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Sports & Astrology


Mars Conjunct Alex Rodriguez
by Jeff Jawer
Macho Mars joining Alex Rodriguez's Leo Sun has returned the former post-season flop to his regular role as a big time player. 10/27/2009
Mars and the Commonwealth Games
by Ed Tamplin
Doug Flutie and Michael Vick: Partners or Rivals
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Libra Quarterback Doug Flutie recently signed with the San Diego Chargers. Although he may be up for the challenge of leading his new team, is he ready to take on the role of mentor to rookie Michael Vick as well? 3/27/2001
Dale Earnhardt Reaches the Finish Line
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
A difficult Neptune transit may have triggered the miscalculation that led to Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash. This same influence has also, in death, lifted him to legendary status. 3/2/2001
The Philadelphia 76ers: On a Hot Streak
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Philadelphia 76ers coach Larry Brown, a Virgo, and MVP Allen Iverson, a Gemini, share some tense but dynamic connections between their horoscopes that help push them to greater heights. 2/23/2001
Jennifer Capriati's Shocking Outback Comeback
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Tennis star Jennifer Capriati, a fiery, competitive Aries, has come full circle in a personal journey marked by extremes of both talent and tragedy. 2/6/2001
Super Bowl Recap: Scoring by the Stars
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Key moments in the Super Bowl occurred as planets crossed the four angles of the horoscope, a fundamental technique for forecasting with astrology. 1/31/2001
The Super Bowl: Sitting on De-Fence
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The real battle of this year's Super Bowl is between two of the stingiest defenses ever seen. It's no surprise then to find Saturn, the planet of limits, figuring prominently in the game's key horoscopes. 1/26/2001
The Saints March Into the Playoffs
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Saints have surprised everyone this season by winning a spot in the playoffs. Astrology shows why their luck may have finally changed. 12/31/2000
Soaring with the Eagles
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Philadelphia Eagles are flying high atop the NFC East. Using astrology, we can see why this team has an advantage in the battle for a playoff spot. 12/3/2000
Brett Hull: A Hull of a Hockey Dynasty
by B.J. Towers
Brett Hull recently surpassed his father Bobby's scoring record in the NHL. While Bobby always received plenty of recognition, Brett doesn't seem to, and their charts show why. 11/21/2000
Brian Griese: Like Father, Like Son
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
As football pedigrees go, there's no comparison to Brian Griese’s combination of nature and nurture. Brian and father Bob share some powerful astrological connections. 11/19/2000
The NBA Underway
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Nothing heralds the arrival of fall like the gentle swish of the ball through the net. Take a peek and see who the planets favor to win in the NBA this season. 11/14/2000
Troy Aikman: Requiem for a Superstar
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Troy Aikman won three Super Bowl championships before the age of thirty. Now, he is barely able to play football. Astrology sheds some light on his change of luck. 11/5/2000
Alonzo Mourning: Say It Ain't So, 'Zo!
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Shockwaves spread through the NBA when the Miami Heat announced that their star center, Alonzo Mourning, had been diagnosed with kidney disease and would be not be playing this season. 11/1/2000
Rumble Under New York
by Philip Sedgwick
It finally happened. The Subway Series is back in New York for the first time since 1958. Both teams have Jupiter in Pisces, but the rest of their astrological stories are very different. 10/24/2000
Brian Billick and the Baltimore Ravens: Learning to Fly
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Baltimore Ravens were off to a great start this season but then seemed to run out of steam. Can coach Brian Billick resurrect the dead in time to save his team? 10/22/2000
Daunte Culpepper Lights Up the Vikings
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Florida’s best-kept football secret is now public knowledge. Daunte Culpepper has emerged as one of the strongest and smartest young quarterbacks in football. 10/8/2000
The Wild, Wild Cards
by Philip Sedgwick
The New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners claimed their leagues’ wild card berths, but how will they hold up against the stronger teams in their leagues? 10/5/2000
The Olympic Games: Golden Moments
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Every Olympic athlete dreams of that "one moment in time," but only a few win big. What are the astrological ingredients of a gold medal moment? 10/3/2000
The NFL: News and Notes
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
NFL 2000 is off to a roaring start. Let's look at some of the highlights so far from an astrological perspective. 9/24/2000
The Olympic Flame Burns Over Sydney
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Despite scandals, boycotts and commercialism, the Olympic torch still shines. Perhaps the spirit of the games and the torch are protected by their guardian planet, Jupiter. 9/19/2000
Sports Weekend: Venus and Mars
by Ronnie Dreyer and Bil Tierney
Venus Williams won the U.S. Open on Saturday and Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight was fired on Sunday. Their careers moving in opposite directions, these two sports greats were under the influence of Venus and Mars. 9/11/2000
Norv Turner and The Reservations About the Redskins
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Redskins coach Norv Turner has a revamped team courtesy of its billionaire owner, Daniel Snyder. Expectations are high, but will Turner's astrological "luck" hold out? 9/10/2000
Elise Ray: Ready for Sydney?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Cool, calm and collected, Aquarian Elise Ray is peaking at just the right time to lead the U.S. team to the Sydney games. 9/5/2000
Marion Jones Goes for the Gold(s)
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
What drives sprinting dynamo Marion Jones? Will beneficent Jupiter help her bring home five gold medals at the Sydney Olympic Games? 8/29/2000
The Indianapolis Colts: True Thoroughbreds?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Indianapolis Colts are on everybody's short list of favorites to win the AFC. Do they have the astrological help they need to go all the way? 8/22/2000
Shaun King: The King of The Buccaneers
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Shaun King personifies many of the attributes of Jupiter in Gemini. 8/10/2000
David Wells: Tapping the Wells
by Philip Sedgwick
Toronto pitcher David Wells demonstrates that challenging horoscope patterns, such as the t-square, can provide the momentum to establish personal greatness. 8/8/2000
Are You Ready for Some Football, Dennis Miller?
