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Wednesday, August 27
Our approach to relationships has shifted now that sweet Venus is past her stressful encounter with heavy Saturn. In fact, we may experience a different extreme today as Venus squares her cosmic lover Mars and sparks of passion fly in romance or in anger. Meanwhile, the Moon slips into socially astute Libra at 5:54 pm EDT, advising us to temper our emotions. Expressing our desires in a healthy manner could lead to the pleasure that we seek.
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Aries     You are more aware of everyone else's needs once the reflective Moon takes up residence in your 7th House of Companions. Putting your desires aside comes naturally now in order to make sure that others are at ease. However, your patience is tested today as flirty Venus teases your key planet Mars, provoking you to be more assertive in your quest for personal satisfaction. Channel your energy into creative pursuits, instead of letting frustration get the best of you. Youíll be happier in the long run if you simply let your inner child out to play.
Taurus     You might believe you have too many chores on your plate today and worry that you cannot possibly finish all of them. Although you intend to meet your obligations, youíre also tempted by your wish to spend time with someone special. You have been anxiously waiting for this moment and youíre eager to connect on a deeper level. However, being responsible in the outer world is in direct conflict now with fulfilling your desires. Balance is key; make an extra effort to honor your current need for both work and play.
Gemini     You have been taking life far too seriously long enough and are anticipating nothing but good times today. However, it may not be that simple to escape from the burden of work. The Moon's shift into your 5th House of Frivolity gives you the impression you can temporarily avoid difficult issues. However, bossy Saturn wonít let you lighten up too quickly unless you respect your commitments. Donít begrudge the life lessons youíre learning now since they will put you in good stead for the exciting opportunities ahead.
Cancer     You wish you could be more objective today in your pursuit of love, but your strong judgments entangle you in uncomfortable relationship dynamics. You may be able to regain your equilibrium later in the day by remembering to balance your subjectivity with cool logic, but your personal interactions might still be a bit unfulfilling now. Instead of retreating emotionally, tell others what you want. You have to step outside of your comfort zone and express your needs; youíll never know what can happen unless you try.
Leo     You might assume you missed your recent chance to receive the personal satisfaction that you seek. Acting impulsively may seem like your best strategy now as you grasp for the possibility of pleasure. Nevertheless, sobering Saturn isnít far from the picture today, requiring you to attend to immediate obligations first. Being flexible isnít easy once youíve made up your mind, but changing your schedule allows you to accommodate both your emotional and practical needs. A minor modification to your calendar can make all the difference in the world.
Virgo     Playing hooky sounds like a great idea in theory but it wonít be so easy to pull off your plan today. Even if you have a bullet-proof scheme up your sleeve, you still may need to reevaluate your priorities and save the fun and games for another day. Instead, concentrate your energy on either bringing in additional money or cutting back expenses. Managing your resources efficiently is more important now than the pursuit of pleasure.
Libra     You can turn a challenging situation to your advantage today. However, you may have to fight to get what you want as resourceful Venus squares off with warrior Mars. Under normal conditions you might choose a peaceful strategy, but youíre too impatient now for diplomatic gestures. People seem to be looking to you for solutions, but youíre at your witís end because you donít have any advice to give. Although it feels like your job is to please everyone all the time, itís not. Take the time to figure out your own needs before doing anything else.
Scorpio     Reaching your destination is an uphill climb if your current direction isnít aligned with your true desires. It may be that your chosen path -- professionally or romantically -- isnít bringing you happiness and you donít know how to change things for the better. Instead of worrying about a lack of emotional fulfillment, focus on what you can do to spread hope and love today. Concentrating on creating positive energy works wonders as it resonates and returns to you many times over.
Sagittarius     Your responsibilities may seem overwhelming now, but your attitude quickly improves if you simply step back from your work and reassess your long-term goals. This review process isnít about setting a new course of action yet; there will be time for that later. It's sufficient to simply acknowledge that youíre being pulled in conflicting directions. Consider several different scenarios without picking any particular one today. Explore your options, but wait to narrow your path until you have more clarity about your destination.
Capricorn     If youíve been in an emotional funk lately, today could be a significant turning point. You might feel as if youíre an outsider because your desires deviate significantly from your friends and coworkers, but your priorities are not up for negotiation. Nevertheless, donít let your differences interfere with making important decisions; setting aside your personal feelings is the right thing to do now. However, self-restraint is effective only if it comes from a place of deep conviction and not a sense of obligation. Let your moral compass be your guide.
Aquarius     You might be wondering if youíre doing something wrong because everyone except you seems to be having more fun today. However, the good news is youíre making more progress toward achieving your goals than you realize. Whether or not you recognize it yet, you are rounding a corner and will soon be moving in a new direction. Donít let self-doubt creep into your life or you could close down during this critical time. It may take a while to find your balance, so stretch your wings slowly and wait to see where they carry you.
Pisces     Although close partnerships may be on your mind today, youíre not satisfied with simply meeting your commitments. You want to increase the intensity and depth in your intimate interactions, and wonít be completely satisfied until you do. But donít place all your hopes in one basket or you could miss out on the possible pleasure thatís right in front of your nose. Cultivating your relationships methodically creates the environment necessary for the kind of emotional connections you crave.
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