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Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are Throwing a Cybersex Party

Why is it so hard nowadays to meet someone? Are we avoiding the rocky road of dates, flowers and candlelit dinners—those first tentative steps into real intimacy and trust? Maybe we’re too busy, or it’s too expensive or too time-consuming, or perhaps we’re afraid to be really open, natural and honest for fear of rejection (or at worst, litigation). Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius brought us the Internet and the freedom to explore relationships and even pornography in a way we’ve never been able to before. These planets give us the three big “As” of the net—anonymity, accessibility and affordability for all.

Online dating services have boomed in the last couple of years. It’s safe, it’s clean, it’s Saran wrapped. We can access virtual dating sites and transform ourselves at the touch of a key into Baywatch Babe or Superhunk without going under the plastic surgeon’s knife. We can have multiple partners, in multiple bodies, so we’re no longer talking serial monogamy here, but parallel monogamy.

We can meet, learn each other’s deepest, darkest secrets, fall in love and decide to marry—and still not know if our beloved has body odor. In the “real world,” we sense within minutes of a first meeting if someone “clicks” with us. We use the earthy, sensual immediacy of pheromones—humans are still in the Jurassic when it comes to sex. But in cyberspace, we’re blind, gagged and bound. How do we find our way? Just what does happen on a cyberdate? We can’t dance or kiss, so we go into chat rooms and talk, which leads to a little private whispered conversation that no one else can hear. Which leads to more racy talk and, voila—welcome to cybersex.

Anonymity Engenders Experimentation: Uranus

Uranus adores the Net potential for androgyny, gender-swapping and swift, impersonal connections. In this atmosphere, we can safely experiment with our male and female sides. Chat rooms are full of men masquerading as women as they explore how it feels to be courted, to be “hit on” and to have someone fall in love with them. It’s as close as they can get without risk to living out their feminine side, instead of projecting it onto the women in their lives.

Women who feel uncertain about standing up for themselves in real life—tackling the boss for a raise or telling their partner what they really want—can try out their masculine side in the chat rooms without real-life repercussions. The Net can be valuable “training wheels” as we explore untapped aspects of ourselves.

Your Own Blue Movies: Neptune

But even over the Net, we still need to see who we’re falling in love with. Who are we waving our pink bits at? And are they responding as we want them to? Web cameras (Neptune’s magic bullet) come to our rescue. Before they came along, there was an upsurge worldwide in the ability to type one handed. Now we know what our lover looks like when he or she is sexually aroused. It’s our own private blue movie, and we’re the stars, scriptwriters and directors, hoping to win the Oscar in the love lottery.

But there can be a price, because Neptune in Aquarius, the magician in this techno-laboratory, can brew up fantasy, illusion and self-deception. And don’t forget, web cams can be linked to more than one computer, so there’s a potential for wild group (Aquarius) cybersex without ever having to change the sheets or get out the cheese dip. Web cams might take us out of the humdrum, but our reality check can bounce.

Sex in the Flesh: Pluto

When it comes to cybersex, Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, those masters of delusion and instability, are leading the pack in hunting down a mate. And it’s all happening in our minds. Can the heart survive in this ethereal world of the head? If we make a bond through cybersex, we still want it in the flesh, and sex—even cybersex—is Pluto’s domain.

Pluto is now in Sagittarius, where it surfs the World Wide Web, not only wiping out the barriers of culture and distance, but jumping society’s moral fences, tempting us to take a walk on the wild side. Let’s not forget that Pluto is the God of the Underworld—and what flourishes best in the underbelly of the Internet is hardcore porn, and the serious amounts of money that it brings in (porn sites are the only ones consistently turning a profit).

Pluto in Sagittarius is huge, fast and overwhelming, and the entire online world can now access vast numbers of potential partners, creating unending chances to experiment with taboo sexuality, and we can do it all now. We can reinvent ourselves, explore multiple personalities—even morph onscreen into new bodies. The deep upheaval of our lives—as the unconscious, sometimes destructive urges bulldoze everything that stands in the way of our personal freedom—are how Pluto in Sagittarius can transform us. So we get on the plane, fly halfway across the globe to marry someone we have left our partners and children for…and there’s no one at the airport in Vladivostok when we get there.

The obsessive aspects of cybersex are pure Pluto—sexual power, potential for victimization and loss of control. Yet a catharsis can come from exposing our deep yearnings and worst fears about ourselves to another, who, miraculously, does the same, and heals us by accepting us as we are. Under stress, when we’re ready to escape, we can be reborn through cybersex, again and again. These days, we don’t have to worry anymore about the pixies leading us down the garden path. It’s the pixels on our screens that are the problem now. But there’s always a golden parachute with cybersex. If that romance didn’t pan out—well, there are millions more electronic fish in this ocean.



Dany is an author and counselling psychologist, specialising in internet and gambling addictions. Ricky is the publisher of an entertaining weekly astrological newsletter, and practising astrologer. Both live in Sydney, Australia.

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