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NewsScope for November 2, 2004

Osama bin Laden Resurfaces

In one of a lengthy list of candidates for the October Surprise, Kerry supporters took it as an excellent omen that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at the Cardinals' Busch Stadium. However, the next day an Osama bin Laden tape was aired, reminding voters that the war on terror is the central message of the campaign, a factor that tends to favor Bush. (Editor’s note: Some analysts interpret this as favorable to Kerry since it points out the administration’s failure to capture bin Laden. Early tracking polls have not shown an immediate effect favoring either candidate on this issue.)

Osama bin Laden has three planets, including his Sun, and two of the four major asteroids in is in the faith-oriented sign of Pisces (March 10, 1957; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; time unknown). His Sun is conjunct Pallas, the political strategist asteroid, a combination shared by some of the world's shrewdest politicians, including Tony Blair, Nancy Reagan, Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi, James Baker, and Karl Rove. (Editor’s note: There are conflicting dates of birth published for bin Laden. See AstroDatabank’s article for a more detailed discussion.)

In the video tape was the first aired by bin Laden since December 2001, and he appeared calm, healthy, and most significantly, alive. Over the past three years transiting Pluto was conjunct bin Laden's Saturn, and then moved on to square his Sun. In this interval he was likely injured during an attack. He went underground to regenerate, which is in accord with the symbolism of Pluto.

Now Pluto is just past the square to his Sun, and nearing the square to his Pallas, energizing a new geopolitical campaign. Some analysts say he is making a move to fill a power vacuum in the Middle East, since he compared Bush to corrupt Arab governments. Transiting Uranus, sometimes referred to as "The Awakener," is now approaching a conjunction with his Mercury and Venus, an astro-event surely to make him a more active figure in 2005.

Arafat in Paris

Last week Yasser Arafat, the besieged leader of the Palestinian people, was whisked away to Paris for treatment of a mysterious disease, which some reports indicate is leukemia. The 75-year old former guerilla is rumored to have the nine lives of the cat, but his illness is serious, and he may not survive, which would throw the Middle East conflict into turmoil.

Yasser Arafat was born with a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo (August 27, 1929; 2:00 am; Cairo*), a combination that accounts for his fastidious health regimen, He doesn't smoke, drink alcohol, or over-eat, and generally has enjoyed good health. The Sun-Neptune conjunct also accounts for his secretive behavior, as well as the mythological leadership role he has assumed as savior of his people.

While it's difficult to predict death in a horoscope, we can see that Arafat's chart currently shows some extreme pressures, both to his health and his geopolitical standing. Transiting Uranus in Pisces opposes his Sun-Neptune, which points to sudden or radical challenges to his leadership. A year ago, when Uranus first entered Pisces and was joined by transiting Mars, Israeli troops attacked his compound in Ramallah.

Saturn resides in Arafat's Sixth House of health natally where it describes the potential for a chronic, life-threatening disease. At the moment, this Saturn is becoming problematic because transiting Pluto is nearing a conjunction that will first be exact in early February, but remains near his Saturn throughout 2005. With his ailing health, the Palestinian leadership will be up for grabs, a situation likely to become evident in mid-November as transiting Uranus turns direct.

Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives

The surprise TV hit of the new season has no forensics lab, lawyers, or reality situations. It's ABC's offbeat soap Desperate Housewives, starring four beautiful women struggling behind the facade of the American dream. One critic called it "Sex in the City, the road not taken" since it deals with a quartet of quirky, sexy, humorous suburbanites.

Sagittarian Teri Hatcher (December 8, 1964; Sunnyvale, CA; time unknown) gets top billing as a single mom on the make, a role she plays in real life since she has a seven-year old daughter and just divorced a year ago. Hatcher's Sun squares a triple conjunction in Virgo, each of which emphasizes her personal drive to succeed on her own terms.

Although her Sagittarian Sun squaring Uranus gives a strong independent streak, she is at heart a true romantic. This can be seen in the placement of her Venus-Neptune conjunction, a combination shared by other stars of romantic comedies, such as Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, French actress Sophie Marceau, and the late Christopher Reeve. Hatcher's Venus is sexually enhanced by being in Scorpio and through the favorable links to Mars and Pluto.

Hatcher has Ceres, the asteroid representing the mother-daughter relationship, in traditional Capricorn. This placement competes with her more adventuresome, eccentric side expressed by her Sun-Uranus personality. The contradiction is fully fleshed out in her role as Susan Mayer on the TV series, especially now that transiting Chiron is right on her Ceres. She's the wounded mother, the housewife without a mate. This astrologer expects that to change in 2005 when transiting Pluto activates her marriage asteroid Juno.

*See NewsScope April 20, 2004 for the most recent column on Osama as the Mahdi.

**Arafat's birth date and time are uncertain. Alternative dates of August 24, August 4, and September 27 have been reported. To my reckoning, August 27 works best. Pluto Rising reflects his ruthlessness, and suspicious attitude concerning both his enemies and his allies. Then Vesta, the asteroid showing devotion to a cause, is exactly conjunct his Ascendant. Uranus in his tenth describes his unpredictable or radical behavior as a leader. Here's a few examples showing how some key dates correspond to major transits (T), secondary progressions (P2), and tertiary progressions (P3). Orbs are generally one degree or less, with most 1/2 degree or less:

October 10, 1959: Fatah formed, the secret terrorist group that became the PLO's military arm, and leading to Arafat's control.

T PL cnj SU
T SA tri SU
P2 SU cnj MA
P2 MO squ MA
P2 VE cnj NE
P3 JU cnj Vesta, PL, octile SU
P3 (MA cnj PL)

February 3, 1969: Arafat elected leader of the PLO

T JU cnj SU
T SA cnj MC, UR
T PL tri MO
P2 SU opp UR in 10th
P2 VE inc UR
P3 MC cnj SU (this aspect points to a 1:55 am birth time, as a rectification, corroborated by several other P3s using these events.)

September 13, 1993: Camp David Peace Accord between Arafat and Rabin

T PL tri VE
T JU squ AS
T (UR-NE) cnj DE, opp Vesta-PL
T PL opp MO
P2 MO in Libra cnj IC
P2 ME squ PL
P2 VE tri CE-JU
P2 MA tri AS
P3 MA cnj DE
P3 Juno cnj PL

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Michael WolfStar is a professional astrologer and writer living in Oregon. He writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and American Astrology.

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