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Thursday, July 24
Life is a bundle of contradictions today with more going on than can be integrated into a single storyline. The Sunís conjunction with joyful Jupiter is great news; opportunities abound and we believe we can do no wrong. But caution is wise because a surreal Venus-Neptune trine displays the world through a rose-colored filter. A Mercury-Uranus square buzzes our brains with ingenious ideas while stabilizing Saturn can make our dreams come true.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Words roll off your tongue so easily today that you could create trouble before you know it. In fact, you might have so much to say that it sounds like your feelings have been brewing beneath the surface for too long. But even if you havenít been holding back, youíre ready to throw caution to the wind now. Staying aware of the ramifications of your message saves you from complicating the situation further. Donít dwell on the past; instead, let your forgiveness work its magic so you can move ahead with a clean slate.
Taurus     You arenít happy if someone opposes your plan, yet it's challenging to compromise if your stubbornness gets in the way. You may believe you're acting graciously now, but you might irritate others with your attempts to gloss over difficulties. Thankfully, you have a chance to do something special that can have a positive impact on those closest to you. Decide what is more important -- accomplishing your goals or nurturing your loved ones. Taking the road less traveled requires courage and sacrifice, but the rewards are worth it.
Gemini     Your agile mind may already be planning multiple escape routes. However, you might not seek out direct confrontation when push comes to shove, unless you do it in the spirit of playful banter. However, unspoken emotional issues can overwhelm your desire to be lighthearted. It doesn't matter now how well-meaning your intentions are until you find a way to exercise your limited powers of self-restraint. Thankfully, your positive attitude is contagious if you listen as much as you talk. A constructive dialogue clears the air and gives everyone a chance to speak their piece.
Cancer     Exercising caution is wise because the hypersensitive Cancer Moon might stir up plenty of emotional turmoil today. Thankfully, your self-confidence can quiet your insecurities, even if you end up revealing more than you initially intended. Thinking twice before spilling the beans prevents a sticky situation. However, if you say nothing at all, your hurt could easily turn to resentment. Don't give up while searching for that elusive middle path between transparency and secrecy; your relationships will benefit from your persistence.
Leo     Your imagination may be too active for your own good today; you could annoy your coworkers by cutting them off before they complete their thoughts. They might think you are hungry for attention and canít stand to share the spotlight. However, from your perspective, itís just a matter of expediency. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction in your sign fills you with bravado, prompting you to push harder to accomplish your objectives. Paradoxically, giving others an opportunity to shine ultimately improves your chances of reaching your destination.
Virgo     Your goals may be so altruistic now that you begin to wonder if you are fooling yourself. Itís one thing to strive to positively impact the world, but quite another if you grow resentful because your personal life is neglected. Donít wait until your good intentions turn sour; balance your spiritual pursuits with your practical needs. When service to others is tempered by common sense, thereís no limit to what you can accomplish.
Libra     Although your friends might seem pleasant enough today, something is still bothering you about their actions. Unfortunately, the more you think about their behavior the crankier you become; nevertheless, you won't likely get what you want by blowing your top. Instead, work off your pent-up tension by buzzing around like a bee in a garden. Thankfully, putting integrity back into your relationships only requires a decision on your part to change your attitude. You donít have to be a victim of your worries. Take the high road and choose love over fear.
Scorpio     Your career is on the launch pad now that the Sun is hooking up with Jupiter in your 10th House of Public Life. Nevertheless, you might still have some reservations about taking the next step on your ladder to success. Fortunately, you can play both ends of the spectrum today. Honor your intuition, even if itís telling you to wait before making your move. However, in the meantime, clearly state your intentions to the universe without holding back. Time is on your side.
Sagittarius     Grandiose visions about an upcoming adventure can capture your imagination today. Your mind is moving fast -- so fast that you may not even finish one thought before youíre on to the next one. Others might criticize you for your sloppy thinking, but itís your loss if you respond in anger. Instead of posturing to defend your ideas, use the feedback you receive to help sharpen your plans. Rolling with the incoming waves is almost always a smarter strategy than fighting against them.
Capricorn     You might bring important information out into the open, but the positive effects of what you say can be lost if you don't know when to stop. You could be angry at someone today, yet you donít want to hurt his or her feelings just for the sake of revenge. Be as fair as you can while speaking directly from your heart -- and not your head. Equanimity increases your chances for finding a peaceful resolution.
Aquarius     This is a rather strange time for you as a tug-of-war develops between your inner needs and your outer expressions. Others may encourage you to take a risk because they truly believe in you. But donít do anything rash because expressing your unrestrained emotions can create more problems now than they solve. Instead of reacting impulsively now, place additional room between an external stimulus and your response. A quick dash to the finish line sounds wonderful, but youíre more likely to be a winner if you set a sustainable pace.
Pisces     An unexpected change of plans may turn your world upside down today. If you are unsure of what to do next, acknowledge your culpability in the present circumstances instead of denying it. Remember, theoretically, nothing happens to you; reality unfolds with your assistance. Even if you feel temporarily overwhelmed, donít move too fast. Keep the faith; you have the ability to overcome nearly any odds now with lucky Jupiter on your side.
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