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Wednesday, October 1
Spontaneously expressing our feelings is tougher than we expect once the Moon shifts into calculating Capricorn at 12:40 am EDT. We tend to take a practical approach now that the Moon is visiting an earth sign, and her stressful aspect to somber Saturn prompts us to repress our emotions. However, denying our needs wonít work for long because the Moon hooks up with passionate Pluto this evening, provoking us to share our desires, whatever the cost.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You might land in a heap of trouble today if you think you should have power without necessarily earning it. Itís not that you are trying to fool anyone; itís just that you may not take enough time to consider the consequences of your actions. You could inadvertently set the wheels in motion on an idea thatís fueled by passion rather than logic. Back up your decisions with solid facts and not your feelings if you want to reach your destination on time.
Taurus     Itís much easier to see the impact of the choices you make now because you arenít encumbered by other peopleís expectations. Your coworkers may have their own agendas, but their unexpressed needs are invisible to you today because youíre singularly focused on your goals. Nevertheless, checking out your plan with someone you trust could be your wisest move at the moment. It never hurts to get a second opinion before taking a leap of faith.
Gemini     You usually donít have the patience to follow through with a conversation once your mind begins to wander. However, today you have the ability to override your tendency to become bored and restless when the topic isnít interesting to you. The truth is you canít always have the lighthearted version of reality; sometimes you must sink beneath surface appearances to reach whatís truly important. You never know what treasure you might find unless youíre willing to take a risk.
Cancer     Itís no fun if someone you truly respect wonít even take the time to listen to what you have to say today. Although youíre not looking for anyone to fix anything, you donít like to be cut off while youíre simply expressing your emotions. All you need is your feelings to be fully acknowledged so you can rest assured that your intentions are understood. But donít take rejection personally now. Wait until you have a receptive audience before sharing what's on your mind.
Leo     You have a specific list of tasks to finish today and you donít want anyone to talk you out of your current agenda. Youíre highly resistant to changing your schedule just because someone else wants you to follow their lead. However, make sure that you arenít being so stubborn that you miss out on an exciting opportunity. Keeping an open mind at all times gives you the flexibility to live life to the fullest.
Virgo     You know exactly what you want today and might try to involve others in ways that will be advantageous to your cause. There isnít anything wrong with your persuasive tactics as long as you donít intentionally mislead someone because of selfish motives. Remember, you are more likely to receive the support that you seek if your goals benefit everyone involved. As Aristotle claimed, ďThe whole is greater than the sum of its parts.Ē
Libra     Youíre quite serious about your feelings today, possibly prompting others to withdraw because they donít particularly want to be swallowed up by your intensity now. But thereís no need to arbitrarily alter your path just to get someone to like you. Itís essential to stay true to your core values whether or not you alienate anyone in the process. However, even if you have non-negotiable items on your agenda, kindness is always the best policy.
Scorpio     Your intentions might not be very transparent to others today but ironically, this uncertainty could actually work in your favor. Of course, you can always rationalize your actions; itís just that any discussion of your goals is only a temporary distraction from the bigger picture now. Additionally, you could gain momentum when you know that your secret plan is safe from prying eyes. Donít succumb to sharing your strategy just to please someone else. In silence there is power.
Sagittarius     You may have money issues to handle today, but prefer that others stay out of your personal business. Although thereís nothing to hide, you donít want to talk about your finances because you know that everyone will offer advice and you prefer to manage your affairs on your own now. However, confiding in the right person could be quite useful because a fresh perspective to your problem might be just what you need to put things in order.
Capricorn     Although you might seem uncharacteristically moody to others today, you still have a cool and calculated agenda. However, you're wearing your emotions on your sleeve now that the Moon is occupying your 1st House of Personality. You may be so sure of yourself that you create unnecessary drama if you insist on pushing other people's buttons. Paradoxically, denying your heightened emotional intensity turns you into exactly what youíre trying to avoid. Let others think what they will; their opinions don't have to impact you unless you choose to let them.
Aquarius     You are a walking contradiction today because you want to keep your feelings to yourself, but flying beneath the radar isnít possible now. The problem is that you have a crucial role to play and your actions are in the spotlight. However, you donít have to reveal your private emotions just because youíre in the public eye. Your friendly smile may be enough to keep everyone at bay for a while longer.
Pisces     If you are collaborating on a project as part of a team now, you should be extra cautious about going against the grain of the group. Naturally, you would be selling yourself short if you didnít stand up for your beliefs. However, thereís no need to take everything to an extreme when expressing your feelings. Once you make your position known today, be willing to let go of it for the common good. Compromise is the key to your success.
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