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Company Backgrounder

What We Do
StarIQ™ is providing intelligent, customized and timely astrological information to the mainstream via the Internet. We're moving astrology beyond entertainment to a tool for understanding life and supporting personal empowerment.

Why We Do It
Two reasons. First, interest in astrology is strong and continuing to grow. And second, technology has made it possible to provide relevant astrological information in a form that is compact and digestible. In short, astrological information was made for the Internet.

How We Do It
Through the synergy of personalized forecasts, content and community.

Personalized Forecasts:
We start with individualized data: the exact date, place and time (if known) of an individual's birth. Our personalized astrology email products, based on unique birth information, include:

  • PlanetForecast™: Free personalized astrology via email. Six to ten emails each month are sent on days that are astrologically important.
  • LoveCycles™—Your 60-Day Guide to Relationships: Each week the LoveCycles email describes key times and dates of relationship opportunities and challenges and how best to meet them. For $10.95 customers receive a comprehensive profile and weekly emails.
  • Future products: SpiritCycles™, ErotiCycles™

Original content from an astrological perspective is available at StarIQ and on our affiliate sites. We cover the stock market, health, politics, celebrities, sports and relationships. Regular features include:

  • LoveStars™: StarIQ's weekly romance horoscope for all twelve Sun signs.
  • Planet Pulse™: A daily audio forecast by StarIQ founders Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. Listen each day for the current astrological patterns and how they affect the general public.
  • The Aquarium Age™: Discusses the larger picture of the cosmic weather and provides an overview of the astrological patterns for the coming week.
  • PlanetIQ™: Describes the meaning of each planet according to the sign it's in at the present time. PlanetIQ is updated whenever a planet changes signs.
  • Market Week™: with Raymond Merriman: Discusses astrological influences on market trends and investment opportunities.
  • Astrology by Hand™: Discusses the history and current status of astrology by leading astrologer and academic Rob Hand.
  • NewsScope™: A weekly summary of today's news and current events from an astrological perspective.
  • Cosmic Cafe™: A satirical account of an astrologer's adventures with the planets and their personas.

Our astrology portal, AstroPort™, is the essential online reference for astrology. It features:

  • Astrologer Directory: A detailed listing of professional astrologers around the world, searchable by location, specialty or any combination of key words.
  • Conferences: A guide to astrology conferences around the world, including speakers’ lists and contact information.
  • Organizations and Associations:
    A complete listing, with contact information, for the non-profit organizations and associations which give direction and cohesiveness to the worldwide community of astrologers.

Who We Are
Our founders are respected professional astrologers who have each counseled, lectured and networked in the U.S. and internationally for more than twenty years. They lead a team of astrologers, writers, editors, programmers, artists and administrators.

Jeff Jawer, Cofounder, CEO and Publisher
Rick Levine, Co-Founder, President and Chief Wizard
Gail Goldberg, Vice President of Operations
Ron Weldy, Vice President of Technology
Astrological writers: More than 50 of the world’s best astrological writers, including practicing psychotherapists, counseling psychologists, medical doctors and Ph.D.s, are under contract with StarIQ.

Company Information
Founded: May 19, 1999
Website launched: October 18, 1999
Headquarters: Redmond, WA
Legal representation: Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich

Media Contact

Rick Levine

Jeff Jawer


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