by Philip Sedgwick
Scorpio rant-man Dennis Miller is taking his lexical guillotine to yet another American institution—Monday Night Football. 8/1/2000
The NFL: Back in Action!
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Football fans are rejoicing at the opening of training camps as the giants of the game return to their respective battle stations. What does this season look like from an astrological perspective? 7/27/2000
Andres Galarraga: The Big Cat is Back
by Philip Sedgwick
Atlanta's Gemini first baseman has returned to a phenomenal year of baseball following a year fighting his greatest nemesis, cancer. 7/25/2000
Pitcher Perfect: The Big Unit
by Philip Sedgwick
Virgo Randy Johnson puts his planets to work to focus his intensity and drive for perfection into a healthy, unbeatable combination. 7/18/2000
All Stars Rising
by Philip Sedgwick
Let's see what the stars of the zodiac have to say about the stars of baseball and this year's All Star game. 7/11/2000
Staying Strong
by Philip Sedgwick
A perfectionist Virgo, Joe Strong crafted his game throughout the years, and now he's an icon in the making. 7/4/2000
The Williamses Take on Wimbledon
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, have already changed women's tennis forever, and this year will bring style to the starchy traditions of Wimbledon. 6/29/2000
Investing in Bonds (Long Term)
by Philip Sedgwick
Barry Bonds was the first baseball player to hit the ball out of Pacific Bell Park and into the waters of McCovey Cove, but fans expect Bonds to walk on water, due in part to the influence of Jupiter and Neptune in his chart. 6/27/2000
The Moon, the Crowd and the People's Champion
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
We're all aware of how the Moon influences the tides, but the Moon can also influence the outcome of sporting events. Let's see what role the Moon played in the NBA Finals and Tiger Woods' historic U.S. Open victory. 6/22/2000
Nipped by the Bud
by Philip Sedgwick
Bud Selig is alienating baseball players, fans and owners alike with his inconsistent policies and rampant commercialization of the game. What could he possibly be thinking? 6/20/2000
Ron Harper: Right Place, Right Time
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Lakers' guard Ron Harper is a very lucky man. After playing three championship seasons with the Chicago Bulls, he's back in the finals as a Laker and preparing to collect yet another ring. Where does this good fortune show up in his birth chart? 6/15/2000
Fathers and Sons
by Philip Sedgwick
It remains a common dream in this country for little boys to grow into ballplayers. Perhaps one of the most poignant father-son teams living this dream today is Mel Stottlemyre and his son Todd. 6/13/2000
The Lakers vs The Pacers: Kobe Grows up Fast!
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Kobe Bryant is stepping out of the shadow of Shaquille O'Neal. A powerful combination of the Sun and Saturn gives him ambition and maturity beyond his years. 6/8/2000
by Philip Sedgwick
Ken Griffey, Jr. has the greatest homer swing in baseball. His Sun, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio provide chameleon-like charisma to be whatever he wants to be. 6/6/2000
Knicks vs The Pacers: It’s Miller Time!
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Reggie Miller plays the "bad guy" to Virgo perfection. What is it about this man that attracts so much emotion, so much vitriol, so much good, old-fashioned, carpet-chewing outrage? 6/1/2000
The Bronx Enigma: Derek Jeter
by Philip Sedgwick
Shortstop Derek Jeter has talent and looks that leave them dropping like flies. Solid Saturn, planet of hard work, lines up with Jeter’s Sun in Cancer, making him an icon to his fans. 5/30/2000
Big Mac
by Philip Sedgwick
Mark McGwire is a big guy with a bigger heart. Where do we see this in his astrological chart? 5/23/2000
Portland Trail Blazers: Rolling On
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Libra Scottie Pippen no longer plays with Jordan, but is a key part of a talented team that could make it all the way to the NBA finals. 5/18/2000
Bypass for the Express
by Philip Sedgwick
Nolan Ryan, accused of being heartless by many batters during his career, recently had bypass surgery. Did the planets portend such an event? 5/16/2000
Indiana: Setting the Pace in the East
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Will the 76ers or the Pacers advance to the championships in the Eastern Conference? On paper, Indiana has the advantage, but what about in the stars? 5/11/2000
Ila Borders
by Philip Sedgwick
Who better than an Aquarian and a southpaw to be the first woman pitcher to ever start a professional baseball game—and the first to record a win? 5/9/2000
Playoff Fever
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Temperatures are rising in a recent outbreak of NBA playoff fever. Let’s have a look at how the stars stack up for the playoffs. 5/6/2000
Swinging Sammy Sosa!
