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Dear Ralfee:

I was born on May 9, 1958, at 7:39 pm in Mineola, New York. Is there anything in my chart to show that I would become the subject of tremendous gossip? Starting in September of 1992 I had a terrible year. Much of my personal life became common knowledge in the town where I lived. That gossip followed me from place to place until this very day. I am the first to admit that what is or was said about me was true at that time, but over the years I've really made an attempt to become the person I want to be. Is there an astrological reason why someone would be in the spotlight like this and that it would take years to die out?

Sincerely, I.G.

Dear I.G.:

First, a word about gossip. People always talk about each other. After we talk about our love life, families, work, hobbies and pets, we talk about other people. It's human nature. What distinguishes gossip from chitchat or process is intent. Gossips intend to cause harm. Even when we take the time to understand the deep psychological reasons behind this malicious activity, it still hurts. The only solution is working through the pain. It certainly sounds as if you've done just that and I congratulate you on your growth.

Karma, not astrology, offers the most expansive framework for understanding your situation. Not that astrology doesn't play a role. It does. But the philosophy of karma can help you understand how the astrology might play out.

Karma is the law of cause and effect. For every action there is an equal reaction. Good deeds create good karma. Malicious intent begets bad karma. Trapped in a hell-zone of envy, anger, fear or greed, certain people act out old karmic patterns, never considering the consequences of their behavior.

What's more, we may draw vicious attacks as a result of our karma. Past deeds, from this life or another, known or unknown, have an effect. The gateway out of this maze is taking responsibility for our circumstances, rather than dwelling on how unfair life is. You've done just that. And you should take heart in your desire to grow.

From an astrological perspective, reputation is a big issue in your birth chart. You have Scorpio rising, which makes Pluto your ruling planet. Pluto deals with the big issues. Sex, death, power and control are all in its domain. Often, Pluto leads us into the shadows of those issues, asking us to examine the themes of seduction, ruthlessness and manipulation.

What's more, your natal Pluto sits at the very top of your birth chart, on the Midheaven and in the Tenth House. This position is all about reputation and social standing. It matters very much what others think about you. You want to be recognized. And Pluto's position functions as a lightning rod, drawing in a broad spectrum of experience, all aimed at deepening your understanding of what it means to be known.

Pluto transits often illuminate unconscious behavior. From November 1990 until November 1991, transiting Pluto opposed your Sun, in the Seventh House. The Sun rules Leo. And Leo rules your Midheaven. During those twelve months, you probably experienced a series of events, all of which focused on relationships, both personal and professional. How you handled those situations had a direct effect on your reputation. For example, if you treated people ruthlessly, that Pluto-Sun opposition would expose you to ruthless treatment.

From December 1994 until October 1996, transiting Pluto squared itself. This Pluto transit is never easy. It raises the deep issues of personal power, often confronting us with our own inauthentic postures and behavior. What's more, over the last several years, you've also experienced several other intense transits, far too numerous to explain in detail. But the combined intensity of all these transits could keep the cauldron of gossip simmering.

It's clear you answered Pluto's transformative call and made the most of the challenges. You've grown. And that's what counts. Now, it's time to let go and put the past behind you. In March of 2001, transiting Uranus will trine your natal Jupiter, offering opportunities to make new friends and form creative alliances and associations. But that's not all. In June of 2001, transiting Jupiter joins that trine, creating good fortune in your community and a chance to feel truly optimistic about your circle of friends.

A friend living in a Buddhist monastery in India once told me that Buddhists believe gossips reincarnate as dogs. I don't know if this is true, but it certainly is a humorous and wise way of looking at the consequences of malicious intent. Whenever I hear someone gossiping, I always imagine what kind of dog they will come back as. Then, catching myself at my own unconscious thoughts, I wonder what kind of dog I, too, am destined to be.

Try not to dwell on the pain you've suffered, but rather use it to fuel the positive life changes that you’ve already put into motion.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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