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2/19/19 - Full Moon in Virgo Fact and fiction are engaged in a battle for supremacy as logical Mercury tangos with surreal Neptune. However, the waxing Moon slips into precision-oriented Virgo at 9:46 am EST, reminding us to recheck our data one more time. The Virgo Full Moon opposes the dreamy Pisces Sun at 10:53 am, inviting a wider range of possible cosmic scenarios. Fortunately, a methodical Mercury-Saturn sextile brings the intellectual tools we need to identify the truth.



We must act while the cosmos is still in a state of flux. Venus enters earthy Capricorn on February 3, Mercury slips into Pisces on the 10th.Mars enters fixed-sign Taurus on February 14. Chiron enters Aries on the 18th, the same day the Sun enters watery Pisces. We’re experiencing the last buzz of the Uranus-Pluto square because Uranus is in the last degree of Aries and won’t return for nearly 80 years. The Aquarius New Moon on February 4 is sextile buoyant Jupiter, encouraging us to plant seeds of thought to grow into substance. The Virgo Full Moon on February 18 releases energy as it trines Uranus and Mars. It’s a cosmically noisy month that will keep us on our toes. We, individually and collectively, have business to finish before everything begins to solidify. There is no time to waste.

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Recorded on January 30, 2018
at SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, WA

Our Changing Sky

Neptune in Pisces
Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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