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Celebrities & Astrology


Market Week 11-5-2007
Peter Jackson's Scorpionic Cinema
by Jeffrey Kishner
The Astrology of Wallace & Gromit
by Jeffrey Kishner
Hunter S. Thompson
by D.K. Brainard
Ben Stiller: Hollywood's Satirical Sagittarian
by Bill Streett
Comic actor Ben Stiller's Sun is in optimistic Sagittarius. But a challenging connection with serious Saturn adds a deeper cast to the characters he plays. 3/12/2004
Minority Report
by Jeffrey Kishner
Steven Spielberg's latest film, Minority Report, is a dark vision of the future fifty years from now. 7/4/2002
Spielberg's Inner Alien
by Jeffrey Kishner
The re-release of Steven Spielberg's film ET The Extra-Terrestrial reminds us of how the artist reveals himself (and his chart) through his work. 2/20/2002
Ben Affleck Turns 29
by Rick Levine
Ben, a proud Leo, just celebrated his 29th birthday. To the surprise of many, he admitted himself into an alcohol treatment program on July 31. 8/20/2001
Ashley Judd: The Best Is Yet to Come
by Pat Lantz
Actress Ashley Judd's independence was developed early in her life, an ideal expression of her Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and North Node in Aries. 5/28/2001
The Dalai Lama's Journey
by Michael WolfStar O'Reilly
The Dalai Lama's horoscope is not all peace and light. The challenge of being a leader in exile is reflected by Pluto's powerful role in his birth chart. 5/24/2001
Seth Green Makes It Look Easy
by Nick Dagan Best
Aquarian actor Seth Green is one of those rare celebrities who appeals equally to females and males. Tension between his Sun and Mars describes his effectiveness playing boys who struggle with their "inner man." 5/14/2001
Charlie Sheen: From Sin to Spin
by Ronnie Dreyer
It might seem somewhat enigmatic that wild man Charlie Sheen has his Sun in sensitive, shy and critical Virgo, a sign symbolized by a young maiden holding a sheaf of harvested corn. 5/3/2001
Anne Robinson: What's Her Weakest Link?
by Bil Tierney
The TV game show The Weakest Link has taken the U.S. by storm, thanks to its often-caustic host, Anne Robinson. It’s hard to believe that this acid-tongued woman is a Libra, the sign of all things “nice.” 5/1/2001
Brendan Fraser: More Than Just a Pretty Face
by Jill Dearman
Sagittarian actor Brendan Fraser has the ability to really move audiences with his performances, but his birth chart shows that he may continue doing lightweight comedies until he grows into his potential. 4/27/2001
Rosie O'Donnell: The Aries "Queen of Nice"
by Pat Lantz
With her Sun in the no-holds-barred fire sign of Aries, Rosie O'Donnell's life revolves around an independent, high spirited, straight-forward and unapologetic “I’m here and will do it all right now” philosophy. 4/26/2001
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Every Girl's Heroine
by Jill Dearman
Sarah Michelle Gellar may seem to possess enormous confidence on the surface, but it's her underlying struggle to live up to her own high expectations that makes this Aries so endearing to her fans. 4/25/2001
Ray Liotta: An Open Mind For Something Wild
by Nick Dagan Best
Sagittarian actor Ray Liotta is drawn to play characters who willfully assume special privileges in life, just as Zeus, the Greek god associated with his sign, always did as he pleased. 4/24/2001
Survivor II Showdown
by Bil Tierney
As Survivor II winds down, only a handful of worn-out players are left, including the two most competitive—Tina and Colby. Astrologically, what gives this Capricorn and Aries a winning edge? 4/22/2001
Kevin Spacey: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma
by John Whalen
Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey was born under the attention-loving sign of Leo. What makes him shun the spotlight that other Leos crave and keep his fans guessing about his personal life? 4/9/2001
Susan Helms: Woman in Outer Space
by Bil Tierney
Susan Helms recently became the first woman to inhabit the International Space Station. This Pisces dispels many of the stereotypical images of her sign, which is traditionally accused of being afraid to take risks. 4/8/2001
Steven Spielberg's A.I.: Dark, Deep and Dazzling
by Bill Streett
Will Sagittarian writer and director Steven Spielberg’s quarter century domination of the box office continue with his upcoming summer release, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, or will this sci-fi fantasy mark the end of an era? 4/2/2001
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Far and Away
