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In the early hours of the morning on August 11, 2000, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, better known as superstar Madonna, gave birth to her second child, a son she and live-in boyfriend Guy Ritchie named Rocco. Veering from the routine birth four years earlier of daughter Lourdes Leon (October 14, 1996, 4:01 pm, Los Angeles), Madonna delivered the baby three weeks early by emergency c-section after doctors discovered her placenta had detached from the uterine wall. It’s not at all surprising that Rocco Ritchie, a Sun sign Leo, announced his arrival with a death-defying, dramatic entrance worthy of his show-stopping mother. Perhaps it was his way of telling Mama Madonna, another proud Leo whose 42nd birthday was five days later on August 16, to get off center stage, and make way for the next generation.

Madonna’s Mirror Image: Has the Material Mom Met Her Match?

Known for its self-expression, generosity and single-mindedness, Leo the Lion is a fixed fire sign that likes taking charge and being the boss. Like its ruler, the Sun, the center of the solar system, self-centered Leos shine brightly, thriving on flattery and never-ending praise. While there is sure to be an on-again off-again contest of wills between Leo mother and child, especially during the formative years, mutual understanding and respect for one another’s creative passion will eventually bring them closer together. Rocco is certainly lucky that sister Lourdes, a cooperative, harmonious and even-tempered Libra, can teach her younger brother that he cannot always have his way—something this young, dynamic Leo will surely need to learn.

The Power of Uranus

Madonna’s unchallenged reign as queen of pop comes from her unique ability to reinvent herself time and again in the public eye. Her flamboyant, expressive and enterprising Leo Sun has always furnished the perfect outlet for her nonconformity and rebelliousness—qualities Rocco is certain to share with his mom. The shock value of innovative Uranus stands out in Rocco’s chart with an exact opposition to his Leo Sun along the Midheaven/IC axis. Uranus’ close conjunction with the Aquarius Midheaven, the sign it rules, truly makes the planet of independence and sudden change the most elevated in his chart. Like his mother, Rocco’s love of excitement and constant stimulation could be the motivating force in his life. Add the Part of Fortune to the equation, and Rocco might even surpass his mom in the category of wealth and fame—if at all possible.

Madonna and Son Share Down-to-Earth Moons

With Uranus taking Madonna away from home more often than the average mom, Rocco’s Moon in Capricorn, a practical, earth sign, should keep his feet firmly on the ground. In fact, the Moon, which signifies moods, emotions and habits, is in an earth sign in both of their charts. Madonna’s analytical Virgo Moon provides the perfectionism and business savvy that propelled her career, while Rocco’s Moon in persevering Capricorn will keep his eyes directed on the prize. Although Madonna and son share the creative flair that only Leo brings, their earthy Moons provide the grounding they need to succeed in the fast-paced, world of glamour and glitz.

On the other hand, children with responsible Capricorn Moons are forced to grow up quickly, since their mothers are often separated from them physically and emotionally. This challenging Moon may describe Rocco’s frustration in vying for his mother’s attention, and the lack of nurturing that only a stay-at-home mom provides. Ultimately, the Capricorn Moon describes mother Madonna’s unmistakeable appearance in her son’s chart as the ambitious mountain goat climbing up the ladder of success.

The Mercury Connection

The similarity between mother and son doesn’t end here. Madonna’s Virgo Ascendant and Rocco’s Gemini Ascendant are both ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and versatility. People with Mercury-ruled rising signs instinctively know how to connect with others, and Gemini (sign of the twins) is especially talkative, charming and outgoing. Rocco will not only adapt but easily thrive on people and places he’ll encounter while accompanying his mobile mom around the world.

As if his life wasn’t already blessed, Jupiter, planet of abundance and expansion, sits right on his Ascendant, with serious, structured Saturn, also in Gemini, not far behind. Rocco will surely have the discipline Saturn endows to take advantage of the opportunities afforded him by magnanimous Jupiter.

Transits Challenge the Maternal Mom

With Music, her recently released CD, making its debut soon after Rocco’s dramatic entrance, Madonna’s need to choose between being a nurturing mom and making public appearances is perfectly characterized by the transiting Jupiter-Pluto opposition, which forms a mutable t-square to her Virgo Moon. While Jupiter’s square to the Moon, which represents the mothering principle, may bring great joy, abundance and pride, relentless Pluto tests her maternal instincts and makes great demands on her time. The Saturn-Pluto opposition that follows will not be as merciful, and may present a professional opportunity that takes her away from her son.

Whether Madonna succeeds in both roles is anybody’s guess, but these transits are the first of many future challenges that will ensue between the Super Lioness and her cub. Maybe Madonna has finally met her match in her newborn son who, at least for now, is stealing the spotlight from his attention-seeking mom.



Ronnie Dreyer is an internationally-known astrological consultant, lecturer and teacher based in New York City and the author of several books, columns, articles and book reviews. She lectures extensively for astrology groups & national conferences, and conducts ongoing courses & workshops in Vedic astrology. She co-founded one of the first astrological computer services in Holland where she lived for ten years and was Astro*Carto*Graphy's Dutch distributor. Ronnie was AFAN's secretary from 1992-1998 and is currently its presiding officer. She is editor of the NCGR memberletter. She is on the Board of Directors of ACT. In 1994, she received the Jyotish Kovid award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and in 1998 received the Jim Lewis Community Service Award from AFAN.

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