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In the past couple of days, I have been barraged with requests as to what I think is happening in the geopolitical realm. I am sure many others who study astrology are being asked the same questions from clients, friends and even family members. Although neither any other astrologer nor I know with certainty what is happening and what is to happen, we all have our own opinions. These opinions are based upon our own unique understanding of the current (and future) geocosmic signatures in force, combined with our own unique life experiences from which we can draw parallel meanings. The following, then, represent my current beliefs regarding the present and near future regarding circumstances here in the U.S.A., and the world as a whole.

Biological and Chemical Poisons as Warfare

All across America right now (October 14) there is fear of chemical and biological warfare. These fears have been escalated with the recent reports of anthrax poisonings. The fear is that this is an act of warfare directly related to the terrorist attack on America, and caused by those involved in that attack. My belief is that this is not the case. Like the authorities in Florida, I too believe these are the acts of individuals acting independently, who either harbor criminal intent against specific individuals, or against society as a whole. I believe they are using the current atmosphere of paranoia to unleash their intent to do harm against others. But I do not believe these acts are part of a coordinated terrorist effort against America.

My astrological reasons for this belief are based on the presence of so many Neptune signatures right now. One of the principles associated with Neptune is paranoia, or unfounded fears not based upon actual evidence. It represents a period where there is great potential for wild imaginings, actions or reactions based on assumptions or even false or misleading information. It is a time when misinformation can lead to hysteria and ungrounded worries.

Astrology Horoscope: FEDThe height of this "Neptune" period probably peaks this week, as Neptune turns stationary direct on Wednesday, October 17. For the past few weeks, it has been in conjunction with the Moon's South Node in the chart of the United States. I interpreted this as akin to a collective "bad nightmare." Neptune is the dream state, and the South Node may represent archetypes from the past that have never been resolved or confronted (like the boogey man who scares us at night when we are young). Neptune also falls on the descendant of President George W. Bush at the present time. The Sun will square Neptune on October 30, after which this paranoia may begin to recede. At the present time, transiting Mars is crossing the 17-21 degree Capricorn point, where Uranus and Neptune formed their 171-year conjunction in 1993. Thus this brings to the fore the fear of a biological warfare. (Mars is the principle of war.)

Thus, although these unfounded fears are likely to persist into the next couple of weeks, I believe the peak is right now, this week. And in the end, I also think it will be determined that there is no direct relationship between the coordinated terrorist attack of September 11 and the outbreak of anthrax poisoning cases going on now. But keep in mind that this is just my belief, based on my understanding of this current period being a particularly strong Neptune period. There are other ways that Neptune periods can manifest.

Rumors, Gossip, Hoaxes and Floods

All of these are possible under a confluence of Neptune signatures, and in fact all of these things have happened oftentimes in the past under similar signatures. I think you will see a multitude of false rumors and even hoaxes perpetrated in the next 2-3 weeks. An example might be a report from the Taliban, or even the al-Qaida, that Bin Laden has been killed. It could be hoax, staged by Bin Laden himself, complete with a new identity and appearance.

The Real Threat

I don't believe the real threat is poisonous gases and biological or chemical warfare, as represented by Neptune. After all, Saturn is in trine to Neptune (trine is generally considered a favorable aspect, and it involves the control of Saturn with the chemical threats of Neptune). The real threat, astrologically speaking, is Saturn in opposition to Pluto. This is a signature of terrorism, of bombs and explosions that threaten the lives of human beings. I reported this threat at great length in last year's Forecasts for 2001 book, and that it would be at its peak between July 30–mid-November 2001, but that it could last well into 2002.

If we look at the recent history of these terrorists, we will see that their threats have not been in the form of biological warfare. It is with bombs and explosives, and I see no reason why it would change now. The basis of this terrorism, and the manner in which the threats have been delivered, is clearly symbolized by the signs these planets are in. Pluto is in Sagittarius, which is religious ideology. With Pluto there, it reaches the level of fanaticism, to the point of giving one's life for the cause. Saturn is in Gemini, and the form (Saturn) the threats take is in the deliverance of bombs and explosives (Pluto) in vehicles of travel (Gemini). Car bombs, truck bombs, railroads and airplanes used as means of destruction. The real threat of coordinated terrorism in America is not biological warfare, in my opinion, but in the increase of cases in which cars and trucks carrying bombs and explosives. There may attempts to do the same with railroad cars and blimps. These vehicles could be strategically placed, designed to cause great harm to great numbers of people.

