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Dear StarIQ.Advisor:

My son was born November 23, 1994 at 10:31 pm PST, in La Jolla, California. He’s a great kid who has been interested in sports throughout his life. He is very giving, and a great big brother. He’s a double Leo with Sagittarius influences. I can see all of this in the chart and I am aware of his many good qualities, but I need help finding the key to help him with personal control.

Cyber Nana

Dear Cyber Nana:

I seldom characterize Sagittarians as contrary. Indeed, I think of Sagittarians as the peacemakers of the zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians enjoy diversity, search for synthesis and enthusiastically embrace a variety of viewpoints. Of course, the shadow of this expansive quest can often be a myopic insistence on one point of view—and one view only.

But I think the "problems" you are describing are deeper than his Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon and Leo Ascendant. Triple fire is energetic. But his birth chart also contains a Sun, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction, with Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio. This combination of planets is a powerful bundle of energy and hard to handle at any age.

A Sun-Pluto conjunction puts the emphasis on personal power. From a transformational point of view, this conjunction signifies the need to test the edges of control, inside and out. Jupiter, while a gregarious and optimistic force, tends toward excess. Combine Jupiter's expansive influence with the power themes of a Sun-Pluto conjunction, and you've got a charismatic personality who is always going to challenge the limits. You're right. He needs outlets. Sports are one solution. But he also needs creative expression as a way of getting to know himself. Don't leave out artistic pursuits as a channel for all that fire.

What's more, his entire bundle of the Sun, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury is in his Fourth House. Home and home life are extremely important to this young boy. He is hypersensitive to the changing moods of his family. Pluto in the Fourth House highlights issues of safety and security. He may be worrying about what's going on at home and unable to articulate his anxiety. Indeed, when he goes to "extremes" he may be unconsciously acting out the undercurrents at home.

Significantly, he also has Mars in Leo on his Ascendant. And that Mars squares  his Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Sun. Mars rules the will. It is the arms and legs of the ego, eager and able to help us separate and actualize our individuality. Mars likes being in Leo, relishing in the drama and bigness of this dynamic sign. Mars in Leo in the first house spells natural leadership ability—a quality you already recognize.

This very same Mars is his strong suit. Rather than collapse from insecurity, this young boy instinctually chooses to be strong. He's "doing his own thing" as a way of coping. Underneath the tendency toward "extremes" lies a deeper context. By asserting himself, he is taking care of energy he cannot contain. He may be feeling vulnerable. Unsure of himself. Unseen by his parents. The need for control is often an unconscious response to feeling unprotected. Taking charge can be his way of organizing what is "out of control." Because children model the behavior of their parents, you might look to see who he is trying to emulate.

Your best bet is working with him to build a strong sense of himself from the inside out. If he starts being bossy or bullying others, rather than shame him, ask him what he's afraid of. Teach him to get in touch with his feelings, now. He's a powerful little boy who will grow up to be a powerful man. Give him permission to be intense. Guide him toward his gifts and talents. If he develops a wholesome attitude toward his own power, he will naturally empower others. You can probably already see his generosity of spirit in his role as a big brother. Just keep in mind, he is treating his younger sibling the way he, too, wants to be cared for.

Be well,




Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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