by Philip Sedgwick
Trotting around the bases with that multi-million dollar smile of his, Sammy Sosa thrills the crowds. You’d never know he’s a Scorpio. 5/2/2000
Suns Shine On Phoenix
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Phoenix Suns just won’t go down. Let’s take a look at some of the stellar influences behind this gutsy group of guys who simpy refuse to lose. 4/25/2000
Ripken Can Still Rip
by Philip Sedgwick
Cal Ripkin just passed another baseball milestone, adding to his already stuffed locker of accolades. How does this aged artifact of baseball keep ticking? 4/25/2000
The Knicks: Knocking on the Door Again
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
In recent years, the Knicks have cultivated a select roster of staggering talent and ability—big names. Let's look at some of the team members' charts. 4/18/2000
Neon Deion Flickers
by Philip Sedgwick
Neon Deion Sanders has flirted with professional baseball and football, and now is headed for the minors. Is his bulb burning out? 4/11/2000
Making Magic
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The NBA feel-good story of the season has to be the Orlando Magic, a team that started with nothing, but somehow has made everything happen. 4/11/2000
Baseball Gets Oriented
by Philip Sedgwick
On March 29, the baseball season began with the season opener in...Japan. What's going on with the great American national pastime? 4/4/2000
Scoreless in Seattle?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Seattle Sonics have dropped down to the dreaded eighth seed in the Western Conference playoff race. What does astrology have to say about this slump? 4/4/2000
A Rose is a Rose
by Philip Sedgwick
In 1987, Pete Rose was banned from baseball. Is there a chance he can be reinstated? The astrological factors look good. 3/28/2000
Spotlight on Shaquille
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Shaquille O'Neal has finally hit his stride. Who is this giant of a man who does everything in such a big way? 3/28/2000
Tony Gwynn: Steady at the Plate
by Philip Sedgwick
Tony Gwynn is one of the most reliable hitters in baseball. What is the astrological secret to his success? 3/21/2000
Sports and Astrology: A Winning Team, Part 2
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Ever wondered how astrologers pick winning sports teams? Sports astrologer Courtney Roberts Conrad gives us a glimpse at her methods. 3/18/2000
Strawberry's in a Jam
by Philip Sedgwick
Yankee hitter Darryl Strawberry has been suspended for cocaine use—again. What goes on inside the head of someone throwing away a brilliant career? 3/14/2000
Look Out! It's the Lakers
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Lakers coach Phil Jackson uses Virgo intelligence and strategy to propel his team to a fifteen-game winning binge. 3/7/2000
Sports and Astrology: A Winning Team Part 1
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Astrology may help you lower the odds in picking sports winners. Here are some different approaches to consider before placing your bets. 3/4/2000
Off His John Rocker
by Philip Sedgwick
John Rocker put his foot in his mouth when he insulted minority groups. How did a guy with five planets in diplomatic Libra get in such hot water? 2/29/2000
Dennis Rodman Signs with the Dallas Mavericks
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Earthy Taurus Dennis Rodman signs a contract with the Dallas Mavericks to be as bad as he can be. 2/22/2000
Kurt Warner: The Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Cancer and family guy Kurt Warner, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, leads his team to Super Bowl victory and becomes the ultimate underdog hero. 2/3/2000
Tennessee Titans Home At Last
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Fueled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, the Tennessee Titans have risen from the ashes and are on their way to the Super Bowl. 1/25/2000
Jacksonville Jaguars: Practice Makes Perfect
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Jacksonville Jaguars, the number one playoff seed in the AFC, may change your mind about the sign of Virgo forever. 1/6/2000
The NBA: The Lunatics and the Asylum
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The NBA is an Aquarius. Revolutionary Uranus in this sign has been shaking the league for over a year. 12/17/1999
What Makes Tiger Tick?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Capricorn loves to climb to the top. Few have done it as well or as young as golf great Tiger Woods. 11/24/1999
Walter Payton is Gone
by Jeff Jawer
One of the greatest players in NFL history has died. Few have ever run so sweetly. 11/9/1999
Payne Stewart's Last Journey
by StarIQ.staff
Double Aquarius golf original dies in mysterious air crash. 10/27/1999
Jupiter Leads to Upsets Around the NFL
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The planet of expansion brings new winners in the world of professional football. 10/24/1999
Wilt Chamberlain, Dead at 63
by Basil Fearrington
We remember this great and powerful Leo. 10/19/1999

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