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were both born with the love planet Venus in the showy sign of Leo, making us wonder if their marriage was for real or just an Oscar-worthy performance. 3/30/2001
Martin Sheen: Long Road to The West Wing
by Ronnie Dreyer
Award-winning actor Martin Sheen has gained as much attention for his left-wing politics as he has for his illustrious career. Casting this Leo in the role of president in The West Wing matches the character to the man almost perfectly. 3/29/2001
Steve Martin: That Wild and Crazy Guy
by Ronnie Dreyer
Steve Martin, this year's host at the Academy Awards, is a talented and creative Leo who is not only a brilliant comedian, but a prolific writer who has penned and starred in his own films. 3/25/2001
Geoffrey Rush: The Moody Marquis
by Jill Dearman
Actor Geoffrey Rush first came into the public eye with his Oscar-winning performance in 1997's Shine. Since then, there has been no stopping this talented Cancer who is up for the top honor for his role in Quills. 3/23/2001
Benicio Del Toro: No Bull
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Actor Benicio Del Toro has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in Traffic even though he speaks mostly Spanish in the film. Perhaps it's his Pisces magic that breaks the language barrier. 3/22/2001
Ridley Scott Unleashes Hell
by Nick Dagan Best
Sagittarian director Ridley Scott's current wave of success, including his smash hit Gladiator's twelve Oscar nominations, provides an excellent look at life after a tumble with Pluto, the planet of transformation. 3/19/2001
Joaquin Phoenix: Good People Doing Bad Things
by Nick Dagan Best
Joaquin Phoenix has used his craft to explore the dark underside of conventional morality, an appropriate theme for an actor with a strong Scorpio emphasis in his horoscope. 3/16/2001
Kate Hudson: Her Mother's Daughter
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Actress Kate Hudson is a strong-willed, independent Aries. Like her mother, Goldie Hawn, before her, fame has come early and this rising star seems destined for a lifetime in the spotlight. 3/15/2001
Keanu Reeves' Excellent Adventure
by John Whalen
Keanu Reeves' horoscope has the Sun and three other planets in Virgo, a sign known for its mental sharpness. Why, then, has this actor been dogged by a space cadet image throughout his career? 3/8/2001
Steven Soderbergh: Putting the Cuffs on Oscar
by John Whalen
Capricorn director Steven Soderbergh was recently passed over at the Golden Globes for his hit movies Erin Brokovich and Traffic. His horoscope shows, however, that he may have a little more luck with the upcoming Oscars. 3/5/2001
Lucy Lawless: Xena's Last Stand
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Lucy Lawless has both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries. Such a large dose of the fighting spirit makes her a perfect fit for the role of a warrior princess on the cult favorite Xena. 3/4/2001
Dale Earnhardt Reaches the Finish Line
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
A difficult Neptune transit may have triggered the miscalculation that led to Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash. This same influence has also, in death, lifted him to legendary status. 3/2/2001
Will and Grace: A Sitcom With a Twist
by Bil Tierney
The colorful main characters of the hit sitcom Will and Grace reflect the horoscope dynamics of the talented actors who play them. 2/26/2001
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw: Earth Signs in Love
by Bil Tierney
Faith Hill, a Virgo, and Tim McGraw, a Taurus, appear glamorous to their country music fans. But, in reality, both are practical and realistic earth signs, able to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life with each other. 2/20/2001
Beck's Musical Lunaverse
by Nick Dagan Best
Performer and recording artist Beck has been nominated for two Grammy awards this year. This Cancer's eclectic music reflects the changing moods and depth of the Moon. 2/18/2001
Fiona Apple: When Your Mind Is Your Might
by Nick Dagan Best
Virgo musician Fiona Apple's second CD is up for two Grammy Awards next week. Her songs and style bear the distinct mark of the planet Mercury, busy at work in her horoscope. 2/16/2001
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera: Sagittarians on Fire
by Bil Tierney
Sagittarians in the music industry typically give their audiences high-octane, spirited performances. Pop sensations Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are perfect examples of this dynamic sign in action. 2/15/2001
