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 September 11, 2001
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Dorothy J. Kovach
P.O. Box 787
Point Arena, California  95468
United States of America
Best way to contact: Telephone, Email or Postal
Short Bio: Dorothy J. Kovach is a practicing astrologer, writer and timing expert based in Northern California. She acts as a consultant to both businesses and persons interested in finding the very best time to start projects for successful outcomes, such as launching new businesses, websites, surgery, weddings, etc. She also practices interrogatory astrology, better known as horary. Dorothy utilizes the very best of both ancient western and eastern traditional methods in her work.
Astrologer since 1984.
Credentials: Dorothy has been a student of the celestial arts since 1973, practicing astrology in 1984. She has studied in depth psychological astrology under the auspices of Richard Idemon, and tradtional astrology as practiced by William Lilly, as taught by Carol Wiggers. Dorothy is a regular contributer to the Horary Practioner, as well as a frequent contributer to the traditional mailing list, William Lilly. Having been raised in a political family, current events, has been a life long passion.
Consulting Services: In Person
By Phone
By E-mail
Dorothy J. Kovach is a traditional astrologer incorporating the ancient practices of both the east and the west in her work. Amongst her specialties are horary, which is the art of answering specific questions. No birth data is necessary for this, all she needs is a sincere question(s). She charges $55.00 (US) for this service. Dorothy also selects the best times for initiating activities, such as the best time to start a business, get married, get the job, etc. She charges $50.00(US) per hour for this service. Obviously, the cost for this service is dependent upon the size of the window of operation that she has to look through, i.e., large time frame, large amount of time it will take to find the perfect time for the event. For this service your birthdate is necessary so as to tie you to the event. When your time of birth is not known, Dorothy will 'rectify' your chart by matching the events in your life to those of the heavens. At least twenty important events in your life are necessary to perform the rectification. Dorothy charges $50.00 (U.S.)per hour for this service. She accepts all major credit cards as well as personal check.
Articles: Have an article on John F. Kennedy Jr.'s life and death coming out in the upcoming Horary Practitioner (7/2000). I have two articles of length in the last issue (number 25) the Horary Practitioner (1/99) on a traditional approach to the natal charts of English child serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, with a section on the rectification of Hindley's chart: 'Myra, the Moors Murderers' and 'Ian, the Moors Murderers'. Also in the same issue, 'Successful Throat Operation on a Void of Course Moon, which was based on a Lois Rodden's throat surgery, which she erroneously thought was performed on an void of course moon. Another article also based on Lois' chart also appeared in an Australian publication, but I can't remember the name at this time. Her articles have also appeared in the International Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, as well as The Traditional Astrologer. 
Upcoming Lectures: I give a full moon lecture here in Point Arena on the Saturday closest to the lunation.
Classes Offered: I currently only teach the traditional methods of William Lilly on an individual basis, in person, in my locale. I am, however, in the process of designing a course to teach rectification using the best of principles of both western and eastern astrology. I hope to make this course available by both snail mail and email. My rectification course, if God wills it, should be completed by fall of 2000.
Special Astrology Interests: I have been involved in collecting and judging explosion data for a study of the actual astrological workings involved in out of the ordinary events. The study was first initiated as a challenge, that one of my more traditional colleagues, who does not use the outer planets at all, to see if unusual events are really caused by the outer planets specifically Uranus for explosions or Neptune for gas or vapor accidents, Pluto for earthquakes, or nuclear explosions. While the outer planets are taken for granted by most modern astrologers, a real study as to whether the same phenomenon could be explained by the visible 7 or not, has to the best of my knowledge not been done. The study is based almost entirely on the methods laid out five hundred years ago by William Lilly. To make the study as scientific as possible we have collected a rather large data base of timed events such as explosions, airplane crashes, and earthquakes. We are still collecting data and would be grateful for any sources of timed explosive event data.
My favorite astrology book: There are so many wonderful astrology books, but if I had to choose just one to take with me to the desert island it would be William Lilly's 500 year old masterwork, Christian Astrology. I had been studying astrology since I was a teenager, always lucky in my teachers, my first astrology class was also the very first class he ever taught by a then a young astrologer by the name of Robert Hand back in 1973, at Henry Wiengarten's old NY Astrology center. Then, when I moved to the west coast, I was lucky to also find the late Richard Idemon, himself, to give me a grounding in psychological astrology. Even with the best teachers, ten years later, I felt something was distinctly missing in my ability to access to the astrological chart. When people came to me with specific and practical questions, like will I get the job I just interviewed for' or 'will I someday marry X' I was unable to answer their questions with confidence. 'This gap was finally closed 12 years ago when I found Christian Astrology. I cannot recommend Lilly's Christian Astrology enough, I would venture to say no other author comes close to Lilly, except the venerable, Parashara.



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