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Dear Ralfee:

Can you give me some indication of what I can work on best this year? Where my best interests might lie? I was born September 9, 1947, at 10:20 pm in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. I know that Pluto will cross my Seventh House cusp soon and square my Venus. How can I best handle this?

Thank you in advance, S.C.

Dear S.C.:

Beginning this December, and continuing for the next several years, you're under the influence of seven significant Pluto transits. Yes, seven. That's a lot of Pluto.

What lies ahead offers profound opportunities for personal growth. Pluto transforms. It opens a portal into the Great Mystery, and it takes us to the edge of our personal power. Often, as part of this process, Pluto challenges our psychological and spiritual foundations. Pluto asks big questions and embraces big themes. During Pluto transits, we discover where we feel powerful or powerless.

Resisting Pluto's influence is impossible. Negative reactions to Pluto transits are apt to manifest as collapse or compulsive behavior aimed at simulating control over what is uncontrollable. Handle a Pluto transit with humility, and you'll learn to ride the tides of change, as you simultaneously build the requisite muscle to handle life's uncertainties.

This is the power of transformation. And it's no magic trick. When we surrender to Pluto, we are born and reborn as many times as necessary in the course of a single lifetime. This energetic flexibility creates true personal power. No need to control or manipulate reality. Simply an active, not passive, acceptance of what is.

Difficult Pluto transits are tough. But they can yield positive outcomes. Positive Pluto transits are a gift. But you have to use them wisely to reap the rewards. You're experiencing both, which means the next several years are ripe with possibilities.

Here are your transits bit-by-bit:

Pluto's not quite ready to enter your Seventh House. Indeed, it's still quite busy in your Sixth House.

From December 2000–October 2002, Pluto trines itself. This trine lends strength to your inner explorations, creating a strong psychological foundation. It also provides the stamina to safely delve into important, but previously unconscious, patterns. Put simply, Pluto trine Pluto is a great way to begin your Plutonian journey.

From December 2001–October 2003, Pluto squares your Sun. This is the first big bump on your Pluto path. Pluto square the Sun tests the limits of personal power, often manifesting as a crisis of selfhood. It stimulates ambition but also reveals where we feel ineffectual. Dealing with this dichotomy isn't easy. Put a solid support system in place. Even if you've been in therapy and feel you've worked through your family of origin dynamics, Pluto is apt to reveal yet another piece of the puzzle.

These new revelations focus on father issues. Because your Sun is in the Fourth House, old fears of safety and security are also likely to surface. Many people experience depression during this transit. Rather than dissolve into despair, get to work on the causal level. Don't hesitate to go back into therapy. Just be sure to find a therapist who isn't afraid of the shadows.

From December 2001–October 2003, Pluto trines your Saturn. We love this energy. It will ground you. Renew your determination. Help you articulate and integrate your process. And aid in building healthy structures. Stability in the midst of so much transformation is a great blessing.

From December 2001–October 2003, Pluto winds down its journey through your Sixth House, where it has been since 1984. For the last seventeen years, Pluto has been focused on issues of health, employment and service. As Pluto completes this phase, it presents you with an existential pop quiz on what you've learned about those areas. Don't be surprised if you find yourself revisiting old habits, people and attitudes you thought were long gone. You're not reverting. You're just checking in and making the necessary refinements.

As Pluto moves into your Seventh House, it opposes your Ascendant from January 2002–September 2003. Oppositions create tension. You want the world to see you as powerful. Unfortunately, intimates are likely to resist your efforts to present a new persona. Remember, Pluto tests personal power. (If you've denied your power through co-dependent behavior, this transit blows the lid off that denial. You won't want to put the needs of others before your own. If you've been unkind in your interactions with others, you'll experience the consequences of your actions.) Pluto often creates drama as it opposes the Ascendant. So be prepared for intense interactions.

These passion plays set the stage for Pluto's journey through your Seventh House. From September 2003–2012, Pluto will dig deep into relationship issues. Keep in mind, our first relationship is with our self, and that primary relationship informs how we relate to everyone. Anticipate attitude adjustments, big and small, as you break new ground.

If you're in a relationship, that relationship shifts. If it's unhealthy, it probably won't survive Pluto's heat. If your relationship is healthy, it will get healthier. In either case, couples counseling could prove fruitful.

Your business partnerships will also undergo an overhaul. Be careful who you align with. Under a Pluto transit, we often draw in people who externalize an aspect of our unconscious. Alliances formed with ruthless people backfire. So check your motivation and intention.

From February 2002–November 2003, Pluto squares your Venus. Squares spark action and ignite events. Venus is all about beauty, love and art. Your natal Venus is in the Fifth House, conjunct your Sun, indicating a gift of creativity. Pluto square Venus is an opportunity to express that talent. Indeed, creative self-expression is the perfect place to channel all this Pluto intensity.

What's more, you'll experience a romantic renaissance. The Fifth House loves romance. Venus loves love. And Pluto is no slouch in the erotic zone. Love affairs are probable. Again, if you're in a relationship and your ardor has cooled, this transit makes you hunger for passion. If you're not partnered, you could meet someone. And that person will embody the intensity and power of Pluto.

All these transits overlap, making it hard to delineate how each and every aspect will manifest. You're in what I lovingly refer to as the "Plutonian crock pot of change." Allow this process. Let yourself "cook." It won't be easy. But it will be exciting.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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