Julianne Moore Breaks the Silence
by Nick Dagan Best
In Julianne Moore’s latest film Hannibal, she reprises the role of Clarice Starling, made famous by Jodie Foster. The shared Mercury placement in the actress' horoscopes shows why Moore is a perfect fit for the part. 2/9/2001
'N Sync With Success
by Bil Tierney
'N Sync's J.C. Chasez, a Leo, and Justin Timberlake, an Aquarius, were born under opposite Sun signs. They're different in many ways, yet these two friends have the ability to compliment and bring out the best in each other. 2/8/2001
Haley Joel Osment: Fate, Luck and Opportunity
by Pat Lantz
Twelve-year-old Haley Joel Osment was never an ordinary child. His horoscope reveals that this Aries was born with the desire to do something unique and the initiative to pursue the opportunities that came his way. 2/4/2001
Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt: Still Peaking
by Jill Dearman
Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt may have been brought together by pure animal attraction, but their horoscopes show soulful ties that can provide the glue for a long-lasting commitment. 1/30/2001
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Call It a Wrap
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Aries Alec Baldwin and Sagittarius Kim Basinger have recently discovered that there is such a thing as too much fire in a relationship. Hot tempers may have helped bring an end to their marriage. 1/29/2001
Philip Seymour Hoffman: Fearless Actor
by Nick Dagan Best
Philip Seymour Hoffman has fearlessly explored a wide variety of male-oriented themes in his work, reflecting his Leo Sun's challenge to macho Mars. 1/25/2001
Martin Luther King Jr.: In the Name of Love
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Martin Luther King's horoscope reveals the blending of Capricorn ambition with Pisces compassion that radically changed American society and is making his dream come true. 1/14/2001
Sarah Jessica Parker: The Gal With the Midas Touch
by Ronnie Gale Dreyer
Sarah Jessica Parker is hot as the executive producer and star of HBO's popular Sex and the City. Does this Aries have a winning horoscope for the upcoming Golden Globes? 1/12/2001
Winona Ryder: Audrey Hepburn of the 90s
by Pat Lantz
This is a time of transformation for Winona Ryder. The emerging woman is likely to bear little resemblance to the young actress who has been compared to Audrey Hepburn. 1/11/2001
Prince William: Great Britain's Future King
by Anne Whitaker
Prince William, born during an eclipse, stands between his mother's need for freedom and his father's sense of tradition. Does his horoscope mark the end of England's monarchy? 1/9/2001
Kate Winslet's Passionate Choices
by Jill Dearman
Kate Winslet's horoscope is full of strong, surprising statements, just like her films. 12/29/2000
Christina Ricci: Is Madness Too Glamorous?
by Nick Dagan Best
True to her Aquarian nature, actress Christina Ricci is well known for her portrayal of outcasts and oddballs in the films she chooses. 12/28/2000
Lara Flynn Boyle and Jack Nicholson
by Pat Lantz
A look at Lara Flynn Boyle's horoscope shows that Jack Nicholson personifies everything she finds desirable in a man. 12/15/2000
John Lennon: Beautiful Dreamer
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Librans love the idea of love, and John Lennon, who died twenty years ago this month, was no exception. 12/14/2000
Mel Gibson Has What Women Want
by Sharyn Smith
Unlike the character he portrays in his upcoming movie, actor Mel Gibson knows what women want, and he has the horoscope and enduring marriage to prove it. 12/7/2000
Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria: What Does This Woman Want?
by Jill Dearman
Although Helen Hunt's career is heading through the roof, her relationship with fellow actor Hank Azaria seems to have stalled. 12/5/2000
Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison: Their Seventeen-Year Love Fades
by Michael WolfStar
Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison have announced their separation after seventeen years of marriage. Powerful transits to their horoscopes may show why this happened now. 12/4/2000
Bounce Star Ben Affleck: The Ball is in His Court
by Jill Dearman
Actor Ben Affleck is an endearing Leo, but the very qualities that give him his popularity may cause him frustration in love and make him a mystery to himself. 12/1/2000
Frida Kahlo and Salma Hayek: Peas in a Pod or Saturn in Pisces?
