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We Still Have Choices

For the past two days, astrologers around the world, and we at StarIQ, have been talking and writing about the astrological factors that might explain the attacks on New York and Washington, DC. The clarity of some of the symbols is such that we have a tendency to believe that these attacks were unavoidable. This, however, is not the case.

Astrology describes the currents of energy on personal and collective levels. The ways in which they express themselves are numerous and depend, to a large degree, on the choices that we make. Planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto, now in a tense opposition as seen from Earth, accurately correspond with the devastation of buildings, loss of life and transformation of American societal norms. Yet, within these symbols are also the potentials for positive restructuring.

Every astrological pattern and every event is experienced according to our individual and collective consciousness. The terrorist attacks on the U.S. are not the results of astrological patterns, but of human choices. Astrology shows the patterns that we fill with our thoughts and actions. The shape of the future may be reflected through planetary cycles, but we will determine its contents.

“The shape of the future may be reflected through planetary cycles, but we will determine its contents.”

Astrology serves humanity when it reveals meaning that enables us to make wise decisions. It does not serve us when we hide from our responsibilities behind its symbols. When we use astrology to describe cause, we disempower ourselves and diminish the value of astrology. It is important to remember, particularly at a time like this, that we have the capacity to learn, interpret and act with compassion, consciousness and creativity. Simplistic answers appeal to us at moments of uncertainty, but higher truth and broader perspectives are needed to overcome the limits of our prejudices.

At this time, when we are so much in need of the highest levels of mind, heart and spirit, it is vital that we grow to our greatest potential as individuals and as a society. Looking to external authorities for definitive answers does not encourage our development. Transformative Pluto may be reminding us that this is a time to look beyond old structures and authority to connect with deeper wisdom within ourselves. Remembering the power that we each have to live, love, create, imagine and act can be the greatest resource of all.

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Terror from the Sky
The worst attack in American history was launched in the midst of the long Saturn-Pluto opposition. Although astrology cannot take away the feelings of uncertainty and horror, we can gain perspective by looking at key astrological factors involved in these tragic events.

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