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Compatibility | About Jeff Jawer | Email Jeff

Each reading is an individual journey that leads to you. It's about understanding your cycles, your relationships and your place on earth. None of us is alone, each life has its unique meaning. Astrology helps show us the way to our true purpose.

"Thanks so much for the reading. I found what you had to say very informative and right on the mark. The information that you presented has taken my husband by surprise and has caused him to look at what is going on for him within our relationship. It has really made him stop and think. Your information has done more to help us within this relationship than therapy, either as a couple or singular. He has gotten his eyes opened. Jeff, thanks again, your ability to read my chart and his has really made a difference in our lives."
          Email from a client, February 1998

Sample Email Reading

Consultations are done on CD, by telephone (and recorded), in person or by email. Each session is unique, addressing your specific needs and issues.

Ordering - A basic consultation is one hour, but longer and shorter sessions are available as well. The fee for a consultation is $150 for an hour or $85 for a half hour . Visa and MC cards are accepted. Special payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis. Click here for details on arranging a consultation.

Natal Chart Interpretation - An analysis of the natal chart is the best way to benefit from astrology’s unique perspective on your life. This is a rich source of information about who you are, why you are and how to maximize your potentials.

Forecasts - An assessment of current cycles (usually one year) is standard practice for most clients. It helps you plan strategies to use your time and energy effectively. I use transits, progressions, solar arcs and eclipses in my forecasts, and return charts on request.

Compatibility Analysis - See the Compatibility page for more details. This session provides vital information about challenges and opportunities for couples, business partners, friends and families. The charts of both people are examined to shed light on essential relationship issues. For some of Jeff's ideas on relationships see The Astrology of Intimacy. Note that this article is written for astrology students. Jeff's consultations require no previous knowledge of astrology and are presented in clear, down-to-earth language.

Relocation/Astro*Carto*Graphy - Describes the effects that different places have on your life. I’m a Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Interpreter.

Electional Charts - Choosing the best time for a wedding, opening a business or launching any important enterprise is a way to increase the odds of success and enhance your understanding of the situation.


Consultations are available on CD, by telephone (and recorded) or in person. Jeff makes tapes and mails them to you. Appointments for telephone consultations are arranged by phone or email. Each session is completely unique depending upon your needs.

Email and telephone: You can order by email or telephone with MC or Visa by including your card number and expiration date, along with any questions or issues you have, and your birth data (time, date and place of birth), address, telephone number and email address. The charge will appear as "Jupiter" on your credit card statement.

Mail: You can order by letter with any questions or issues you have, along with birth data (time, date and place of birth), address, telephone number, email address and check, MC, Visa (number and expiration date) or money order.

As of September 1, 2000 consultation fees are $150 an hour and $85 for a half hour. CD and postage are included.

Jeff Jawer
17147 NE 5th St.
Bellevue, WA 98008 USA

(425) 590-9573

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