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Dear Ralfee:

Astrology Horoscope: SHAIt is time for me to make a career change, but I am uncertain in what direction to go. I either don't like or am not qualified for positions suggested by my Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. I've been working at a retail greenhouse for eight spring seasons, but now I need something more long-term and with better financial compensation. Can you point me in a new direction? My birth data is August 19, 1970, at 11:34 am in Denver, Colorado.



Dear SHA:

You're right. You're definitely in the season of career changes. Several major transits are stimulating a desire for new, more substantial work. What's more, these influences aren't just about increased financial opportunity. The planets also point toward finding a profession that utilizes your talents and allows you to excel. But you'll have an easier time finding the perfect profession if you widen your perspective and consider acquiring the qualifications you'll need to create a career you will enjoy.

You were born with a Sun-Mars conjunction in Leo in your Tenth House of career. The Sun in Leo makes you vital and creative. And its placement in the Tenth House makes it important to find work that allows you to shine. When you’re happy at what you're doing, that joy lights up whatever it is you're working on. Leos also like to be in charge. They are natural born leaders, and when a Leo is empowered, their innate generosity of spirit inspires others to be equally strong.

Your Mars in Leo amplifies this need to lead. Mars is the planet of ambition and self-assertion. A Mars-Sun conjunction in Leo in the Tenth House creates an undeniable desire to be number one. You not only want success, you need success to satisfy your ambitions and realize your full potential.

Transiting Uranus is currently triggering that natal Sun-Mars conjunction, and that's what's building your fire and motivating your dissatisfaction.

Uranus began opposing your Mars in April of 2000, and that opposition continues until December of this year. Uranus always stirs the pot and disturbs the status quo. Whenever Uranus hits a planet, shift happens. Aimed at activating your ambition, Uranus is making you hungry for something new. But you don't have to find the perfect job tomorrow. Uranus generates excitement, but that doesn't mean we have to hurry.

What's more, transiting Uranus also opposes your Sun starting next February, which prolongs your professional restlessness. But I wouldn't worry. This opposition is an invitation to reinvent yourself. It's a highly creative, potent time filled with surprising twists and turns. Some of these surprises could be startling revelations. Others could be amazing opportunities to actualize your talent.

Your natal chart contains many gifts. Your natal Saturn in Taurus trines your natal Mercury and Pluto, both conjunct in Virgo. A Mercury-Pluto conjunction gives you a penetrating intellect and a deep, almost compulsive desire to get to the bottom of things and solve the problem. Saturn's trine to both Mercury and Pluto amplifies this problem solving talent as it simultaneously bestows an eye for structure. You want to know how and why things work and your memory for detail is amazing.

This Saturn-Pluto-Mercury trine signals a talent for teaching. You have an innate respect for children and would answer their questions with precision and care. Indeed, their insatiable curiosity would mirror your own need to know.

But that's not all. Your natal Jupiter sits on your Ascendant, giving you a jovial, optimistic attitude and a good sense of humor. Jupiter, too, enjoys teaching. It appreciates the value of knowledge and likes sharing its information.

But to access these gifts, you have to overcome a difficult configuration in your birth chart. Saturn squares your Sun-Mars conjunction, and this configuration creates the potential to be highly critical. Leos tend to be self-conscious, so my hunch is the brunt of your critical nature is aimed at yourself rather than others. But Saturn square Mars often turns testy when things don't go their way, particularly when authority figures interfere and insist on their way.

It is possible to work through the negative impact of this Saturn influence. But to do so, you need to transform that angry, critical voice and release the desire to hold a grudge. Put to positive use, Saturn squaring the Sun and Mars gives you tremendous stamina and discipline. Instead of brooding about the obstacles in your path, aim the power of your frustration at specific goals. Learn how to use the potent force of Saturn square the Sun and Mars, and you can accomplish almost anything.

This July, transiting Jupiter moves into your Ninth House of higher education and stays in that house for nearly a year. Jupiter's movement into the Ninth House often signals a return to school, which is the reason I'm advising you not to rule out gathering additional skills. While a year or two or three may seem like an eternity at the beginning of a journey, it's only a drop in the bucket compared to a lifetime reaping the rewards of that degree.

Don't let a lack of qualifications limit your career choices. Right now is the perfect time to acknowledge your ambition and stretch out into new territory. Flex those magnificent mind muscles and explore the possibilities. What's important is finding work that satisfies your ambition and utilizes your gifts.

Your StarIQ Advisor,

Ralfee Finn

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Ralfee Finn is the creator of The Aquarium Age, a weekly and monthly astrology column published nationwide and featured at Committed to compassion, knowledge and growth, Ralfee brings the gifts of clarity and common sense to the often confusing waters of metaphysics and new age philosophy.

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