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A federal appeals court recently cleared the way for early generic competition to Eli Lilly's blockbuster antidepressant Prozac, thus marking a turning point in the escalating price of prescription drugs. The ruling stripped the pharmaceutical company's patent protection and sent the stock plummeting, since projected sales will be reduced by $1 billion. The action signaled that the U.S. government is taking a harder line on the drug industry in order to make drugs less expensive to consumers.

Capricorn Mood Management

In the same way that astrologers construct birth charts for humans, a horoscope can be drawn up for the birth of Prozac. Prozac received the FDA's final approval on December 29, 1987 (chart is set for noon in Washington, D.C.), and this moment represents the beginning of Prozac's life as America's most popular drug to treat depression. In any horoscope, the Sun represents the essential character, with the Sun's sign describing the style, goals and method of operation. The Prozac Sun is in Capricorn, and like any Capricorn, Prozac's strategy is ambitious, goal-oriented, disciplined, practical and efficient. Capricorn's method is to control and manage, and Prozac's objective is to control and manage the illness rather than discover and heal psychological causes.

The Illusion of Well Being

Any planet closely aspecting the Sun further describes the essential character, with the conjunction being the primary or strongest influence. Prozac's Sun is conjunct Neptune, the planet naturally associated with drugs. As in any horoscope for a human, the Prozac horoscope describes not only the individual entity involved, but the conditions, life experiences and people that influence and are influenced by Prozac. In this case, Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusion, shows Prozacís ability to mask the symptoms of depression and produce an illusion of well being in those who use it.

The Prozac Sun-Neptune combination is further developed by an aspect to action-oriented Mars. The angle connecting Mars with the Sun and Neptune is considered by most astrologers to be a relatively minor aspect, a semi-square. In the overall scheme of the Prozac chart, this combination would normally be considered much later in the interpretation, if at all. However, the link between Mars and Neptune is also found in the U.S. horoscope where these two planets are connected by a dynamic square.

A National Drug Pattern

The U.S. Mars-Neptune square represents, among other things, a national pattern, where people find drugs (Neptune) a natural form of self-expression (Mars). Legal and illegal drugs may always be a part of the American scene due to this combination, and Prozac's chart becomes the repetition of a major theme. In this regard, the Mars-Neptune aspect is known as a "signature." Whenever Mars and Neptune form hard angles, one interpretation is that action and drugs are being combined. In its most common form, Mars-Neptune is coffee. Although the U.S. is not by any means the world leader in coffee consumption per person, the phenomenal rise in the number of coffee shop chains like Starbucks over the last few years indicates that it is, or perceives itself to be, a nation of coffee addicts.

Mars in the Prozac horoscope adds an element of impatience. Mars wants results now, and in our fast-paced information age, most people don't have time to indulge in depression. The step-by-step accumulation of Prozac in the brain is a much quicker solution to the lengthy and uncertain procedure of therapy.

The importance of the Mars-Neptune signature can be seen through the timing of the court decision against Eli Lilly. By transit, Mars and Neptune were exactly opposite each other, with the opposition aspect referring to one party's action against another. The relatively brief celestial encounter on August 9 resonated deeply with the national pattern of Mars square Neptune, plus Prozac's Mars semi-square Neptune, and thereby assumed extra impact and significance.

Side Effects of Prozac

Comparing Prozac's horoscope with the U.S. horoscope reveals Prozac's extremely dangerous side effects. For the past 24 years the FDA has been accepting adverse reaction reports about drugs it has approved. According to CAFMR (Citizens Against Fraudulent Medical Research), Prozac has accumulated more adverse reaction reports than any other pharmaceutical. Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act describe the symptoms: convulsions, hallucinations, violent hostility, psychosis, murder and 1089 successful suicides as of 1993, with thousands more attempted. For more information on this, read Prozac, The Killer Drug.

The Prozac Mars resides in intensely passionate Scorpio. In general, Mars in Scorpio is capable of dangerously obsessive behavior when under pressure. In the Prozac horoscope Mars is stressed by several difficult aspects (to Chiron, Jupiter, the Sun and Neptune). Most revealing is that the Prozac Mars squares the U.S. Moon. The U.S. Moon symbolizes the consuming public with all their security needs, including mental stability. The Prozac Mars, with all its drug-suppressed passions, is capable of explosive action when finally released. The Prozac Mars, in essence, attacks the U.S. Moon, showing that this pharmaceutical would be associated with an unusual number of psychotic episodes.

The Europeans have done well treating depression with St. John's wort, a natural herbal remedy, and it is quickly gaining support in this country as well. Prozac has made Eli Lilly tons of money, and in the process the company has eluded full disclosure on the inherent risks. For those using Prozac, or considering it, watch your Mars-Neptune transits for significant developments.


Michael WolfStar O'Reilly is a professional astrologer and columnist living in Oregon. He has been writing his column, NewsScope, continuously since August 1997, and also writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and as a freelancer.
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