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NewsScope for January 8, 2008

Obama's Vision of Change and Hope
Barack Obama's stunning victory in Iowa was celebrated across the nation as a genuine embrace of change and hope, the two keywords in Obama's campaign. The unexpected turnout of young people and independents will likely repeat in New Hampshire and South Carolina, giving him tremendous momentum as we head into Super Tuesday. With the Republicans in disarray, Obama is currently the favorite to become America's next president.
The only major aspect to Obama's Leo Sun (August 4, 1961; 1:06 pm; Honolulu, HI) is the square to Neptune, which infuses his leadership qualities with vision, hope, and the quest for something better. Since his Neptune is located at 8º Scorpio—exactly conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant—he becomes the perfect screen for Americans to project their highest ideals and expectations.
Obama's Uranus at 25º Leo is exactly opposite the U.S. Moon (orb 0º13'), an electrifying connection that promises radical change. Under ordinary circumstances, this opposition would be too radical, but the mood sweeping the nation indicates people are looking for a dramatic clearing from the past. Hillary's Uranus at 25º Gemini merely trines the U.S. Moon, which also promises change, but without upsetting the status quo.
Obama's progressed Moon is conjunct Jupiter on January 20, so he should continue to do well throughout January. Then matters shift, as Mars turns direct and Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month, in preparation for Super Tuesday on February 5. At the same time, transiting Saturn will be conjunct his Pluto, the ruler of his chart. Practical Saturn brings unreasonable hope back to earth, testing Obama's statecraft, his ability to work the levers of government.
Musharraf's 1942 Horoscope
On April 17, 2005 Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf made an unusual state visit to India, where he was gifted with a laminated copy of his birth certificate. According to numerous media accounts, that certificate reveals that he was born in New Delhi on August 11, 1942, not 1943, as his official records indicate. Also, a birth time of 3:19 pm is now in circulation, and this time looks good.
This 1942 horoscope features 20º Sagittarius Rising, making Jupiter the ruler of his chart. Venus rules the Midheaven, the career point. Using just these angular factors, the coup d'etat that brought him to power on October 12, 1999 now makes perfect astrological sense (namely: P2 Venus conjunct MC, P2 Jupiter conjunct Venus, and P2 Sun and Mars square Jupiter).  
An unusually fateful configuration can be found with Mars conjunct the North Node and squaring Uranus. This rather harsh combination indicates a life path periodically and traumatically forced in unexpected directions due to spectacular, unforeseen events.  Musharraf declared emergency rule on November 3, 2007, when transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct his Mars and transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Ascendant (plus P2 Moon square MC, trine North Node orb 0º00', quincunx Uranus orb 0º01').
These extremely tight orbs indicate that we now have an accurate horoscope for Musharraf. While he seems protected in his position during January (P2 Venus square Jupiter), February is another story. The Solar Eclipse on February 7 opposes his Sun, and may very well undo him, especially since transiting Chiron also opposes his Sun while transiting Uranus is heading into a square with his Ascendant.
Saturn in Britney Spears's Twelfth House
Britney Spear's internationally-televised mental breakdown last Thursday began as a family dispute over custody of her two kids. By the time the police arrived (accompanied by an ambulance, fire truck, overhead helicopters and a gaggle of paparazzi), it was clear that Britney was on some weird drug. She was physically strapped to a gurney and involuntarily whisked away to the mental lockdown facility.
Britney's Sagittarius Sun (December 2, 1981; 1:30 am; McComb, MS) is found in the Third House of mental attitude, accompanied by eccentric Uranus and several other placements. The Sun is at the midpoint of a very tight square between Venus and Pluto, so that much of her identity and projected celebrity (Sun) comes from her sexual power, her ability to charm and seduce (Venus-Pluto).
However, with the parenting asteroid Ceres conjunct Pluto, the self-definition has become conflicted over being a mother and being a sexy superstar. This confusion has led to mental problems (last week, her progressed Ascendant was exactly conjunct her Ceres).
Her problems are undoubtedly exacerbated by Neptune, which has been transiting through the Fifth House of recreational drug use for the last seven years. Britney's natal Mars in the Twelfth House of secret activities forms a square to Neptune, indicating the potential for a hidden drug addiction.
Now that transiting Saturn is weaving its way through her Twelfth House while squaring her Third House planets, her mental confusion and unhealthy habits have led to this public meltdown. Through discipline and introspection—and possibly being institutionalized—Saturn here offers the opportunity to fix her self-destructive habits.

*There's much more on Barack Obama at, including details about his 1:06 pm birth time, and his chances for winning the White House in 2008.

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