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Dear Ralfee:

I’m B. I was born January 19, 1961, at 10:30 am in Whittier, California. Would like to know why I’m having the worst luck of my life.

Please help, B.

Dear B.,

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "worst luck of your life.” Your Sun in Capricorn, along with a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction also in Capricorn, indicates a strong capacity to endure difficulty. So whatever is happening, it must be exceptionally challenging.

At the moment, you're under a lot of astro-stress. Several strong planetary influences are converging in your life, and when this happens, it's easy to get confused and feel discouraged. But not all of these transits are bad. Indeed, there's also plenty of planetary support for creating positive solutions to whatever isn't working.

Your birth chart contains a Moon-Pluto opposition. The Moon is our emotional body. It's reactive. Intuitive. And it's all about feelings. The Moon also represents the mother. Your Moon is in Pisces, making you sympathetic, intuitive and highly sensitive. What's more, a Pisces Moon is also empathic, making it easy to lose yourself and merge with another. Creating strong boundaries is a life-long theme. As a child, this talent for merging was instinctual. You felt your mother's needs, were highly susceptible to her moods and had a deeper than average need to stay connected to her.

Your natal Pluto opposes that Pisces Moon. Pluto is all about power and control. Oppositions signal tension. And all of this coalesces into a feeling that mom was always out of reach. She wasn't able to completely satisfy your need for safety, security and connection.

I keep repeating the word "need" because transiting Pluto has been triggering these early childhood issues for the last several years. In December of 1997, Pluto stared squaring itself. Then, in December of 1998, Pluto also started squaring your Moon. This difficult transit continues until October of 2000, and may well be the reason you feel you're experiencing the "worst luck of your life.” But these Pluto transits aren't about luck. They are about facing those old, unconscious needs, and learning to feel safe and secure from the inside out.

Pluto square Pluto raises issues of personal power. It functions like a heat-seeking missile, exposing all the places we feel powerless. Often, when we're unaware of these holes in our confidence, Pluto gets our attention through external events.

Your natal Pluto is in your Sixth House, which means you're probably facing employment problems or health issues. And because transiting Pluto is in your Eighth House, you may also have hit hard financial times.

Pluto square the Moon always raises relationship issues, and, again, because the Moon rules your Fourth House, this transit might mean trouble at home.

But these difficulties are also about unresolved feelings of safety and security. If you expand your consciousness about how those early imprints motivate your adult choices, Pluto will become a friend instead of an enemy.

For example, if your mother was always in control when you were young, you may insist on being in control as an adult. Or, the opposite could be true. You may find yourself in relationships where you never experience your authority. When Pluto squares the Moon, it levels the playing field. Those you've placed above you, fall from grace. Those you've put below, rise in stature. Humility and patience are essential in successfully handling these role reversals.

What's more, if you've relied on a big job title and equally big salary to demonstrate your power, Pluto is apt to pull the rug out from under and land you on the unemployment line. This is not because you're being punished, but because some place, deep within, that job description and fat paycheck cover a deep sense of worthlessness. And Pluto is pushing you to discover your ultimate value—something that can't be measured in material terms.

Resisting Pluto's invitation to greater emotional authenticity only makes matters worse. Instead of leaving a bad relationship, you get left. If you stop struggling, Pluto will assist you in resurrecting your life on the basis of greater meaning. But again, you must be willing to change. And trust.

You can start the positive Pluto process by asking really big questions. What do you really value? Does your job, with all its money, make you miserable? Are you afraid of what others will think if you opt for a simpler life style? Do you put success before family? Are you in a marriage that looks good but doesn't make you happy?

Significantly, transiting Pluto is currently trining your Ascendant, providing huge support for creating a new persona and reinventing your sense of self.

What's more, you've just started a new twenty-year cycle of good fortune, with the possibilities of increased success and recognition. The recent Saturn-Jupiter conjunction trined both your Saturn and Jupiter. This trine actually indicates good luck and offers positive support for creating a worthwhile and personally-satisfying career.

But to enjoy the benefits of these trines, you need an open attitude. Take a moment. Sit quietly. And ask your spirit what it's been trying to learn from the "worst luck of your life.” You may find there is much to be mined from your current circumstances. Remember the first rule of magic: Whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality. Start viewing these bad times with a different perspective and you'll start to move out of despair and into hope. Just the willingness to change can trigger a transformational process that allows us to turn the deepest sorrow into the gold of wisdom.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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