by Nick Dagan Best
Actress Salma Hayek will be starring in a film based on the life of painter Frida Kahlo. There's more than a shared Mexican heritage that binds these two women together. 11/30/2000
Charlie's Angels: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu
by Jill Dearman
The hit of fall 2000 is Charlie's Angels, which features high-octane (and campy) performances from three Hollywood power chicks. 11/25/2000
Robert DeNiro: Master of Form and Essence
by John Whalen
Over the last 27 years, Robert DeNiro has played a wide range of roles—everything from drama, to comedy, to horror. Astrology sheds light on this amazing actor's versatility. 11/18/2000
Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger: Dr. Seuss Meets Nurse Betty
by Jill Dearman
A relationship between a rubber-faced comedian and a wholesome cheerleader type might seem like a great pairing for the movies. In the case of Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger, it's a real-life romance that runs surprisingly deep. 11/17/2000
Dylan on Dylan
by Jill Dearman
Bob Dylan's son Jakob has had a difficult time separating himself from his famous father. In his new CD, he tells us how it feels to be a Dylan. 11/10/2000
Bono's Return to Roots of Rock
by Jill Dearman
With U2's new CD, lead singer Bono has changed his image again. His birth chart suggests that it is may be hard for him to find his true roots as his deepest nature is full of contradictions. 11/4/2000
Hugh Hefner Kisses and Tells
by Philip Sedgwick
Hugh Hefner, publisher of Playboy magazine, may be a Mars-driven Aries, but a look at his chart shows that a fantasy-based illusion of women is what colors his psyche. 11/3/2000
Sylvester Stallone: A Fallen Star, Rising Again?
by John Whalen
Once a box office superstar, Sylvester Stallone's career has taken a nose dive. A look at Sly's birth chart shows he may be due for a comeback. 10/28/2000
Geena Davis and Bette Midler: Big Stars on the Small Screen
by Jill Dearman
This fall, two movie queens, Geena Davis and Bette Midler, are coming to television. How will these women fare in their switch from the big to small screen? 10/27/2000
Janet Jackson's Down-to-Earth Planets
by Jill Dearman
Multi-talented singer Janet Jackson has a strong influence of both earth and fire in her birth chart. How does this play out in her career and love life? 10/21/2000
Move Over Madonna, Rocco's Arrived
by Ronnie Dreyer
It looks like Madonna may have finally met her match in her new son Rocco. Both mother and son are Leos, the sign that's known for its love of the limelight. 10/20/2000
Gloria Steinem: Happy At Last
by Jill Dearman
Gloria Steinem, the 66-year old feminist icon, recently surprised many by entering into the institution of marriage and finds herself making news again. 10/14/2000
Stephen King Goes After Big Publishing's Jugular
by Sharyn Smith
Stephen King has rocked the publishing industry's world with the release of his Internet-only, dollar-a-download installment novella, The Plant. 10/11/2000
The Televangelist and the Transvestite
by Pat Lantz
Tammy Faye Bakker and RuPaul Charles recently collaborated in the making of The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Astrology reveals the bond between these unlikely friends. 10/6/2000
The Strange Musical Path of Bjork
by Jill Dearman
This fall seems to be the season of Bjork, as the unpredictable musician releases a new CD and appears in her first acting role in Dancer in the Dark. 9/26/2000
Robert Downey Jr.’s Appointment With Destiny
by Pat Lantz
Robert Downey Jr. was recently paroled from prison. Fate has shown him what a reckless future may bring, but will he find the courage to redefine his life? 9/23/2000
Will Dr. Laura Conquer TV?
by Bil Tierney
Love her or hate her, Dr. Laura's chart shows that she is a force to be reckoned with. But are we ready for her brand of "morality" on daytime television? 9/22/2000
Michael Stipe Shuns the Spotlight
by Jonathan Keyes
For nearly two decades now, Michael Stipe has been an elusive and enigmatic figure in the music scene. A look at his birth chart reveals the elements that help describe his character. 9/16/2000
Picture Perfect Couple: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
by Jill Dearman
Hollywood glamour reached a peak this summer when Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt. There is something more warm than hot between these two that makes their relationship tick. 9/15/2000
Gorgeous George Clooney
by Sharyn Smith
This veteran of TV's ER has finally scored big time in the blockbuster summer action flick The Perfect Storm. 9/9/2000
Harrison and Michelle: A Return to Classic Hollywood
by Jill Dearman
Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer are virtually bulletproof when it comes to the critics and the movie-going public. They also have compatible astrological charts, making them a great screen team. 9/8/2000
Drew Barrymore: Happily Ever After At Last?