Will the terrorists succeed? Will the U.S. and other nations be victorious in the fight against terrorism? How long will it take? How will America hold up psychologically?

Again, it is just my opinion, but I believe the greatest harm against America has already taken place with the September 11 attack. I also believe there will now be a series of isolated incidents of bombs and explosions in America—and other countries fighting the terrorists—much like you see happening in Israel and its neighbors during the past 20 years. These incidents may take place as described above—through loading cars and trucks with explosives, and placing them in strategically determined locations. I think we may see at least a couple of such incidents between now and the end of the year, and quite possibly in the next 3 weeks. But I have no idea where such explosions will specifically take place.

As to how long this threat, or war against terrorism, will take place: the immediate sense of danger and threat, and the war against it, I believe will peak this year. However, I expect the war, and the public concerns, to continue well into 2002, maybe even right to the end. I don't see it ending there either, at least not totally. In some form, I see the war against terrorism and terrorists continuing all decade, and even into the next decade. But as the U.S. Administration says, this is not a like any war that has been fought before.

Think of it like the current war against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. When Hussein attacked Kuwait in August 1990, it wasn't until January-February that the U.S. and other nations of the world engaged in an all-out military campaign to end the Iraqi threat. At first, there was great hysteria and concern about biological warfare. These concerns were increased when, a few months later, armed forces came back exhibiting symptoms of sickness likened to such chemical poisons. Also, even though the greatest military strikes against Iraq ended within a month, there were several times afterwards that the U.S. went back and unleashed military strikes against Hussein for violations and new reports of Iraqi military buildups. In fact, the war against Hussein has not ever ended. He continues to be a threat, and even as recently as 1999, then President Clinton bombed Iraq. But in the public's consciousness, the war against Hussein is not as visible or intense or threatening as it was back in 1990-1991.

I see the same pattern in this war against terrorism. The period of military strikes and heightened fears of all-out war is strongest in the beginning. It recedes relatively soon. However, I don't think it recedes as quickly and to the extent that the Persian Gulf crisis did. But I do believe there will be many more military strikes against these terrorist cells in the next year (and maybe even the year after that), even as the fear of actual war and threat begins to recede. Why do I think there will be more instances of military attacks and strikes? Because in the U.S. chart first Saturn (June 2002-March 2003), then Pluto (January 2004-November 2005) form a conjunction and opposition to the U.S. Mars, square its Neptune. This war doesn't really end quickly. Terrorist threats and strikes are likely to be around for a while.

However, at the same time, Saturn begins pulling out of its opposition to Pluto, and moving toward a trine to Uranus (August 2002-June 2003). I believe that by this next summer (and maybe before), the time for the terrorist threat will have passed its peak. The threat, although it will still be present, will be severely reduced from what is being experienced today. Life will begin to take on semblance of normalcy again, although no American will ever be as confidant, or feel as safe in the world, again as they did prior to September 11, 2001. But confidence and a cautious sense of safety will slowly begin to grow, and the worry of an imminent threat will recede, to a degree.
Right now the American psyche is going through a major dilemma. I think it is true to say that most Americans believe the nations of the world will be victorious in this war against terrorism. America will play a big part in this. Jupiter is conjunct America's Sun, and the President's natal Sun, in mid-Cancer, and will be through early 2002. The nation has this deep sense of nationalistic confidence in this campaign. However, at the same time, the populace is confused and uncertain as to what will happen next. Is there a chemical or biological warfare taking place? Will there be other terrorist attacks? These fears are based upon assumptions, not facts, and can give way to temporary sense of hysteria. I believe these fears will soon pass by, as we begin to focus on the real threats, which are bombs and explosives delivered in transportation vehicles.

I hope these comments help provide some insight into understanding the times we are living in. I hope it answer the questions that several of you have asked of me. For continue updates, please feel free read my weekly column on my website.


Ray Merriman is a professional astrologer and President ofThe Merriman Market Analyst, Inc., an investment advisory firm specializing in market timing products and services. He is the editor of The MMA Cycles Report, an advisory newsletter used by banks, financial institutions, investors and traders. He is the author of numerous astrology books, and developed two financial astrological software systems: The FAR (Financial Astrological Research) program, and the SOS (Stock Optimizing Selector) Program, which enable traders to identify potential turning points in various stocks and/or financial futures markets.

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