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Wednesday, July 26
We strive to create a workable balance between furthering our personal agendas and fulfilling our social responsibilities. A red-hot hookup between the illuminating Sun and macho Mars in showy Leo triggers a sense of urgency when it comes to getting our way. Although we arenít looking to compromise at first, the efficient Virgo Moon helps us to realize that itís logical to negotiate a mutually beneficial plan that is built upon common ground.
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Aries     Your confidence is soaring and your energy level is off the charts. You may be feeling invincible now that your key planet Mars aligns with the expressive Leo Sun. You might even assume you can do whatever needs to be done faster than anyone else. Although you are outwardly optimistic, the bad news is that you belatedly realize thereís something you forgot. Keep revisiting recent events to uncover the missing clue. Donít even think about giving up today when youíre so close to the truth.
Taurus     One of your ongoing concerns is how to keep motivated as you drive toward your goals without pushing against others too forcefully. If youíre overly aggressive, you may face negative consequences as someone backs away, leaving you on your own. However, your emotional intensity is hot right now -- maybe even too hot to handle. Use your moral compass to stay on course. You donít have to put out your internal fire; you just need to find a constructive outlet for your irrepressible energy. Ben Franklin wrote, ďIf passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.Ē
Gemini     A unique situation is unfolding which may take you down various paths now, depending on your current relationship status. If you are blessed to have a supportive partner, you can work together to make something special happen. But unexpressed discord could suddenly erupt, possibly forcing an overdue confrontation. Naturally, some conflicts are resolved immediately, while others take longer to fix. Nevertheless, some subjects act like lightning rods, attracting an argument. Practicing compromise is a delicate procedure, but it is exactly what the doctor ordered to restore harmony.
Cancer     Take full responsibility for your body today, but donít just run to the internet to search for the latest-breaking news story about another amazing elixir. Seriously reassess what you can do to improve your physical endurance and cultivate healing. Forget about discovering a magical fix; healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle will positively impact your well-being. Set yourself up for maximum success by starting with small but significant steps, building from this foundation as you begin to see tangible results. Desiderius Erasmus wrote, "Prevention is better than cure."
Leo     You may attempt to impose your will on those around you today, simply due to your exuberance. Your inner resolve is unwavering and your outer strength is fierce while warrior Mars connects with the brilliant Sun. Unfortunately, petty ego disputes can lead to unnecessary conflict now, which would be a total waste of this planetary boost. Use this powerful cosmic momentum to push toward greater accomplishments, instead. Make art, not war.
Virgo     Unexpressed emotions are rattled now, and confronting them may raise old unresolved feelings of anger. Your down-to-earth orientation inspires you to possess a pragmatic attitude toward life. Nevertheless, itís easy to mix up childhood memories with current circumstances, making it more difficult to manage the situation. Thankfully, exploring the differences between then and now can free you from repeating old patterns once again.
Libra     Although youíre likely to share your thoughts on a regular basis, you can usually say what you want from an objective perspective. However, it may be more challenging to separate your feelings and opinions from your identity today. Unfortunately, you might grow aggressive in your own defense if you are overly attached to your position. Moderate your emotions by acknowledging that everyone has valid ideas to bring to the table. Philanthropist Bernard Baruch wrote, ďMost of the successful people Iíve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.Ē
Scorpio     Your current position on a work-related issue is likely to be controversial and youíre not afraid to share your thoughts with everyone you encounter. However, you may be so concise in your communication that others think your delivery is too smooth. They might not trust your message if it sounds perfectly rehearsed. Thereís no reason to worry; the reactions of others are out of your control. Just concentrate on telling the most convincing story possible and then let everyone make up their own mind.
Sagittarius     A tiny spark can start a fire in your belly that grows hotter throughout the day. The hyperactive Sun-Mars conjunction highlights your 9th House of Big Ideas, motivating you to pursue your adventurous dreams. However, you may grow restless if youíre unable to break free from previous commitments. Itís absolutely critical to find healthy ways to burn off your excess energy today or you may get drawn into a needless fight. Exploring all your options now increases your chances for success.
Capricorn     You may feel irritable today and yet you canít put your finger on the source of your malaise. There are hidden issues stewing in the minds of your friends now, and itís to your advantage to persuade them to reveal their secrets. However, others might misread your intentions if youíre asking too many pointed questions. Ultimately, itís your insecurity that could exacerbate the problem; setting your ego aside and expressing your willingness to listen makes all the difference in the world. Author Cheryl Richardson wrote, ďPeople start to heal the moment they feel heard.Ē
Aquarius     A surge of powerful energy is coming your way today. But the real question is whether or not you can acknowledge the incoming intensity and put it to proper use. If youíre unable to ride the creative waves, you may take your frustration out on a friend by overstating your anger. Nevertheless, you shock others with amazing ideas if you find a way to integrate your emotions. Open your heart to the potential while your originality runs strong. Draw your inspiration from the deepest wells in the most unexpected places.
Pisces     Your ambitions are calling today, and youíre eager to show your coworkers what you can accomplish. Nevertheless, your enthusiastic behavior may pose some danger if you inadvertently create conflict in your quest to achieve your objectives. Thankfully, your happiness doesnít need to come at the expense of anyone else. Even if your ego is telling you otherwise now, there is plenty of room for multiple winners. The more the merrier when it comes to success.
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