by Jill Dearman
Typical of a strong Pisces, Drew Barrymore is drawn less to traditional good looks and more to an "offbeat" quality and a slightly wounded M.O. The goofy Tom Green seems to fit the bill. 9/1/2000
Tina Turner's Farewell Song
by Bil Tierney
Inexhaustible Sagittarian Tina Turner is officially retiring from the music world in November, 2000. Pluto transits mark the end of an era. 8/26/2000
Michael J. Fox
by Jonathan Keyes
Michael J. Fox has made funding research on Parkinson's disease his personal crusade. What light can astrology shed on this mysterious disease? 8/21/2000
Alec Guinness: Reluctant Jedi
by John Whalen
On August 5, Sir Alec Guinness died in London. Guinness, who became an icon as a result of his role as Obi Wan Kenobi in George Lucas' Star Wars was a reluctant symbol of the new age. 8/19/2000
Meg Ryan in the Middle
by Jill Dearman
Scorpio actress Meg Ryan is making headlines for her breakup with Dennis Quaid, and her new romance with Russell Crowe. 8/18/2000
Mark Wahlberg: Marky Mark is Back
by Jill Dearman
In a few short years, Mark Wahlberg has gone from underwear model to indie film star. What's next for this rising Gemini star? 8/12/2000
Bruce and Demi: Love Dies Hard
by Pat Lantz
Split, but not divorced, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore seem content with the status of their relationship. Will transiting Uranus shake up this amiable arrangement? 8/11/2000
The Return of Cat Stevens
by Jill Dearman
After a long absence from the music world, Cat Stevens is back with a new album. 8/4/2000
Lou Reed and The Smashing Pumpkins: Piscean Themes
by Jill Dearman
The songs of Pisces musicians Billy Corgan and Lou Reed express metaphorical and metaphysical themes of death and spirituality that are closely associated with their shared Sun sign. 7/29/2000
Barbara Cartland Leaves a Legacy
by Celeste Teal
Guided by hard-working Saturn, Barbara Cartland was named the most prolific writer alive by Guinness. She was also known as the queen of romance. 7/28/2000
The Wizardry of J.K. Rowling
by Bil Tierney
Joanne Kathleen (J.K.) Rowling, author of the outstandingly succesful Harry Potter books, is a Leo, the sign traditionally associated with children and the joyful spiritedness they exude. 7/26/2000
The Dixie Chicks
by Sharyn Smith
The Dixie Chicks, country music’s sassy, rockin’ breakout trio, are flying high. Astrology gives us clues about their tight friendship, awesome talent and phenomenal popularity. 7/22/2000
Patti Smith: Her Gung Ho Comeback
by Jill Dearman
Capricorn Patti Smith has earned her place in the pantheon of rock icons by blending three-chord rock with evocative poetry for three decades. 7/21/2000
Friends Strike It Rich!
by Bil Tierney
With the help of lucky Jupiter, the cast of Friends recently walked away from the negotiating table with a huge salary boost and a bigger slice of the syndication pie. 7/14/2000
Rupert Everett: The Ultimate Gemini
by Jill Dearman
A charming and mercurial actor and author, Rupert Everett is the ultimate Gemini. 7/7/2000
Samuel L. Jackson: Shaft for the New Millennium
by John M. Whalen
After tackling roles in Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Samuel L. Jackson has resurrected blaxploitation cult icon John Shaft for the new Millennium. 7/1/2000
Angelina and Billy Bob: Hollywood's Mod, Odd Couple
by Jill Dearman
Gutsy Gemini Angelina Jolie recently married enigmatic Leo Billy Bob Thornton. Is this a perfect match, or will this relationship be gone in 60 seconds? 6/30/2000
Terence McKenna: Modern Shaman
by Erin Sullivan
McKenna was a shaman of the Western variety—capable of thinking both magically and critically, and leading people to the thing they couldn't see until he carefully pointed it out. 6/25/2000
Sara the Tiger Trainer
by Philip Sedgwick
Aries tiger trainer Sara charms the big cats of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus with hugs and praise instead of a whip and a chair. 6/24/2000
Jackie Chan: Fearless Aries with the Comic Touch
by John M. Whalen
A lot of people were born with the Sun in Aries, just like Jackie Chan, and they aren't jumping off speeding trains. What makes Jackie fly? 6/23/2000
The Supremes: Where Did Their Love Go?
