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NewsScope for September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin as McCain's Veep
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was born with her Aquarius Sun (February 11, 1964; Sandpoint, ID; time unknown) conjunct Mars and Saturn, an ambitious combination that is always testing its limits, trying to get as much as possible from any situation. Mars-Saturn combinations often manifest as being extra assertive, as the individual struggles to overcome challenging forces. As Governor, Palin has proven enormously popular for taking on corruption in Alaskan politics.
Transiting Neptune is the major influence in her horoscope over the next few months since it's conjunct her Sun. While she most likely will find this phase disorienting due to the intense learning curve of being on McCain's ticket, Neptune here also makes her a big unknown as seen from the outside. She will be associated with many of Neptune's symbols, especially faith, oil, scandals, and the Cinderella factor.
Palin's Venus in Aries is a prominent player in her horoscope. In 1984 she came in second in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant (as her progressed Venus was sextile Saturn), when she was also awarded Miss Congeniality. Palin's Venus forms a close trine to her Juno-Pallas conjunction in Sagittarius, giving her diplomatic, people-pleasing resources—so that she fights hard but politely or with civility.
Palin's progressed Mars is now at 28º Pisces, and is being activated over the next two months by transiting Pluto. This celestial set-up is extremely competitive, and exactly analogous to what's happening in Joe Biden's horoscope (see last week's NewsScope). With her natal Saturn at 25º Aquarius—precisely conjunct the U.S. Moon—Palin will undoubtedly make a solid connection with many American voters, and especially women.
John McCain's Prospects

John McCain's birth time is not known with certainty, so that astrologers don't have a good natal horoscope to make their predictions. Recent events help verify a rectified birth time of 8:38* am (August 29, 1936; Cocosolo AFB, Panama). Astrologers who use 9:00 am won't be able to reconcile his choice for Vice President with the current transits and progressions.
At the moment, transiting Jupiter is at 12º Capricorn, which exactly squares his Ascendant/Descendant axis. In other words, he chose a Vice President as religiously conservative Jupiter in Capricorn activated his Seventh House of partners (Descendant). The fact that he chose a woman can be seen in two major ways: transiting Neptune's perfect quincunx to his Venus, and transiting Uranus precisely squaring his progressed Venus (orb 0º01').
McCain's Solar Return (August 28, 2008; 7:31 pm; Dayton, OH) features Neptune right on the Aquarius Ascendant, and is the same degree as Sarah Palin's Sun. Also, Juno in the Tenth House (the professional partner) squares Saturn in the Seventh House, giving one the suspicion that McCain's stoic wife is not happy about this Veep choice.
Using this 8:38 am time for McCain, the astrologer will find that his prospects for getting elected look very good. Transiting Jupiter turns direct over the next week while squaring his Libra Ascendant, bringing him renewed enthusiasm and opportunities. Especially favorable is that his progressed Midheaven will be conjunct his Venus (his chart's ruling planet) on Inauguration Day. However, as transiting Saturn heads to his Twelfth House Neptune, much of the stardust may fall off Palin, and she may be more widely seen as an inappropriate choice.
Tina Fey for Vice President!
Tina Fey admits that she has very little knowledge of The Flintstones for someone her age. "My dad hated it because it ripped off The Honeymooners", she explains. From this comparison, she has come to appreciate the comedic potential for impersonations, since she excelled at political satire on Saturday Night Live. What will she do now that everyone recognizes her uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin, schoolmarm glasses and all?
Tina Fey was born with her Taurus Sun opposite Neptune (May 18, 1970; Upper Darby, PA; time unknown), which is the most obvious parallel between her horoscope and Sarah Palin's (who has Sun square Neptune). Most likely, their Ascendants—which help describe one's physical appearance—are the same or align with the other's Sun, but otherwise, there's really not much in common between these two.
OK, they're both attractive and smart. Tina's Venus in witty Gemini is given tremendous sex appeal by the conjunction with Mars. Also, her Venus is sexually amplified by the square to Pluto, and graced with poise and good fortune by the trine to her Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Libra. Tina's Mercury conjunct Saturn adds an element of modesty and deep thinking, and tells us that she works hard for every word in a script.
One of Gemini's talents is the ability to mimic others. With her Gemini Mars being activated by both transiting Uranus and Neptune over the next few months, Tina will get plenty of inspiration to portray Sarah Palin. And as Jupiter turns direct and trines her Mercury-Saturn, she'll have the opportunity to write the scenes and play the part in the smash NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

*McCain's birth time is rectified from the given time of 9:00 pm. For more on McCain and how this time was derived, see
Visit for more geopolitical analysis and celebrity profiles.

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