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Palmistry and Astrology Part One
Palmistry and Astrology Part Three

This is the second in a series of articles that covers the planets as they are known to palm readers, with an eye on those of you who are familiar with astrology. Remember that the palmist’s view of the planetary references is closer to older forms of astrology than to modern ideas.

The Apollo Finger and the Sun

Even those who are mildly interested in astrology know their Sun sign, and palmistry has a Sun sign, too. Hand reading uses the old name for the god of the Sun, which is Apollo. The Apollo finger is the third or ring finger on each hand, and this links extraordinarily well with astrology. It represents arts and music, leisure and pleasure, the home, gambling, affection and creativity. If we look back to older forms of astrology and mythology, Apollo was often shown playing a lyre, and he is the god of music. Apollo is also associated with having fun, and that idea still persists in astrology.

When the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter (index) finger, the person is creative and possibly also artistic; when this finger is almost as long as the Saturn (middle) finger, he is a good actor and possibly also a good singer. The person is musical when the fingertip is wide, while a fingertip that has a thick pad underneath shows excellence at craft work, sewing, pottery, gardening, cooking and similar “crafty” things. The downside is that a long Apollo person can lack practicality and may find it hard to hang on to money. If the Apollo finger is considerably longer than the Jupiter finger, the subject may have a low sense of self-esteem, and he may lean on others for support. Think in terms of the Sun in Pisces; such people are extremely creative, but they can be put-upon.

One of the older Sun-Apollo connections that is ignored by Western astrologers (although not by Asian ones) is that of being clever and successful in business. Astrologers comment on creativity in connection with the Sun, forgetting that starting and running a business is also an act of creation. A long, substantial Apollo finger will help the person to create a business or to create a wonderful home and family, as well as to be artistic, musical and creative in other ways. Problems can arise if the Apollo finger is long but the Jupiter finger is short, because the person may lack leadership qualities and confidence.

An average Apollo finger is much the same length as the Jupiter (index) finger. This person has self-esteem but without selfishness, and can love others but not to the point of self-sacrifice. He is creative enough, but also worldly, wise and ambitious enough. In short, he is balanced.

A very short Apollo finger may lack a sense of humor and won’t be terribly interested in family life. To be sure, he rarely gambles or loses money. He isn’t influenced by the opinions of others. He may end up wealthy, but he may also have relationship difficulties.

The area on the hand immediately below this finger is called the mount of Apollo. The lines, marks and skin ridge patterns here show whether the subject will be happy in old age—indeed, they are a good indication that a person will actually reach old age! They show a great deal of information about a person’s home, his sense of humor (or lack of it), his sense of style, love of family, love of animals and love life in general. All in all, this is much like the Sun sign in astrology.

Mercury and the Little Finger

The little finger is the Mercury finger, and surprise, surprise, this refers to communication, but in this case also sexual communication! If the tip of this finger reaches the last joint on the Apollo finger, the subject will have good powers of communication. If this finger pulls away from the Apollo finger, the person is very independent, and he keeps to himself at work. He is slow to enter love relationships and he is cautious about sex. If the finger is stunted, he may avoid sex altogether. Sometimes these fingers hook, bend or curl, which indicates a stubborn character.

So far, we’ve seen some striking similarities between astrology and palmistry, but neither the Mercury finger nor the mount of Mercury below it refer to short journeys, siblings, the neighborhood, magic, thievery or much else that astrologers associate with the planet Mercury. However, the area below the Mercury, finger has marks on it that show compassion and specific healing ability, and that is very much associated with Mercury, through its connection with the sign of Virgo. Other marks in the vicinity show mechanical ability, a love of learning and much about relating to others which ties up very neatly with Mercury in astrology.

The Mount of Venus

The mount of Venus is the large area of the palm that borders the thumb and is fenced in by the life line. This area shows the passion a person has for life and the amount of energy that he puts into it. This may relate to sexual passion, but also a passion for a job, a hobby or for life itself. Astrologers sometimes forget the “passion quotient” inherent in Venus in a chart, but its position and condition show exactly what and how a person loves. We tend to concentrate on the personal finance aspects of Venus, forgetting that it really reflects what is of value to us.

In palmistry, when the mount of Venus is wide, there is plenty of passion for everything in life, whether this is love and sex or the ability to put one’s heart into a project. If Venus is narrow and weak, the person may set out full of enthusiasm, but fall by the wayside when the going gets rough. A high and wide mount of Venus suggests an accumulation of material goodies and money in the bank. This person may be a stylish dresser, and also a great cook or gardener. A low Venus suggests losses or a non-materialist attitude and a lack of interest in beauty, art, cooking, gardening or nice clothes.

For further connections between astrology and palmistry, be sure to read part three of this series!



Sasha Fenton has written 24 books on mind, body and spirit subjects, and,together with Jonathan Dee, wrote the twelve-book Astro-guide series annually for six years. She has sold over five million books so far. Sasha started giving readings in astrology, palmistry and the tarot in 1974. She has lectured, taught and broadcast her subjects all over the world. Sasha & husband Jan Budkowski now run their own MB&S publishing business, Zambezi Publishing.

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