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StarIQ Writers' Guidelines

Prior to Article Submission

Please contact StarIQ before submitting an article. Email Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine to discuss your idea.

In addition, please read several articles on the site with topics similar to yours to get an idea of StarIQ style before you begin to write. You should also read these guidelines in their entirety and read and adhere to the capitalization and punctuation guidelines on the writers' style sheet.


We are looking for daily content articles (800 words or fewer) on health, sports, business, politics, relationships, celebrities, gardening and spirituality. We will also accept articles outside of these topics, but please discuss your idea with the managing editor prior to submission.

Article Length and Other Requirements

StarIQ articles are no longer than 800 words, with an additional 200 words allowed for notes (links) to explain astrological terms (1000 total). Very short articles of 100-400 words are also desirable.

Longer pieces can be divided into two or more articles to be published separately (run serially).

Articles must include a title, a short "about the author" paragraph and a one or two-sentence summary.

Articles should be sent via email as an attachment (preferably Microsoft Word) rather than pasting the copy directly into the email. Contact us if you have any difficulty with this.

The Audience

At this point in StarIQ's development, all articles are written for the general (no astrology knowledge) or student (some astrology knowledge, but not professional) levels. We will add more complex articles as we grow, but right now at least 90 percent of the articles we will accept will be general level.

General level articles are about some world event, person or thing with astrological insight behind it. Student articles are about astrology itself. In general level articles, there should be no astrology jargon without explanation within the article or by link. There should be no more than two to three astrology concepts.

What is StarIQ Looking For in an Article?

The ideal StarIQ article is about "the real world with astrology behind it." It should use astrology to give us new and fresh insight into a popular concept, event or person—particularly one that's in the news right now. It should tell the story of the person or thing using astrology to flesh out the details, rather than being an article about astrology using the person or thing as an example.

Articles should explore two to three astrological concepts in some depth, rather than dissect a whole chart. Think simple, but meaningful!

We expect articles be well organized, with a logical, easy-to-follow "flow." Your article should have a "path" from the beginning to the end, clearly marked by subheads so the reader does not get lost. State your theme/main idea right away, elaborate on your points, and end with a strong conclusion. Follow the guidelines for writing for the Internet, listed below, and use the information provided via the links.

What Should a StarIQ Writer Avoid?

We do not accept straight Sun sign articles, although the Sun can certainly be mentioned in your work.

We also do not accept "laundry list" articles where every aspect of a chart is analyzed. We prefer articles that take the two or three "juiciest," most interesting parts of a chart and elaborate on those in more depth.

We believe that astrology is an empowering tool, and therefore do not accept articles that portray it in a bad light or that are too deterministic. This does not mean that we are only looking for "sweetness and light," but challenging placements or aspects should be dealt with as opportunities for growth rather than omens of doom and gloom.

Please do not include midpoints, fixed stars, progressions or other more advanced techniques in your articles for You may use asteroids if you provide adequate supporting material for a beginning or non-astrology audience.

Writing for the Internet

It's different than writing for the printed page. The reader does not read. The reader scans. The eyes jump across the screen, grabbing ideas on the run. The attention span is short, and experts recommend using half the word count or less than you would with conventional writing.

Write in blocks with headings. Each paragraph should contain one essential idea that can stand on its own. This allows scanning readers to get useful information without reading the entire article. Keep paragraphs short and use lots of subheads.

Write in an inverted pyramid. Start each article and paragraph with your central idea or conclusion. Then develop support material from there. This is the reverse of building your case to reach a conclusion at the end of the article. encourages multi-level writing. Writers' Style Sheet

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