dreary, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is actually enigmatic, gentle and artistically talented. 8/9/2000
The Virtuous Circle
by Robert Gover
America is in a transformative time economically, preceded by the breaking of the "virtuous circle" economy of the 50s and 60s. 8/2/2000
Opening Up Bill Gates
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
We tend to think of Bill Gates as a “textbook” Scorpio type—driven, intense, poisonously competitive and highly acquisitive—but does he have a softer side? 7/20/2000
Coming of Age: The Knowledge Keepers
by Pat Esclavon Hardy
Employers are beginning to realize what older employees, with their hard-earned knowledge, dedication and reliability, can offer the workplace. 7/19/2000
Let’s Talk Business
by Alice DeVille
Have you ever thought about the unique personalities that are thrown together in the workplace? Astrology provides considerable insight into how individuals are likely to approach their work and express their views. 6/14/2000
An Apple A Day
by Sharyn Smith
Apple Computer has charged back into the fray, capturing the public eye with the wildly popular iMac. What can astrology tell us about the veteran computer tech giant? 5/31/2000
Neptune, Pluto and Boundaries
by Robert Gover
Major patterns of historical change appear to correspond with the 493 year cycle of slow moving Neptune and Pluto. 5/24/2000
Social Issues are Financial Issues
by Pat Esclavon Hardy
With Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, the twenty-first century could bring democracy to economics, creating an economy that serves everyone. 5/3/2000
Volatile Stock Markets and Pluto
by Robert Gover
On Tuesday, April 4, the NASDAQ dropped an astounding 574 points. What can this record breaking drop teach us about financial astrology? 4/19/2000
Dow Stocks Flight of Fancy Part 2
by Raymond A. Merriman
The Jupiter-Neptune angle that was linked to the huge March 16 rise in the Dow is now over, but will it have lingering effects on the market? 4/5/2000
Neptune and Inflation
by Robert Gover
We haven't seen an increase in gas prices like the current price hike since the rampant inflation period of the 1970s. Are we due for more inflation? 3/29/2000
Dow Stocks Embark on a Flight of Fancy Part 1
by Raymond Merriman
The Dow rose to record levels last week as Jupiter squared Neptune. 3/19/2000
Donald Trump: Peter Pan in Midlife
by Erin Sullivan
Donald Trump's opulent, over-inflated lifestyle is a mirror of our society. Who is the man behind the grandiose buildings and supermodel girlfriends? 3/9/2000
Financial Panics Past and Future
by Robert Gover
Can stock market crashes be predicted? Experts say no, but astrology can help us make some educated guesses about the next possible financial crisis. 3/8/2000
The Bubble and Gap of the 1990s
by Robert Gover
An economic depression was forecast for the 1990s, but instead the U.S. had a record bull market. What does astrology have to say about the bubble and gap? 3/1/2000
Signs and Signposts for Business and Industry
by Sasha Fenton
Wondering how business and industry is going to fare in 2000? Astrologer Sasha Fenton gives her insight. 2/23/2000
Steve Case: On Top of the World
by Bil Tierney
The AOL mega-merger with Time Warner makes Steve Case the Internet's leading lion. 2/16/2000
Saturn and Great Depressions Part 2
by Robert Gover
Despite economic predictions, there was no depression in the 1990s. Is there an economic crisis around the corner? 2/2/2000
Captain Outrageous Rocks the Internet
by Rowena Wall
Ted Turner is in the spotlight this week as he participates in the biggest corporate merger in U.S. history and separates from his wife, Jane Fonda. 1/17/2000
Saturn and Great Depressions Part 1
by Robert Gover
Will we have another recession or great depression? Let's look at history astrologically to find out. 1/12/2000

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