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Friday's devastating earthquake in India is a powerful example of astrology at work. In last week's NewsScope Michael WolfStar wrote, "The New Moon on Wednesday (plus or minus a day) is when the next earthquake or volcano will most likely strike." StarIQ's daily audio forecast Planet Pulse also predicted an earthquake last week.

The basis for these predictions was the 90-degree angle (square) between aggressive Mars and explosive Uranus. This tense combination is further pressurized by an upcoming opposition from Mars to restrictive Saturn.

At the precise moment of the earthquake Saturn was tightly square the Moon, representing the people and their homes, and Mercury, which were both rising in the east at the earthquake epicenter. Uranus was also close to the Moon and Mercury, with Mars adding stress at a right angle, as shown in the diagram.

A close union of the Sun and Neptune was also forming an unusual septile (one-seventh of the zodiac) with Pluto, mythological Lord of the Underworld. StarIQ writer Anthony Louis notes that Pluto was at the very highest point of the chart in New Delhi, India's capital, when the earthquake hit.

In this week's NewsScope Michael WolfStar provides more astrological details on this tragic event.


Jeff Jawer is a founder of He has been a professional astrologer since 1973 and is well-known as a writer, counselor and lecturer in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

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