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I was born on July 2, l964, at 5:47 am in Salinas, California. I have decided to pursue a career as a screenwriter, and wanted to know if anything in my natal chart supports that. The other concern I have is whether I will find the woman of my dreams any time soon.


Career Goals


Dear Career Goals,

Here's the good news: You've got a gift for writing, particularly screenwriting, and there's plenty of planetary aid in your natal chart to support your creative endeavors.

Your natal Neptune is in your Fifth House, which is where astrologers often look to see creative gifts. Neptune, among its many other domains, rules movies. Your Neptune forms several significant relationships to other planets in your chart.

First, Neptune trines your Mercury. Mercury governs language, communication and writing. A Neptune-Mercury trine signals an active imagination and makes you highly intuitive. Because your natal Neptune is in Scorpio and your natal Mercury is in Cancer, both water signs, imagery plays are large role in your creative process.

Second, your Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Mercury-Jupiter aspects indicate a knack for writing. This Mercury/Jupiter sextile provides a pathway for you to express through words the fluid quality of your imagination. But that's not all. Neptune opposes Jupiter, tying the entire bundle together. This opposition makes you a mesmerizing storyteller, able to spin epic tales of vast vision.

Screenwriting comes naturally to you. You're comfortable in the world of illusion and fantasy. Your mind is visual. And you can capture those illusive images on paper.

Here's the bad news: Being a successful screenwriter takes more than talent. You also need the skill to navigate the politics of a business that often seems to make decisions based on madness rather than sanity. To be a success in Hollywood, you must suffer fools gladly—something your birth chart indicates might be a problem for you.

Here's why: You have quite a complex configuration between Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Mars, called a T-square. Let's take it bit by bit.

Saturn opposes Uranus, indicating problems with authority figures. Your back bristles the moment your personal freedom is challenged. Uranus is in your Third House. This placement is part of what makes you a dynamic author. Unfortunately, Uranus in the Third House is also where your need for independence collides with the opinions of "experts.” You don't like anyone changing your words—something that happens in Hollywood all the time.

Your Saturn-Uranus opposition is further complicated by the addition of Mars and Pluto. Mars squares Uranus and Saturn. Mars rules the ego, fueling self-assertion, drive and ambition. A Mars-Uranus square  provides you with a tremendous amount of energy, but at the same time, this square amplifies your need for autonomy. What's more, this same square indicates a penchant for temper tantrums. You can get angry, big time. And because Mars also squares Pluto, it's almost impossible for you to contain your irritation. Pluto is also in your Third House, conjunct Uranus, which means you have a true need to express what you believe in, but power struggles are likely when your choices are questioned.

This entire configuration translates into a short fuse, especially when you aren't acknowledged for your efforts. Trust me, everyone in the film business has an ego as tall as Mt. Everest. Learning to co-exist is part of the game. So you might want to consider an anger management course as part of your screenwriting career. And therapy, as necessary an expense as a good laser printer.

Having said all that, this spring is ripe with opportunities to be seen and noticed. On May 9, you have a Jupiter return, which signals a new cycle of expansion as it opens up new associations and opportunities.

It just so happens that this Jupiter return is unique and distinct from others. Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct exactly on your Jupiter, which means you can ground in your efforts and quite possibly experience expanded success. If you have scripts to submit, projects to pitch or contacts to make, now is the time. April and May are powerful months for you, professionally. Just remember to leave your ego at the door, and take developments one step and a time.

You are also under several other transits, too numerous to explore in depth, but all of which are aimed at bringing you into a deeper appreciation of your ambition and personal power.

Concerning the woman of your dreams: All year long, transiting Uranus trines your Venus, presenting you with many opportunities to meet lots of women. Unfortunately, relationships formed under Uranus transits  tend not to last. Uranus catalyzes, but it doesn't cement. So enjoy your exciting encounters, just don't expect longevity.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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