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Dear Ralfee:

My birth data is April 24, 1950, at 2:43 am in Eugene, Oregon. I noticed I am about to have a Chiron return. Chiron is natally in my Tenth House. Also, Pluto conjunct Chiron just passed over my Midheaven. I am at a career crossroads. What might this mean to me? For the last decade, I have done things I believed in but haven't earned me much money. Is there more hope for me with these astrological aspects?

Thank you,

Dear D.S.:

Nicknamed the Wounded Healer, Chiron emerged on the astrological scene just as "healing" became a buzzword in the new age movement. It was a dynamic synchronicity that captured our imagination. Chiron's discovery in the late 70s was resonant with a collective movement toward health. But it's hard answering questions about Chiron because despite its instant fame, we have very little experiential evidence about its impact.

The best way to gain a glimpse of Chiron's role is to study his mythology. There are many myths about Chiron. But because you're having a Chiron return, and returns signal new cycles, it seems appropriate to begin with the myth of Chiron's birth.

Here's the short form: Chiron is the child of Cronos and Phyllra. Cronos was the head god at the time. He was highly sexual and chased all the goddesses around his heaven. Phyllra was a nymph who tried to escape from Cronos by going to Earth and turning herself into a horse. But Cronos located her, turned himself into a horse and raped her.

Chiron was born half human and half horse. Phyllra refused to even look at this baby, calling him an abomination. Poor Chiron, rejected by his mother through no fault of his own. But the good news was that Apollo adopted Chiron and taught him all of the arts, including the healing arts. Chiron grew up to be a great guy, and there are myths of his bravery, magnanimous heart and healing skill.

It's a juicy myth. Chiron's story symbolizes our dual nature, illustrating a fundamental split in all of us. On one side of this existential divide lies our instinctual nature, with all of our very human appetites. On the other side lies our reason, with all of our desire to participate in the divine.

Chiron's story is also a story about shame. Chiron is rejected by his mother simply for being himself. And often Chiron's placement in the natal chart indicates where we, too, are carrying some deep shame about who we are. What isn't perfect about us often becomes an incredible cross to bear. And even if we work hard to hide it or deny it, that shame lurks in the shadows, waiting to erupt. And a Chiron return is bound to trigger it.

Yet Chiron's story also embraces the possibility of healing. He learns. Acquires knowledge. Chiron becomes skillful through his own efforts, developing a strong, positive reputation.

At 50, when Chiron returns to its natal position, we return to our initial wounding. We revisit ancient patterns. Old ghosts and demons we thought were long gone come back for a chat. We're invited, in that uncomfortable Chironic moment, to face where we are still holding shame. Often this process feels as if we've made no progress at all.

Your natal Chiron is in the Tenth House, the sector of the chart that holds career. But at a deep level, the Tenth House isn't only about profession. The Tenth House is the home of the soul's desire. It's the place where we align purpose and action. Put simply, it's what we most want to be when we grow up, because being "that" will answer a calling deep within. This longing could include the need for material success, but it could just as easily stir a desire for spiritual accomplishment. So it's not surprising you're at a career crossroads.

From your question, it's clear you opted over the course of your professional life to pursue what mattered most to you rather than concentrating your efforts on making money. It's an honorable choice. But as part of your Chiron return you'll be examining the consequences of your actions.

What's more, you're reviewing a lifetime's worth of choices. So don't be surprised if you find yourself wishing you hadn't been so idealistic. Question your motivation and intention. Were you hiding from your ambition, afraid to let your desire for success show to the outside world? Ashamed of your desire for fame and recognition? If so, you could arrive at the end of your Chiron return with a new determination to go "out there" and make it.

A Chiron return is where we begin the process of gathering personal wisdom. As we reflect on the results of our choices, we realize some things just don't change. You may find you're still committed to the choices you've made and come to peace about your issues of income.

We live in a materialistic culture that worships at the altar of celebrity. It's hard to honestly assess our true accomplishments in the glare of so much exaggeration and exploitation. No one takes their fame or money with them when they die. So as you assess your situation, keep ultimate value in mind.

Pluto's transit through your Tenth House assists in this process. Pluto reveals underlying motivation, uncovering what is inauthentic as it simultaneously helps us discover what is true. Let Pluto help you release old attitudes about success. Maybe you are already successful and just don't know it because you're busy measuring your accomplishments through an old system that just doesn't work.

What's most important about this Chiron return is your willingness to not blame yourself for your choices. Take responsibility, but let go of harsh self-recrimination. A Chiron return is an opportunity to stop rejecting ourselves. Embrace yourself instead, and you'll open a portal to deep self-knowledge. Accepting who we are, warts and all, creates tremendous healing.

This acceptance forms the bridge of synthesis and integration. And it may ultimately be the true gift of Chiron. Our humanity, flawed as it may be, is as divine as the gods. When we embrace it, we create a truly holistic perspective.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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