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Relationships & Astrology


The Astrology of Intimacy
by Jeff Jawer
Love may enter through Venus and the Seventh House, but relationships go deeper with the Moon and the Eighth. 12/1/2002
The Bedroom Astrologer 5-23-01
by Jill Dearman
Jill looks at how a married Virgo and Taurus couple can keep the sparks flying in the bedroom long after the honeymoon has ended. 5/23/2001
Runaway Love
by Alice DeVille
Do you attract love partners every time you turn around, or do you put years of distance between relationships? Your birth chart offers valuable information about your dating style, choice of partner and love life. 4/12/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
A Sagittarian woman asks Jill's advice on how to regain a sexual spark with her husband after giving up a turbulent affair with Mr. Wrong. 4/11/2001
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Far and Away
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were both born with the love planet Venus in the showy sign of Leo, making us wonder if their marriage was for real or just an Oscar-worthy performance. 3/30/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises an Aries woman whose boyfriend has betrayed her with an online affair, and explains why "chatting" may be a turn-on for him. 3/28/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer
by Jill Dearman
A Cancer woman asks Jill's advice about whether she should get involved again with her ex-lover, a triple Scorpio who is too "laid back" to get a regular job. 3/14/2001
Venus and Mars Retrograde:
Looking Back, Looking Within

by Eric Francis
Both Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, are now in hot, outgoing fire signs. However, Venus has recently turned retrograde and Mars will soon follow, switching our focus from outer life to inner realities and past relationships. 3/13/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 2-28-01
by Jill Dearman
A Pisces woman in a new relationship with a Sagittarius man asks Jill if the union will last when she takes off her rose-colored glasses. 2/28/2001
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw: Earth Signs in Love
by Bil Tierney
Faith Hill, a Virgo, and Tim McGraw, a Taurus, appear glamorous to their country music fans. But, in reality, both are practical and realistic earth signs, able to enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life with each other. 2/20/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 2-14-01
by Jill Dearman
A Cancer woman asks Jill if her new Sagittarian boyfriend is better marriage material than her ex-husband, or if they should just skip to the part where he runs off with the vehicles and she writes a settlement check. 2/14/2001
The Month of Love
by Alice DeVille
What true romantic would dream of ignoring the emotional overtures of the love planets, Venus and Mars, in Cupidís month? When this star-struck duo teams up each February, unique love symphonies unfold. 2/13/2001
When Lovers Become Parents and What to do About It
by Eric Francis
When we meet a new lover, there is that joyous moment of relating with our most creative energy, embodying Mars and Venus. How, then, does a daring romance shift into a sink of security issues, associated with the Moon and Saturn? 2/12/2001
The Bedroom Astrologer 1-31-01
by Jill Dearman
Jill advises a Gemini woman who made the mistake of cheating on her Scorpio girlfriend and is now wondering if she'll ever be forgiven. 2/2/2001
Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt: Still Peaking
by Jill Dearman
Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt may have been brought together by pure animal attraction, but their horoscopes show soulful ties that can provide the glue for a long-lasting commitment. 1/30/2001
Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Call It a Wrap
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Aries Alec Baldwin and Sagittarius Kim Basinger have recently discovered that there is such a thing as too much fire in a relationship. Hot tempers may have helped bring an end to their marriage. 1/29/2001
Lara Flynn Boyle and Jack Nicholson
by Pat Lantz
A look at Lara Flynn Boyle's horoscope shows that Jack Nicholson personifies everything she finds desirable in a man. 12/15/2000
Mel Gibson Has What Women Want
by Sharyn Smith
Unlike the character he portrays in his upcoming movie, actor Mel Gibson knows what women want, and he has the horoscope and enduring marriage to prove it. 12/7/2000
Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria: What Does This Woman Want?
by Jill Dearman
Although Helen Hunt's career is heading through the roof, her relationship with fellow actor Hank Azaria seems to have stalled. 12/5/2000
Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison: Their Seventeen-Year Love Fades
by Michael WolfStar
Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison have announced their separation after seventeen years of marriage. Powerful transits to their horoscopes may show why this happened now. 12/4/2000
Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger: Dr. Seuss Meets Nurse Betty
by Jill Dearman
A relationship between a rubber-faced comedian and a wholesome cheerleader type might seem like a great pairing for the movies. In the case of Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger, it's a real-life romance that runs surprisingly deep. 11/17/2000
Cybersex: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Typist
by Ricky Corcilius and Dany Falconer Flint
Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius brought us the Internet and the freedom to explore relationships and even pornography in an all new way. 10/13/2000
The Love Assessment
by Alice DeVille
Where are you in your search for the perfect mate? Your astrology chart holds valuable information about your love life. 9/29/2000
Picture Perfect Couple: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
by Jill Dearman
Hollywood glamour reached a peak this summer when Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt. There is something more warm than hot between these two that makes their relationship tick. 9/15/2000
Drew Barrymore: Happily Ever After At Last?
by Jill Dearman
Typical of a strong Pisces, Drew Barrymore is drawn less to traditional good looks and more to an "offbeat" quality and a slightly wounded M.O. The goofy Tom Green seems to fit the bill. 9/1/2000
Romancing with the Moon
by Alice DeVille
A greater chance of compatibility occurs when fire and air Moons or earth and water Moons connect in relationships. The following overview will help you examine how these elements work in love. 8/25/2000
Meg Ryan in the Middle
by Jill Dearman
Scorpio actress Meg Ryan is making headlines for her breakup with Dennis Quaid, and her new romance with Russell Crowe. 8/18/2000
Romantic Suspense: The Crisis Bond
by Mary Devlin
The crisis bond, where people fall in love under calamatous, life-changing circumstances, is the stuff of romance novels. Can these relationships last in the real world? 6/9/2000
Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez
by Jill Dearman
Sean "Puffy" Combs and Jennifer Lopez are two of the biggest stars of the new Millennium, and certainly one of the most controversial couples. 5/5/2000
Soul Mate Zone
by Alice DeVille
Did you know that astrology functions as a matchmaking tool? Here are some tips to find your soul mate. 4/21/2000
Saturn and Relationships
by Marguerite Elsbeth
Once the honeymoon phase is over, long-term relationships eventually come to rely on the solidifying influence of the planet Saturn. 4/7/2000
Your Partner: Obsession or Friend?
by Mary Devlin
Romantic friendship is the girl-next-door syndrome where childhood friends reach adulthood and fall in love. What's the astrology behind this? 3/31/2000
A Match Made in Heaven...or Venus
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Sexy Libra superstars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have the same birthday. Is theirs a match made in heaven? 3/3/2000
Beyond Death and Dowry: A New Sexuality
by Eric Francis
Why is sex associated with the Eighth House? Eric Francis argues that society is moving toward an "Eleventh House" view of human sexuality. 2/25/2000
Gifts of Love
by Marcia Masino
Valentine's Day is gone, but love lives on. The planet Venus shows us how to keep the fires burning. 2/14/2000
The Roar of the Lions
by Sandra-Leigh Serio
Happily married parents, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are two Leos who know how to share the stage. 12/1/1999

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