by Pat Lantz
Word has it that Mary Wilson would not join Diana Ross on the Supremes reunion tour because of money. The truth is that her refusal was an issue of the heart, symbolized astrologically by the Moon. 6/16/2000
Russell Crowe: Aries on the Rise
by Bil Tierney
Folks are going to the movies in droves to see talented but publicity-wary Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s epic, Gladiator. What's next for this up-and-coming Aries actor? 6/3/2000
The Virgin Suicides: New Hollywood Meets Old Hollywood
by Jill Dearman
The Virgin Suicides plays on Cancerian "family values" and Plutonian themes of sexuality and transformation in a dreamy Paradise Lost for a new lost generation. 6/2/2000
Oprah: Finding Her Spirit
by Erin Sullivan
Aquarian Oprah Winfrey reflects the values of her intelligent and idealistic Sun sign. Her openness gives encouragement and offers hope to millions of people every day. 5/27/2000
Opposites Attract On Screen
by Jill Dearman
Opposite personality types often make good leads for Hollywood films. Three new movies follow this pattern, both on screen and in the birth charts of the actors themselves. 5/26/2000
Madonna: Mighty Aphrodite
by Erin Sullivan
Part Aphrodite, part virgin mother, Madonna has been seduced into her own mythology of rebirth and regeneration. 5/20/2000
Beatty and Bening's New Baby
by Jill Dearman
The chart of Annette and Warren's new baby is closely connected to those of her parents. Ella Corrine is an Aries like Dad, and has her Moon in Mom's sign Gemini. 5/19/2000
Aquarian Psycho
by Jill Dearman
Aquarian actor Christian Bale has some astrological connections with Patrick Bateman, the serial killer he plays in the film American Psycho. 5/12/2000
Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez
by Jill Dearman
Sean "Puffy" Combs and Jennifer Lopez are two of the biggest stars of the new Millennium, and certainly one of the most controversial couples. 5/5/2000
Travolta’s Alien Nature
by Pat Lantz
Actor John Travolta has found roles that allow him to remain the innocent, eccentric good guy while exploring the darker aspects of his nature. 4/28/2000
Ronald Reagan: Bedtime for Bonzo
by Erin Sullivan
Ronald Reagan's term on this planet is almost up. His policies, shown in his birth chart, are part of U.S. history. 4/27/2000
Kathie Lee Calls It Quits
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Kathie Lee Gifford is quitting Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. What does the future hold for this multi-talented Leo? 4/26/2000
The Ninth Gate
by Sharyn Smith
Roman Polanski, director of the new film The Ninth Gate, and its star, Johnny Depp, have some deep astrological connections. 4/14/2000
Sting: Super-Libra Superstar
by Terry Lamb
Sting has a collection of four planets in Libra. How does this affect his music and his lifestyle? 4/1/2000
Chloe Sevigny's Scorpionic Exploration of Sexuality
by Jill Dearman
Oscar nominee Chloe Sevigny has taken on challenging roles in films exploring the Scorpio issues of sex, death and transformation. 3/25/2000
David Letterman Does Have a Heart
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
David Letterman does have a heart. He also had a heart attack. Was it Mom's fried bologna sandwiches? What does his chart show? 3/24/2000
Water Signs Rule the Cider House
by Jill Dearman
Cider House stars Tobey Maguire and Michael Caine are connected by planets that reflect their profound onscreen relationship. 3/23/2000
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter: The Power of Love
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Rubin Carter spent nearly twenty years behind bars and, on release, chose to bring his message of hope to the world. 3/17/2000
Bond. James Bond.
