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NewsScope for July 5, 2005

Bush's Solar Return

The Solar Return is one of astrologers' favorite techniques for understanding the year's coming circumstances. The Solar Return for the U.S. President is exceptionally noteworthy, since it not only foreshadows personal events, but those for the nation's Commander-in-Chief as well. The Solar Return takes place when the Sun returns to the same location as the natal Sun, generally within a day of the birthday. (Editor's note: Solar Returns can be calculated for the location, residence or birth place. This one is for the residence.)

George W. Bush's Solar Return, set for the White House, takes place at 1:33 pm on July 6, 2005. This chart features Mars in Aries sitting precisely on the Descendant, the entrance to the Seventh House of open enemies. This angular Mars dominates his Solar Return since it's so exactly placed on one of the four angles. Mars here describes the big fights that will characterize the coming year.

Already we can see this with the pending battle over the next Supreme Court appointment and the escalating insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, Mars here is enough for the astrologer to warn of an actual physical attack against Bush. And Mars squares the Sun, dramatically increasing its potential for violent aggression and hostile confrontations.

Astrologers need at least three indicators to give a credible warning of physical danger. A second one is transiting Uranus, which is opposing Bush's natal Mars from the Eighth House of death. This transit is peaking now and through February 2006. Third, consider Bush's personal situation in tandem with the presidential death* cycle, which is now in effect. The president and his security team should be very, very careful.

Solar Eclipse Activated

Solar Eclipses in ancient times were often accompanied by widespread fear of imminent catastrophe, usually in the form of war, famine, or death of the king. In modern times Solar Eclipses continue to inspire awe, as astrologers and astrology students expect the worst. The Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2005 was the most recent, and it did coincide with the death of Pope John Paul II.

The influence of a Solar Eclipse lasts well beyond its actual date, and may be triggered by future transits to the eclipse point. On July 10, transiting Mars will be at 19º Aries, the same degree as the April 8 eclipse. Mars can activate the underlying potential to create spectacular events. Those with natal planets in the same degree area will be most dramatically affected by the activated eclipse.

An activated Solar Eclipse can have a beneficial effect. For example, John Paul II's horoscope remains vital, as the transit of Mars has put him on the fast track to sainthood. Some stocks may take a quantum leap or a sudden plunge, if their first trade charts are hit by this activated Solar Eclipse. Bush's Supreme Court nominee will likely have a vital natal planet at this eclipse point, around 18º to 20º of cardinal signs.

To be sure, the Mars transit over the Solar Eclipse point can also bring tragedy. In militant Aries, we're likely to see horrific acts of violence. Over the coming week the transiting Sun in Cancer catches up to square Mars, creating a general climate of confrontation and defensive action. The mood in Washington is one of gearing up for battle.

War of the Worlds

Hollywood A-list stars Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg teamed up to re-create H.G. Wells' fantasy tale of The War of the Worlds , which opened nationwide last weekend as the top box office draw. The original 1953 film version of “The War of the Worlds” was also a popular success, which film critics generally attribute to its capturing the feeling-tone, the paranoid zeitgeist, of the concurrent communist threat.

The most captivating, fear-inducing version of The War of the Worlds was the hoax put on by Orson Welles on October 30, 1938 (8:00 pm; NYC). This horoscope in itself does not reflect the general panic that ensued when Welles began his radio narration of an alien attack from Mars. The closest aspect is an inconjunction (150º aspect) between fantasy-oriented Neptune, and Jupiter in the network broadcasting sign of Aquarius.

When comparing this chart to the U.S. horoscope, the underlying fears become apparent. The 1938 Neptune was exactly conjunct the U.S. Neptune (orb 0º03'), highlighting the U.S. Neptune's square to Mars. The U.S. Mars-Neptune square can be seen as fear ( Neptune ) of war (Mars). Only three weeks earlier, Hitler's war machine had seized part of Czechoslovakia .

Also, the 1938 Uranus was in the U.S. Seventh House of Open Enemies and exactly squaring the U.S. Midheaven (orb 0º02'). (Editor's note: WolfStar uses a Scorpio Rising chart for the United States.) This connection brought much anxiety and fear of enemy action. As the 2005 version opens, transiting Pluto is forming an exact square to the U.S. Neptune, once again giving artistic expression to Americans' deep-seated anxiety about potential enemy action.

*For more on this cycle, see NewsScope May 17, 2005. An in-depth explanation is provided in the forthcoming book Political Astrology.

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Michael WolfStar is a professional astrologer and writer living in Oregon. He writes regularly for Dell Horoscope and American Astrology.

Visit the author's website.

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For more information about Michael WolfStar, click here.

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