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Maritha Pottenger

Homepage Link
Phone: 619-563-5140
3808 49th St.
San Diego, California  92105
United States of America
Best way to contact: Telephone, Email or Postal
Short Bio: Maritha Pottenger has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years and is the author of eight books on the subject. She has lectured across the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and at many major astrological conferences. She is currently a consultant for Astro Communications Services in San Diego, California, teaches, writes, and practices as a consulting astrologer.
Astrologer since 1974.
Credentials: B.A. (Psychology) University of California, Berkeley, 1974, Phi Beta Kappa
M.A. (Clinical Psychology) California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, 1976.
Ordained a Minister in the Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science, May 1977.
Received Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) in November 1998 from Dodona Community Church of Religious Science
Memberships: International Society for Astrological Research
National Council for Geocosmic Research
American Federation of Astrologers
Birth Data: Born 05/21/1952 07:36 AM in Tucson, Arizona.
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
By Mail
Maritha is no longer doing private consultations.
Books: Encounter Astrology by TIA Publications
Healing with the Horoscope by ACS Publications
Easy Astrology Guide (formerly Astro Essentials) by ACS Pub.
Astrology: The Next Step (Complete Horoscope Interpretation) by ACS Pub.
Planets on the Move (with Zipporah Dobyns) by ACS Pub.
Your Starway to Love; Better Romance with Astrology by ACS Pub.
Past Lives, Future Choices; Reincarnation and Astrology by ACS Pub.
Unveiling Your Future; Progressions Made Easy (with Zip Dobyns) by ACS.
Articles: Forthcoming article on the Moon in Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book 2001.
Many articles in Mutable Dilemma. Past issues will be available in future at:
Upcoming Lectures: June 18: New Age Bible Church in Santa Monica
July 14: San Diego Astrological Society
Available Tapes: Many conference tapes available through various organizations (ISAR, NCGR, etc.)

Series of Astro-Education tapes available at:
Astro Education, 3808--49th St, San Diego, CA 92105.
Tape 1: The Twelve Letter Alphabet (a logical system for astrological interpretation)
Tape 2: Rulerships (natural & actual rulerships with brief interpretations for various rulership placements)
Tape 3: Aspects (their use and misuse)
Tape 4: Themes (how to spot simple themes in horoscope)
Tape 5: Themes 2 (freedom, closeness, artistic, etc.)
Tape 6: Odds and Ends (Moon's Nodes, East Point, interceptions, etc.)
Tape 7: Identity
Tape 8: Career (work)
Tape 9: Relationships
Tape 10: Mind/Communication
Tape 11: Parents
Tape 12: Children/Creativity
Tape 13: Money
Tape 14: Beliefs/Values
Tape 15: Sensuality/Sexuality
Tape 16: Karmic Lessons

Each tape: $6.95 (plus shipping/handing of $1.00 per tape)
Classes Offered: Intermediate class in San Diego, Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. Call (619) 563-5140 for details.

Correspondence Course available through Astro Communications Services, Inc. Personalized Astrology Lessons based on your own. personal horoscope. For details: or call 1-800-888-9983.
My favorite astrology book: The work of Dr. Zipporah Dobyns has been most influential. She is my primary teacher. Her first book: Evolution through the Zodiac. A recent book: The Book of Saturn (by ACS Publications).
Miscellaneous: I am convinced that astrology is a fabulous tool for helping people lead happier, more fulfilling lives. I believe everything in the horoscope has an upside and a downside and it is my responsibility to help clients find the most satisfying ways to express their potentials.



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