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As above, so below is wondrous to observe! On June 30, 2000, just as Jupiter was entering the communications sign of Gemini, President Clinton signed into legislation a bill that gives the same legal validity to a signature or record sent through cyberspace as a pen-and-paper document. Now at the click of a mouse, businesses can conclude multi-million dollar deals and individuals can finalize a home mortgage, buy a car and enter into other contracts without even setting foot in an office.

This bill has been two years in the making, and was strongly endorsed by President Clinton, who said it would "encourage the information technology revolution." Both the House and Senate passed electronic signature bills last year, but could not reach a compromise, partly because of concerns from the White House and some consumer groups that it would expose consumers to abuses (i.e., businesses could send email notices of rate hikes or recalls to customers without the computer skills or technology to get the information).

The final bill specifies consumers must "opt in" to electronic signature agreements and must agree to get records and documents electronically rather than on paper. Notices of termination, such as health insurance lapses, electricity cut-offs or evictions, would still have to be delivered by paper.

The Electronic Signatures Act is Born

“President Clinton signed the bill into law late Friday morning at Philadelphia’s Congress Hall, just a few feet away from the area in which the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed.” CNN stated.

Looking at the chart for The Electronic Signatures Act, one might think that the President had his own personal astrologer! At the time of signing, Friday, June 30, 2000, at 10:34 am EDT, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we find that Jupiter, which was just entering Gemini, is positioned in the Ninth House, conjunct the Midheaven of the chart! Jupiter, the planet associated with laws, legalizing, legislation and Congress is comfortable in its natural place, the Ninth House. The sign Gemini is linked to information, communications, computers, names, handwriting and signatures. All of this seems very appropriate just days before America’s birthday on July 4, 2000, and 224 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed!

The President first signed the bill with pen and ink, much the same way John Hancock autographed the historic document that established the United States. Shifting to today’s technology, President Clinton then demonstrated the digital signing technology that will allow consumers who shop online to also seal their home mortgage or car deals with a click of a mouse.

In looking at the chart of the U.S.A. for July 4, 1776, we see that America has a Cancer stellium, including Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury. The E-Signatures Act chart also has a Cancer stellium, with the Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury and North Node conjunct America’s Cancer stellium! The Moon represents the public, and is in the sign of Gemini (associated with names and signatures) trine Uranus in Aquarius (linked to email, technology, Internet and cyberspace). And to top it off, the signing occurred within a day of the Cancer solar eclipse that conjuncted transiting Mars and the U.S. natal Sun!

This powerful moment etches an important milestone in the history of the United States and the world (Jupiter), as we set the pace in global e-commerce. The transiting Cancer North Node is conjunct America’s natal Mercury, opposing  natal Pluto in Capricorn, which validates the concerns of some consumer groups that it would expose consumers to abuses.

Your Legal Mark

Under the existing statute (Jupiter) of frauds, any contract involving $500 or more requires a "signed writing," in the lingo of the law, “a mark made with the intention to be bound.” A signature (Mercury) on paper meets that standard, as does an "X" mark or even a thumbprint. “Signing one’s name online will soon become a common way to hire a lawyer, sign a mortgage, open a brokerage account or sign an insurance contract,” stated President Clinton.

Of course, this doesn't solve the whole problem of e-commerce. The lender—or anybody on the other side of an online transaction—still must check your credit worthiness or business credentials, and you have to come to terms on a deal, just as you always did. And you still have to satisfy yourself that the person on the other side of the computer screen is who he/she claims to be, and not some mail clerk who sneaked into the boss' office to use the PC.

In any case, we have entered a new era in which an electronic signature has the same legal weight as ink on paper. The doors of commerce and communication are opening to accommodate the rapid technology changes of our times. The world will never be the same again.



Pat Esclavon Hardy is President of Energies, Trends, Cycles, a business consulting firm that specializes in trend forecasting. Her focus is assisting individuals, executives, investors, companies and entrepreneurs identify windows of opportunity using astrological assessment to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Pat co-developed online astrology for Home Shopping Network in the mid-1990's. Wrote a weekly career astrology column for,an I.T. e-cruiting internet company. Presently working with clients.

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