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Dear Ralfee:

Could you forecast when things are going to turn around for my husband professionally? He experienced a financial reversal July 1, 2000, and things have not yet turned around for! Is there ANY good news on the horizon? His birthdate is February 25, 1954, at 12:55 am in New York City.

Thanks a lot, Kim

Dear Kim,

A detailed look at your husband's chart reveals a complex set of circumstances. Yes, there is hope. But there's no quick fix. Turning your husband's finances around is going to take time, determination, self-examination and hard work.

Let's begin by looking at how money issues are expressed in your husband's birth chart. The Second House is the home of personal finance and the sector of the chart that illuminates issues of self-worth and self-esteem. He has Capricorn on the cusp of his Second House, the home of personal finance, suggesting he is sober and practical when it comes to money.

But there's a glitch. Your husband also has Chiron in his Second House conjunct his North Node. This is a difficult combo. The North Node is what we are reaching toward—what we haven't quite learned or accomplished. Part of your husband's soul work is learning to value himself. Chiron's position points toward some early fundamental wounding to his pride, confidence and self-respect. This Chiron-North Node bundle could manifest as a deep need for financial success as a way of assuaging a feeling of low self-esteem.

Your husband has Cancer on the cusp of his Eighth House. The Eighth House is also connected to finances. It's traditionally called the house of "other people's money," and indicates inheritance, shared assets, investments and financial partnerships with others. Uranus is in his Eighth House, opposed that North Node-Chiron conjunction. Uranus is unstable, impulsive and likes being free and unfettered. It's a wild card, and Uranus' position in your husband's birth chart could create the tendency to act out financially in an effort to express his maverick longings. Or, he may be in business with fiercely independent people who just won't play by the rules.

On July 1, 2000, the day your husband experienced a financial reversal, there was a solar eclipse in Cancer, in his Eighth House. During a solar eclipse, the Moon overshadows the Sun, and the unconscious dominates the rational. Eclipses reveal what was previously hidden, which means unconscious intent becomes visible during these events.

I don't know what your husband does professionally, but on that day the eclipse unveiled what has and does motivate his financial decisions. Cancer is a complex sign. We tend to think of it as nurturing and cautious. But its shadow fixates on issues of safety and security, and often manifests as the fear of never having enough. On that day, he may have risked too much, or been afraid to let go.

The impact of that eclipse was exacerbated by other factors. While the eclipse was occurring, transiting Saturn, in Taurus, was opposing your husband's natal Moon in Scorpio. Transiting Saturn is currently in your husband's Sixth House of employment. His natal Moon is in the Twelfth House, home of the unconscious. Amplifying an already intense set of circumstances, Saturn rules his Second House and the Moon rules his Eighth House. Financial upset of some kind was inevitable.

Saturn is essentially about limits and structure. If your husband's finances were built on shaky ground, this configuration could easily cause his fortune to crumble. If he's been making decisions based on unconscious fear, Saturn would also bring this to light, especially during the eclipse.

And there's more. Two weeks later on July 16, a lunar eclipse occurred in your husband's Second House on his North Node and Chiron as Mars simultaneously conjuncted his Uranus. Saturn was also still opposing his Moon. There was clearly no avoiding the impact of these two eclipses.

But that's not all. Transiting Pluto is also affecting your husband's chart. It's squaring his Venus. Venus, too, shares a strong connection to finances. Venus rules his Sixth House of Employment. Squares create friction and spark action. Pluto governs death and resurrection. At the core, this Pluto-Venus square focuses on transforming values. A bank balance, no matter how large or small, is not a true measure of ultimate worth.

Pluto usually hits a planet three times over the course of almost two years. The first time Pluto squared your husband's Venus was January through June of this year. During the first phase of a Pluto transit, the rug seems to come out from under us. Ultimately, Pluto is reaching for greater authenticity. As part of this process, we often experience Pluto's force in the form of externalized events aimed at stripping away what is useless.

The second time Pluto squares his Venus is October 31–December 23. If we've been paying attention, the second Pluto transit isn't as rough. In fact, it becomes a phase of redefinition, particularly if we participate in the process, and refine our choices on the basis of ultimate value rather than expedient need.

The third time Pluto hits his Venus is June–October 2001. Here's where Pluto lends its resurrecting force, particularly if we've used this time to discover what truly matters to us. Then, Pluto helps us rebuild on solid ground.

Over the course of the last several years, your husband has been under other Pluto transits, too many to go into detail, here. Those transits continue for another couple of years. But there is hope.

Saturn opposes your husband's Moon two more times. From November 1–26 and then again from March 23–April 11, 2001. Saturn doesn't only demolish. It also renovates. Your husband can use these transits beneficially, but he must be willing to examine his unconscious emotional patterns. Saturn can be a stern taskmaster. But when we volunteer for growth, Saturn becomes a wise mentor. He can use these times to rebuild. But these efforts need to be based on new understanding rather than old habits.

Your husband is under a lot of astro-stress. And while your support is important, it's equally important for him to find healthy ways of managing his tension. Therapy is always a good choice when we're experiencing Pluto or Saturn transits. It provides a safe place for delving into unconscious motives. Unexamined, unresolved themes of worthlessness don't go away easily. But they can be transformed if we're willing to do whatever it takes to expand our self-knowledge.

These efforts won't guarantee financial success, but they could soothe his fears, calm his heart and help his spirit. From that place of internal strength, he can face the world with a new attitude.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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