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
What does it take to play a super-spy? Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan have the astrological tools to bring James Bond to life on screen. 3/15/2000
These Men are from Venus
by Jill Dearman
Beneath their tough, down-to-earth exteriors, rockers Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen are romantic, artistic Venus guys. 3/10/2000
Donald Trump: Peter Pan in Midlife
by Erin Sullivan
Donald Trump's opulent, over-inflated lifestyle is a mirror of our society. Who is the man behind the grandiose buildings and supermodel girlfriends? 3/9/2000
A Match Made in Heaven...or Venus
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Sexy Libra superstars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have the same birthday. Is theirs a match made in heaven? 3/3/2000
The Tangled Web of Ripley
by Jill Dearman
The Talented Mr. Ripley weaves a tangled astrological web for Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Patricia Highsmith, Alfred Hitchcock and Jude Law. 3/2/2000
What Really Scares the King of Fright?
by Sharyn Smith
For over a quarter of a century, Stephen King has been scaring the socks off of us. But what scares Stephen King? 2/27/2000
Caring Curious Carlos
by Jeff Jawer
Multiple Grammy winner Carlos Santana touches generations from Woodstock to hip-hop, still rooted in tradition, but remaining completely up to date. 2/25/2000
Aries Grrrl Warriors: Where Will They Go From Here?
by Jill Dearman
What does the future hold for talented young Aries actresses Keri Russell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Claire Danes and Reese Witherspoon? 2/18/2000
The King of TV: Regis Philbin
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Who Wants to Be a Millionare? makes daytime TV veteran Regis Philbin the reigning king of prime time. 2/17/2000
Steve Case: On Top of the World
by Bil Tierney
The AOL mega-merger with Time Warner makes Steve Case the Internet's leading lion. 2/16/2000
Charles Schulz Bids Adieu
by Pat Lantz
Charles Schulz retired Peanuts and left this world within one 24 hour period. His Sagittarian humor and Piscean gentleness will be missed. 2/13/2000
Walking the Green Mile with Tom Hanks
by Alice DeVille
Aided by his Sun and Venus in the Tenth House, Tom Hanks has built an outstanding career on talent, charm and charisma. 2/11/2000
Doug Henning's Final Act
by Jeff Jawer
Magician Doug Henning died on February 7, 2000. Time-keeper Saturn marked the end of his talented life. 2/8/2000
Captain Outrageous Rocks the Internet
by Rowena Wall
Ted Turner is in the spotlight this week as he participates in the biggest corporate merger in U.S. history and separates from his wife, Jane Fonda. 1/17/2000
The Overwhelming Appeal of Ally McBeal
by Dorothy Oja
Actress Calista Flockhart's chart is perfect for her character Ally McBeal. Is Ally/Calista the Neptune poster child of our time? 12/20/1999
The Power of Celine
by Bil Tierney
Celine Dion knows how to keep the flame burning. She's a fiery Aries with steady Saturn on her side. 12/14/1999
Celine's Pluto Transit
by Bil Tierney
The cycles of Pluto have been touching Celine's chart lately. Big changes in her life seem to be on schedule. 12/14/1999
Seeing Double
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
It's weird, but true: Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman share the same birthday. 12/8/1999
The Roar of the Lions
by Sandra-Leigh Serio
Happily married parents, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are two Leos who know how to share the stage. 12/1/1999
Uranus in Aquarius Rocks Garth's World
by Bil Tierney
Significant transits from the planet Uranus indicate major changes for singer Garth Brooks. 11/27/1999
Garth Brooks: Super Aquarius
by Bil Tierney
Country star Garth Brooks breaks the rules...again. Multi-platinum and multi-Aquarius, Garth pushes his career in new directions. 11/27/1999
Julia Still Cooks: The Remarkable Julia Child
by Dorothy Oja
Julia Child is returns to television at the age of 87! The Leo "Queen of the Kitchen" is a true uranian original. 11/12/1999
Two Goats Rockin'
by Bil Tierney
Elvis Presley and Ricky Martin have more in common than rock, rhythm and great hair. 11/1/1999
Musings on Sharon Stone
by Sandra-Leigh Serio
This Pisces star has beauty, brains and a Moon in Scorpio. 10/28/1999

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