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Tuesday, February 21
Although the cosmos encourages us to think bigger today, we experience an undertow of contracting energy that restricts our growth. Cerebral Mercury forms an easy trine with expansive Jupiter, inflating our thoughts like hot air balloons. But the Moonís shift into serious Capricorn at 2:07 am EST adds ballast, preventing us from floating off into the clouds. Additionally, a passionate Sun-Pluto contact reveals our attachment to the outcome.
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Aries     Buoyant thoughts lure you into pursuing your dreams, especially since your peers seem to have so much faith in you. Your hopes and wishes are at the forefront of your mind now, urging you to play to win. On the other hand, your instincts tell you to pause before rushing headlong toward your ideal future. The Moon's shift into practical Capricorn is the source of your hesitation, but some fences are made to protect not to imprison. Rather than fighting against the cosmic constraints, listen to your mind and your gut equally. Stop arguing with yourself and trust the wisdom that originates in silence.
Taurus     It's almost a relief when you realize there are fewer options than you originally thought. After the Moon moves into fellow earth sign Capricorn, you can pare down your choices and be more selective about where you put your time and energy. Although you still want to maximize your potential, your narrow outlook forces you to focus only on the most productive activities instead of trying to do everything at once. Thankfully, your dependable work ethic enables you to experience satisfaction from a job well done.
Gemini     It's confusing to think how differently you felt yesterday when it seemed like the world was at your fingertips. You can still see all the potential positive outcomes but somehow you linger more on the negative ones today. This mild anxiety is a symptom of the Moon's landing in suppressive Capricorn, where more rigorous testing is required for an idea to pass. Although it could feel like your bubble is bursting, this is a chance to observe how invested you are in your goals. Reevaluate your priorities and renew your commitments accordingly.
Cancer     You've been putting a lot of effort into personal growth and it feels good to flex your intellectual muscles. Unfortunately, you were so immersed in your agenda that you might have neglected the people who matter the most. Ironically, a friend's petulant behavior is likely to be a reflection of your own emotional needs that arenít being met while you concentrate on self-discovery. Although solitude is good for your soul, spending time with those you love is good for your heart.
Leo     You can tell you're getting ahead of yourself, but you still wish the world would catch up to your theories. Conversations could stretch on for days with the help of a harmonious connection between talkative Mercury and far-reaching Jupiter. However, this widened perspective allows you to perceive not only riveting possibilities but the banal obligations necessary to succeed. Taking the day off isn't really an option now, even if the mental gymnastics are more fun than the tedious legwork. Intention plus hard work equals magic.
Virgo     You found your groove and you're taking full advantage of the cosmic momentum to carry out as many tasks as possible. It's odd when people don't understand your passion for hard work; in fact, you wonder why anyone wouldn't enjoy a productive streak. You may not realize that you're blinded by your own enthusiasm for efficacy today, yet it's unrealistic to expect others to follow suit. The more you can detach from judgement and stop worrying about everyone else, the easier it is to singularly focus on your own priorities.
Libra     It's a bit harder to get out the door while there are so many things at home demanding your attention. You may secretly wish you could put these domestic obligations off for a while longer because you believe you have more important goals to chase. In reality, the opposite is true today; you need to take care of responsibilities around the house rather than neglect them in pursuit of your brightest new idea. Although it could sound less than exciting, grounding your energy in chores is actually good for your creative life. Shuffling your priorities to accommodate everyone is one of your talents -- just don't lose yourself in the process.
Scorpio     Your ideas are steeping in the backwaters of your mind and will make some strong tea once you finally share them with others. You're naturally protective of your intellectual property; you prefer to maintain tight control over what remains private and what goes public. However, the matter-of-fact Capricorn Moon in your 3rd House of Communication advises that you tell the truth now instead of creatively eluding questions. You can sweeten your message but you canít dilute the facts.
Sagittarius     It's as if your grand plans can't be contained by the current circumstances. You're itching to explore your aspirations with your peers -- the more the merrier. The problem is that your 2nd House of Resources is under scrutiny by the calculating Capricorn Moon, raising your awareness of what you have to spend both monetarily and physically. View this temporary obstacle as an opportunity to tie up loose ends in order to give your dreams the best chance for success.
Capricorn     People depend on you for practical answers and you're usually willing to step up to the plate and deliver. However, you may get wrapped up in thoughts of how others perceive you since youíre handing out advice and assistance left and right. Fortunately, the presence of the reflective Moon in your 1st House of Personality reminds you to keep your feelings in the equation now, rather than sacrificing your preferences just to boost your reputation for reliability. A whole new spectrum of possibilities comes into view when you open your heart.
Aquarius     Although your extraordinary ideas are urging you to push the limits, your physical self would prefer to remain planted on the couch today. The conservative Capricorn Moon hides away in your 12th House of Rest, convincing you that now isn't the time to take flight. Even if you're irritated by a lack of energy, remember that recharging and brainstorming aren't incompatible activities. If you're bothered by the concept of meditating when you feel you could be out exploring, perhaps there's a deeper origin to your unrest that you have yet to discover.
Pisces     A fascinating drama plays out in the back of your mind as you quietly carry on with your normal routine. An inquisitive Mercury-Jupiter alignment allows you to explore the mysteries within that you can't explain to anyone else. It's tempting to let this journey drive you to solitude, but it's crucial to stay connected to the here and now if you hope to integrate your findings. Calling on your friends as a link to reality is a smart strategy when you're lost in self-reflection and can't find your way back.
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