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NewsScope for November 20, 2007

Australian Elections

Australian astrologer Leoni Hodgson writes, "We are having an election in Australia on November 24. The date was selected by the incumbent Prime Minister John Howard, a day when the Moon is void of course. How will this affect the outcome?" A void of course Moon is often interpreted as "nothing will happen," indicating that nothing will change and therefore the incumbent will keep his office.

However, the Moon does make a final quincunx to Pluto on November 24 (at 7:00 pm AEDT), and this tells us that change is in the works. Traditional horary astrologers don't use minor aspects or the outer planets, and would likely discount this final aspect. But listen to horary-specialist John Frawley in his latest book Sports Astrology, "A void Moon can always be overruled by other strong testimony."

John Howard, Australia’s second-longest serving Prime Minister, was born with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Leo (July 26, 1939; 2:21 am; Earlwood, AU), a placement under immense developmental pressure from an opposition to Mars and a square to Saturn. However, he's currently being undone by Saturn's conjunction with his Fourth House cusp, marking a major political ending (and progressed Saturn conjunct progressed South Node, orb 0º01').

His opponent is Kevin Rudd (September 21, 1957; Nambour, AU; time unknown), who was born with a feisty Sun-Mars conjunction in critical Virgo. At the moment, transiting Pluto is squaring this Sun-Mars, giving him plenty of energy and a fighting spirit. Ordinarily, this complex would become too hostile, but since his progressed Mars just entered Mars-ruled Scorpio and forms a favorable sextile to natal Pluto, he should win.

Pluto in Pakistan

Regarding Pluto entering Pakistan's Fourth House of domestic affairs, a NewsScope reader writes, "What possibilities does Pluto in Capricorn offer Pakistan? And its relation to the U.S. and Saudi Arabia? As they, not the people, are major partners in the domestic politics of this country. And would you have an explanation (astrologically) for why outsiders play such a big role here, and will it end?"

If we take Pakistan's birth moment to be 9:33 am (August 14, 1947; Karachi), then in the Fourth House cusp we find 29º Sagittarius, while 29º Virgo is on the Ascendant. Transiting Pluto is about to enter the Fourth House, and as it does so, it will oppose Mars at the Midheaven. This combination promises intense domestic conflict throughout 2008 as this aspect unfolds.

Pakistan is home to some of humanity's oldest civilizations, but over the last few millennia, has been over-run by successive empires. Ethereal Neptune in the First House reflects this weakened interface with the outside world, as well as the strong Islamic identity. With religious Jupiter on the Fourth House cusp, the people are characterized by this religious theme, which is repeated again with the Cancer Moon trine Jupiter.

Saudi Arabia's horoscope (September 21, 1932) features the Sun at 28º Virgo, which is right on Pakistan's Ascendant. This connection reveals the historical guiding role the Saudis have played, and which will undoubtedly continue for the foreseeable future. Transiting Pluto in Pakistan's Fourth House opposing Mars can be interpreted as determined factions challenging military rule, which will play out in 2008. Pluto here can potentially represent religious extremists undermining Pakistan's social cohesion.

Jupiter Attacks Barry Bonds

Astrologers often have wonderful things to say about transiting Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant. Jupiter's association with opportunities, cheerfulness, and good fortune usually comes forth on schedule when Jupiter hits the Ascendant, but paradoxically, this was the major astrological event taking place last Thursday when Barry Bonds was indicted for perjury. Unfortunately for Bonds, Jupiter is also associated with the Ninth House of justice.

Home-run king Barry Bonds* was born a proud Leo (July 24, 1964; 5:13 pm; Riverside, CA), with happy-go-lucky Sagittarius Rising. The ruler of his chart is Jupiter, found in the Fifth House of entertainment and sports. One would think that the Leo-Sagittarius influence would make Bonds a happy fellow, but his Leo Sun is burdened by a quincunx (150º) to Saturn, which is located at the beginning of his Third House.

While the Sun-Saturn aspect gives him plenty of ambition, Saturn's influence over the Third House can depress his mental attitude and lead to fabrications or denials in the face of obvious truths. Bonds testified before the grand jury on December 4, 2003, when transiting Mars was in his Third House and squaring his Ascendant. The current perjury charges refer to this previous appearance.

Currently, Bonds' Ninth House is under major stress. His progressed Sun will soon be conjunct his progressed Pluto (exact on February 18). Already we can tell where this is leading, since the San Francisco Giants have already said they don't want him back next year. Transiting Saturn is also in his Ninth House (conjunct natal Uranus), bringing him some major headaches in this department of justice.

*The last time Bonds was featured in NewsScope was on May 16, 2006, when I wrote that 2006 would be his last season, since his progressed Sun was conjunct natal Pluto. While that prediction was a bit off, it began a closure phase that is now unfolding.

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