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Untitled Document

NewsScope for September 9, 2008

Presidential Astrology: The Sprint to the Finish Line
"The stars are aligned. Change will come." This video introduction of John McCain at last week's convention sounded a bit, well, astrological. It's as if the speech writers knew that exciting, revolutionary Uranus will oppose stodgy ol' Saturn on Election Day. Obama's mantra has long been "change," and now that Sarah Palin is on McCain's ticket, the Republican flavor of "change" is also in the running.
While most political astrologers have found good reasons to pick Obama as the eventual winner, McCain's horoscope also looks quite promising. A simple formula based on each politician's connections with the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius* does not reveal a clear winner. Obama's natal Uranus at 25º Leo, along with his Saturn (25º Capricorn) and Vesta (25º Taurus) ensures a solid connection with popular sentiments.
John McCain's Ceres at 25º Scorpio represents his reform-minded style that connects him to voters. Plus, his progressed Jupiter at 25º Sagittarius is reminiscent of George W. Bush's progressed Jupiter (25º Libra), which brought him the elections in 2000 and 2004. Obama's progressed chart shows no connections to the U.S. Moon, so using this system the only conclusion one can draw is that the race will be close.
Check for major progressions to and from each candidate's Midheaven to get a picture of their evolving public status: McCain's progressed Midheaven (P2 MC) is conjunct Venus, his ruling planet, while Obama's progressed Sun is sextile his Midheaven. They're both solid indicators of success. Joe Biden's P2 MC is conjunct his Sun, and if a reported 4:40 pm birth time for Sarah Palin is correct, then her P2 MC is favorably trine her Sun in the Seventh House of Partners.
The Mercury Factor
In these last two months of the presidential race, a curious celestial pattern unfolds: Mercury in Libra turns retrograde on September 23 and then direct on October 15, marking a three-week interval when the three presidential debates take place. Mercury will be in indecisive Libra between now and November 4, bringing any number of misstatements, faulty information, and shifts in voter opinions.
Here's one planetary signature that tilts me toward Obama. He declared his candidacy on February 10, 2007 (10:13 am; Chicago, IL) when Mars was at 18º Capricorn and the Moon was void of course in Scorpio. On Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009; 12:00 pm; Washington D.C.), Mars will be at 18º Capricorn and the Moon void of course in Scorpio.
On the other hand, in the U.S. horoscope, progressed Venus is heading into an opposition to progressed Mars. Progressed Venus is in strong-willed Aries, while progressed Mars is much weakened by being in Libra (the sign of its fall), in the Twelfth House, and retrograde. This correlates to the growing feminine power in the country, which initially I pegged as the rise of Hillary Clinton, but now seems to favor Sarah Palin.
Mercury spends a great deal of time in the U.S. Twelfth House of Secrets between now and Election Day. Mercury here tells us there's a lot we don't know about the candidates' stances, and what we do know may not be correct or is subject to change. Contradictory reports will likely confuse and split swing voters. Not until November 4 (at 11:00 am EST) does Mercury enter decisive Scorpio, when last-minute choices will collectively determine the next president.
Arianna Huffington Promotes Political Astrology
Since women in general are far more inclined to accept astrology as a valid worldview, the cultural elevation of women should be welcomed by the astrological community. Among the more empowered women heard around the blogosphere is Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, which has recently added HuffPo Astrology to her left-leaning, widely-read website.
Astrodatabank reports conflicting information about her date of birth: it's either July 7 or July 15, 1950 (3:00 pm; Athens, Greece). The one preferred here is July 15, 1950, since it puts her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in the Ninth House of Publishing. Huffington first made a name for herself by writing popular books on Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso. Also, she has made a foreign country (Ninth House) her home (Cancer).
With Scorpio Rising, Pluto in the Ninth House is the ruler of her chart. Pluto squares her Ascendant, giving her the reputation as a "troublemaker" in some quarters, while in others, she's seen as resourceful and a reformer. On June 28, 1997 Arianna divorced Michael Huffington, an oil tycoon and friend of the Bush family. At the time, her progressed Venus and Pluto were conjunct, leaving her with a substantial settlement.
On January 27, 2008, HuffPollstrology was introduced on her web pages as transiting Uranus opposed her Tenth House Saturn. Uranus, the natural ruler of astrology, was challenging the established rules of the game (Saturn in Virgo). As transiting Saturn and Uranus oppose each other five times over the next few years, we can expect more astrological commentaries to challenge mainstream punditry, and especially from The Huffington Post.

*For details of how this works, see

Visit for more geopolitical analysis and celebrity profiles.

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