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Imagine this. It’s midnight and you slip naked into a pool fed by restorative volcanic waters. Surrounded by the mists and sweet scents of night blooming flowers, you float suspended gazing up at a brilliant night sky. Now imagine you are in this place in Greece two thousand years ago. After soaking in the hot waters, a temple priestess/physician comes for you. She escorts you inside the Asclepion, the healing temple of dreams. You snuggle into this safe, cozy chamber to sleep in order to dream of a healing encounter with Asklepios, the god of dreams himself.

The Summer Solstice

For more than one thousand years, Greek citizens who felt sick or soul tired practiced this tradition of dream healing.* This month we, too, have the opportunity for a profound and meaningful dream encounter with the god Asklepios. The Greeks call this magical moment the "Kairos." In essence, it means "auspicious moment" or "God’s moment,” the exact time when the veils between the worlds are thin and when the gods can hear and speak to us. We approach one such collective Kairos moment now—on the summer solstice on June 21 at 12:11 pm PDT. Yet, incredibly, this influence stretches over a period of five days. This is as a result of a rare sequence of cosmic influences from June 19 that continues through June 24. In my astrological opinion, these are the most sacred days of 2003.

The Kairos moment begins as the Moon moves into the mystical sign of Pisces on June 18 at 10:57 pm and according to yogic, esoteric Christian and pagan traditions, we then enter one of the four "spiritual gates" of the year. These four spiritual gates swing open at each winter and summer solstice and the fall and spring equinoxes. During these times it is easier to ascend and touch the higher, mystical planes, as well as to be washed with a shower of fresh spiritual forces.

Healing experiences are possible for all from June 18-June 24. A client recently had just such a personal Kairos moment and this healing dream. Her heart was painfully broken from a traumatic breakup with a fiancée. This breakup was so abrupt that she was left without closure and still sadly longed for him. Then she had this dream: She was in a gothic church and he approached her, head bowed and hands in prayer. He looked up with an expression of deep love in his eyes. She felt herself drawn into his arms to be held. Then something beautiful and transcendent transpired. A golden, loving light enfolded them in a cocoon. She felt that love enter her heart. She woke in the morning knowing something important had happened. The pain in her heart lifted. She felt loved and complete.

How can you best use these sacred days? Go to an environment you feel is sacred —your bedroom, the grandmother tree on your property, the lake, or make a pilgrimage to your special sacred site. Participate in a purification ritual like a bath, sauna or sweat lodge. Quiet and center yourself. When the Kairos moment approaches, simply ask, with intention, to be given a healing dream. Ask this repeatedly and often, like a prayer, over these auspicious days. The god of dreams, Asklepios, is willing to help you now if you will but listen to the messages revealed in your dreams.

*To learned more about the dream healing temples read, The Practice of Dream Healing by psychotherapist Edward Tick.

Ways to Receive:

  • Ask for a dream in the form of a prayer or a meditation.
  • Be receptive to what is given.
  • Record your dream in all detail to remember and reflect upon.
  • Translate the dream into a piece of art.
  • Use the flower essence Calendula in drinking water or in your bath. Calendula, called the listening essence, brings greater awareness and receptivity to what is being said.



Barbara Schermer has an extensive background synthesizing astrology with Jungian and Archetypal psychology, Kriya Yoga, dreams, flower essences, sacred ritual, alchemy and the arts. Astrology has been Barbara's passion for over twenty five years. Barbara's website,, offers a free weekly holistic horoscope, many free articles, high quality reports and more. She also offers a nine month apprenticeship training for intermediate and advanced students in Chicago. Barbara's consultations and teaching integrate in-depth psychological insight with pragmatic recommendations in an affirming and positive manner. Sessions can be in person, by phone or by mail.

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For more information about Barbara Schermer, click here.

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