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Relationships -- Love -- Career -- Home -- Family
Major Personal Events (Lifequake Analysis)
Understanding Your Current Situation
Navigating the Seas of Change

Why have an astrology consultation?

In these times of great uncertainty and change, astrology can be effectively used to gain perspective and better understand our situation.

The art and science of astrology comes from ancient, sacred traditions. In the hands of a responsible practitioner, it can help anyone to better understand their life patterns and specific event scenarios.

Linked with today's sophisticated computer technology, modern depth psychology and ancient spiritual practices, astrology allows you to see through your current situations, get a fresh and unbiased cosmic perspective and gain a greater awareness about the choices in your life.

Your private astrology consultation with Rick Levine

These consultations with StarIQ cofounder Rick Levine include an overview of your life with an emphasis on using the present moment to alter your future. During your consultation session, your life story will take on mythic proportions as it is related to your place in the order of the universe.

Your birth data (date, place and time) is taken by email or phone, and an appointment is scheduled. Birth data may also be taken for primary relationship(s) or immediate family members.

About your individual session

Prior to your initial consultation, Rick will calculate horoscope charts for you and your significant others. During the first part of the consultation, he will discuss the major issues in your life and the path that has led you to the present conditions now facing you. During the second part, he will focus on the dynamics currently at work in your life and clarify the possibilities that are contained in the near future. A cassette audio recording of all sessions is included.

How to schedule your appointment

If you rather speak with Rick first, call 425.558.9551 or send an email to him. Rick will contact you via email to schedule your reading. You will need your birth date, place and time (if known), as well as any other person's data you wish considered. If you are in the Seattle area, an office visit may be arranged. All other consultations are done via telephone by appointment only.

Overview | Benefits | Personal Philosophy | Note from Rick

Email Rick Levine now.