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 September 11, 2001
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Albert Timashev

Homepage Link
Phone: +7(812)544-7637
33/2-69 Bestuzhevskaya st.
St. Petersburg,   195271
Best way to contact: Telephone or Email
Short Bio: Professional consulting astrologer and researcher, mathematician and computer programmer, author of several books including the ephemerides of the true Dark Moon (true osculating lunar apogee) and computer programs including the Phaethon--all numbered asteroids (more than 14,000 on May 2000) high precision astrological calculation program.

The primary interests in astrological studies: prognostication, ancient (Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian) astrology, astrolgical connections between reincarnations (real proved cases only!), scientific research of astrological phenomena, exact events forecasting methods.

Astrologer since 1990.
Birth Data: Born 11/12/1971 07:22 PM in Ufa, Russia.
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
By E-mail
Your personal horoscope is the navigational map of your destiny. So the professional astrologer, as your personal navigator in the ocean of your life, can find the answer to any important question in your astrological chart.

As your astrologer I'm able to make the certain predictions those in 95% come true without fail. I'm able to forecast the major events and the major changes in the course of your life. Usually the first thing I do is the analysis of what is happening with you, then I make forecast for the specified period of time and recommend you what is the best to do during that peroid. Besides I help my clients to choose the best place to live and the best time to start their activities, as well as guide them in other matters.

Here is the short price list of my services:
  • Analysis of the situation, forecast & recommendations in the spheres of business, job, finance, marriage, family, children, love, romance, health - ˆ100
  • Personal forecasts for a whole life, for the nearest 10 years, for a year, for a month - from ˆ100 to ˆ300
  • Psychological portrait and/or general description of the destiny - ˆ150
  • Selection of the favorable time and/or favorable place - ˆ100
  • Business Analytical Support - price is defined in each particular case

For the complete list of my services, please, visit my web-site at:
  1. The Ephemeris of the Hypothetic Planets (The Guards of Heaven. Aza. Proserpine, Isis, Osiris, Anubis). St.Petersburg, SPbSMTU Publishing Center, 1995. 158 p. ISBN 5-88303-022-X.
  2. The Ephemeris of the True Dark Moon (Druj). St.Petersburg, SPbSMTU Publishing Center, 1996. 176 p. ISBN 5-88303-030-0.
  3. The Ephemeris of the True Light Moon (Arta). St.Petersburg, SPbSMTU Publishing Center, 1996. 184 p. ISBN 5-88303-032-7.
  4. The Lunar Ephemerides. St.Petersburg, SPbSMTU Publishing Center, 1996. 504 p.
  1. The Generalized Golden Section and the Time Theory. Report on the International Scientific Conference New Ideas in Natural Science (St. Petersburg, Russia) on June 19, 1996.
  2. Alfred Witte. August 20, 1998. Published in English and Russian in the number of astrological magazines.
Upcoming Lectures: Lecture and workshop at 8th Annual International Conference «Uranus in Aquarius» (in Russian), September 26-28, 2003. Moscow, Russia.



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