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Dear Ralfee:

Astrology Horoscope: Charlie

Charlie is my wonderful husband of 36 years. He was born July 11, 1941, at 2:53 pm in Toledo, Ohio. Charlie's last day working for "firm A" was June 30, 2000. What an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. His first day at the new place, "firm B," was October 2, 2000. What a seemingly life-saving event. Is Charlie finished with the rude shocks in his employment, and, since he nears traditional retirement age, what are his prospects for safety and security for retirement?

So, in any case, please accept my sincere thanks for considering this question and for all the sharing of information that goes on at StarIQ.



Dear Jeanne:

I wish I could tell you the tumult is over, but I can't. Not that I think Charlie is going to lose his new job. But Charlie's normally steady course is going to wobble for a little while longer. He's currently in the midst of several major transits, all of which signal the end of one cycle and beginning of another. Transitions are seldom easy. Whenever we have one foot planted in the past and the other foot reaching for the future, the space in-between is often uncomfortable and uncertain.

Charlie is a Cancer and Cancers don't always cope well with uncertainty. Cancer likes safe, secure environments, where the routines are steady and predictable. When life changes too quickly, Cancers worry.

Several major transits are currently impacting Charlie's birth chart, and it's not only Charlie's professional life that's shifting. He's also experiencing inner turmoil, as well as emotional upheaval. In fact, so many transits are impacting his chart, it's impossible to explore each one in detail. Here are the highlights:

Charlie is in the midst of his second Saturn return. This transit started in June 2000, and continues until the middle of March 2001. Saturn returns to its natal position in the birth chart approximately every 28-30 years. Charlie's first Saturn return was in 1971. During the first Saturn return, we assess what we want to make of life, and then get busy putting those plans in motion.

The second Saturn return is a reflection on those choices. During this second return, we cull through almost 60 years of life experience. On the negative end of this review lies the quicksand of regret and self-recrimination. Charlie could be brooding over "what went wrong" or what he "should" have done.

On the positive end of this second Saturn return spectrum lies a valuable distillation process. But to utilize this time beneficially, we need to allow Saturn to assists us in recognizing what we've learned and where we still need to grow.

Charlie's Saturn return occurs in his Seventh House of partnership and marriage, with the focus on examining his relationships, personal and professional. A bad professional partnership may have been at the root of his being fired. What's more, the repercussions of that unexpected pink slip may have placed unusual stress on your marriage. It's hard at any age to lose your job, but at Charlie's age, it's often a huge blow to the ego. It's important for Charlie to build his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Fortunately, Charlie is also having a Jupiter return. Jupiter returns to its natal position every twelve years. Charlie's current Jupiter return started in August 2000 and continues through April of 2001. Jupiter returns signal a time of renewed good fortune. Charlie's natal Jupiter is also in his Seventh House. This Jupiter return softens the edges of his Saturn return by providing fortuitous opportunities. Despite the loss of one job, another job was waiting.

But the upsets aren't over. Uranus, the planet of surprise and upheaval, is hovering on the cusp of Charlie's Fourth House. This transit started in May 2000 and continues until January 2002. The cusp of the Fourth House, called the I.C., is a highly sensitive point, specifically focused on issues of safety and security.

When Uranus transits the I.C., we experience deep restlessness and difficulty settling down. Often, this transit indicates a move of some kind, particularly as Uranus continues its transit through the Fourth House. Uranus will stay in Charlie's Fourth House until 2009. So don't be surprised if he suddenly feels the urge to move to a new location, or in lieu of actually relocating, decides to renovate your existing home.

But this Uranus transit also catalyzes internal movement. The I.C. is the bottom of our psychic pond, and when Uranus stirs this point, childhood themes and family issues surface. Charlie's recent professional upheaval may have triggered old fears and anxieties he thought were long gone.

What's more, Charlie's natal Moon in Aquarius sits in the Fourth House, close to the I.C. The Fourth House is Cancer's natural sector of the chart, and holds within its domain issues of the home, nurturing, security and belonging.

While an Aquarius Moon could lessen the need to cling as it simultaneously deepens a desire for independence, Charlie's Cancer Sun is apt to override the need for emotional freedom. Indeed, this placement of the Moon could amplify a need for stability and safety.

Uranus conjuncts Charlie's Moon from March 2002 through February 2003, which is why I can't promise life will settle down anytime soon. Uranus-Moon transits are notorious for startling developments. I don't think this transit will cause additional career changes. But because Uranus is the planet of surprise, there's no guarantee on how the tumult will manifest. At the deepest level, Uranus conjunct the Moon is about revolutionizing our emotional perspective. In Charlie's case, it's about finding a new emotional strength, anchored deep within.

Uranus conjunct the Moon also impacts the nervous system. Uranus bestows a tremendous amount of energy. And Charlie will need to channel that power positively. It will be important to help him find healthy ways of channeling this energetic surge. Meditation, t'ai chi, yoga, bio-feed back or any other healthy relaxation technique will be valuable at this time. Anything he can do to soothe his inner waters will help. The stronger Charlie feels inside, the easier it will be for him to cope with the on-going changes.



Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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