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Monday, September 15
We may be unable to find a place to rest our weary minds today, since the bouncy Gemini Moon has us jumping from one thought to the next. Meanwhile, the picky Virgo Sun requires us to sift through the intellectual noise in order to separate the useful data from the static. Gemini and Virgo share mental Mercury as their key planet, underscoring the need for a logical approach. Pay attention to the details before leaping to any conclusions.
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Aries     Apologizing doesnít come easily to you, yet it may be crucial now to overcome your need to always being right. Itís healthy to acknowledge you still have a bit of growing to do. However, itís not enough to simply say youíre sorry and think that youíre off the hook. You have to feel it from the heart -- and getting in touch with your emotions requires you to stop and listen to subtle messages behind the endless stream of words. Oddly enough, admitting that youíre wrong brings you closer to others.
Taurus     You want to concentrate on the good news today rather than focusing on feelings of insecurity. You might project optimism and confidence now, even if your mind keeps cycling back to your unspoken fears. Your concerns may be valid, but youíll only make matters worse if you believe that you can handle your problems without involving someone you love. Keeping the channels of communication open is a positive catalyst for lasting change.
Gemini     You might talk up a storm today, but your chattiness could be an effective way to cover up your emotional vulnerability. You may not have as much self-confidence as others think, but thereís no reason to hide the truth. Instead of trying to impress others with your cleverness, just be honest about your feelings. Thankfully, your innate flexibility enables you to learn something new if you simply remember to be quiet and listen.
Cancer     You could stir up trouble today by imagining people aren't telling you the whole story. Your fears may be magnified if others have little or nothing to say, but it might be your own emotional reserve that encourages them to act similarly. Rather than asking lots of questions to show your interest, take a risk and share a bit about your own personal history first. Expressing your vulnerability is the fastest way to get the conversation flowing.
Leo     One of the ways you can honor the service-oriented Virgo Sun is to set aside any self-centered feelings. Naturally, it's important to have enough confidence to successfully start a new project, but too much focus on yourself isn't healthy. Disperse some of the imbalance by shifting your attention to your friends and associates. Ultimately, it's more efficient now to work as equals, even if you are actually running the show. Aiming the spotlight on others allows your spirit of generosity to shine.
Virgo     Someone might try to persuade you that youíre doing the right thing, but youíre not convinced. Part of your predicament is that you can vacillate on nearly any decision today, possibly creating chaos in your schedule. Donít let your self-judgment call the shots; instead, look at the situation from a more objective point of view. Envisioning yourself as an integral part of the big picture reduces any temporary feelings of isolation.
Libra     You may be operating under the illusion that whatever you create now is artistically sound, even if itís not of practical value. Nevertheless, itís counterproductive trying to justify your work based on the opinions of others. Even if you receive harsh criticism later, you can still learn a valuable lesson from your current experience. The best way to discover whatís possible is to simply do it.
Scorpio     Youíre rarely interested in messing around with shallow conversations or frivolous activities that sidetrack you from more meaningful interactions. Today is no exception as you strive to experience the full intensity of life. Ironically, you might not want to get your hands dirty in the process since the Sun is in fussy Virgo. Keep in mind that exerting emotional control to tidy up a messy situation could ultimately turn it into exactly what youíre attempting to avoid. Take your gloves off and dive in.
Sagittarius     Although you may start the day in a rather easygoing mood, a friend or partner can get under your skin, eventually provoking you to snap. Be smart and donít try to hide your annoyance right from the start because it grows more disruptive if you bury it. Your feelings won't respond positively to avoidance or denial as a viable strategy now. Express your frustration calmly today; everyone will feel better once the air is cleared and peace is restored.
Capricorn     You donít want to let your emotions stand in the way of your ambitions, but your irrepressible fantasies might lead you down a dead-end path today if you donít pay close attention to the facts. Thankfully, you can negate your unrealistic expectations by asking questions and then listening carefully to the feedback you receive. Integrating critical information now increases your efficiency at work while helping you to be more successful in the long run.
Aquarius     Others tend to see you as less pragmatic than you actually are now. Although you yearn for the ideal because you want everything to be beautiful, there are limits even to your colorful daydreams. An imaginative view of the world based on obsessive thinking isn't necessarily helpful, so don't get so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you miss the beauty thatís right in front of your nose. Deal with the truth today rather than waiting until after the damage is done.
Pisces     You are eager to handle a tricky situation by quickly swinging into action now, even if you don't have a practical plan in place yet. Although you may not be the impulsive type, your idealism can inspire you to react without thinking about the consequences. Nevertheless, you are wise to reevaluate your options prior to committing to any one path today. Postpone the most critical decisions until you have had sufficient time to consider where your current strategy will take you. Better safe than sorry.
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