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Sunday, June 26
We are motivated by a powerful passion for change as magnificent Jupiter harmonizes with transformational Pluto. We must work for the good of all because the positive energy of this planetary combo can backfire if we only consider personal gain. But several irritating aspects distract us from more important goals and even delay satisfaction on other fronts. Meanwhile, the Pisces Moon reminds us to cultivate compassion for the entire world.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You know that realizing your long-term dreams is possible if you consistently work toward manifesting them. However, putting your beliefs into action isnít always a simple task. Your key planet Mars is nearing the end of its retrograde cycle, prompting you to focus on recent setbacks rather than successes. If you want to improve your life now, there is no room for self-doubt. Keep your ambitious goals in sight and relentlessly push ahead without looking back. If you donít allow for the possibility of failure, youíre more likely to succeed.
Taurus     It might seem as if your friends arenít interested in your pet project or favorite social cause. But donít write them off too quickly, because they could turn out to be your most ardent supporters over time. People may agree with your underlying objective, while differing with your methods. Unfortunately, you probably wonít have much luck convincing anyone to join your parade. Instead, strike up the band and start marching on your own. Others will fall into step once they see youíre on the move.
Gemini     Containing your erratic energy requires a superhuman effort today. Fortunately, you can do nearly anything you put your mind to now as long as the end result is supported by your core beliefs. However, once you decide whether you are in or out, you still need to apply yourself diligently to your goals. A lackadaisical attitude wonít work in your favor; your commitment must be one hundred percent. Success comes when you release your fears and embrace the future.
Cancer     A molehill can suddenly transform into a mountain if you donít get what you want today. Although you might only experience a short delay, your growing concerns could be the source of your defeat. Thankfully, the cosmos will align on your behalf if youíre willing to accept its help. However, a positive attitude alone is not a guarantee for happiness. Your goals must take the needs of others into consideration, too. You are more likely to feel like a winner now if everyone benefits from your success.
Leo     You are not afraid of turning everything upside down now in order to break out of the status quo. However, you realize that youíre not in this predicament alone and your ability to improve your life is entwined with the lives of others who share your values. Nevertheless, there will still be points of contention between you and your loved ones. Donít let petty differences stand in the way of progress. The glue that holds you together is stronger than the fears that could tear you apart.
Virgo     You canít deliver a new message in the same old way. In fact, you must step outside the realms of predictability in order to shock your audience awake. However, there is a fine line between being unconventional enough to grab everyoneís attention and so outrageous that no one listens to your speech. Fortunately, you possess the power of persuasion now and can convince others to see the world from your unique point of view. Keep your directive short and sweet if you want others to rally to your cause.
Libra     Itís scary to tell others what you want if youíre not sure that they share your desires. You might be afraid of being judged or rejected for your personal preferences when you actually need the support of your friends and family now. Itís never fun to worry about whether or not you will be loved unconditionally. Luckily, people will likely accept you along with your proclivities, even if they donít share similar tastes. The power of positive change is on your side; but you must take an emotional risk even if it increases your vulnerability in the process.
Scorpio     Intense waves of change are flowing in your direction now, empowering you to influence the future. Even the tiniest actions can generate very significant consequences, yet suspicious Pluto doesnít take kindly to the selfish use of its powerful energy. Thankfully, auspicious Jupiter is in the mix, reminding you that there will be rewards waiting for you if you include everyone in your plans. However, cooperating with others is only half the story; you must actively work for their best interests in order to make the most of this cosmic momentum.
Sagittarius     Sometimes your magnanimous approach to life can seem too idealistic for others to support. However, your same big ideas are currently grounded in very practical ways that lead to concrete improvements at home or at work. But this level of profound change doesnít occur overnight, even as evolutionary Pluto trines your key planet Jupiter today. You canít judge the success of your efforts by the progress you make now. Set your goals and stick with them; life is a journey, not a race.
Capricorn     You are normally driven by your ambitions, but your desire for emotional security becomes more important than anything else today. Unfortunately, stability might be lacking in your relationship world now. Nevertheless, you have all the tools you need in order to transform your life. Establishing priorities, organizing your resources and creating specific goals will set the stage for the work ahead. Instead of focusing on a current failure, concentrate on your future success.
Aquarius     Thereís a tremendous amount of change occurring deep within your subconscious now. You might notice your dreams are more intense but probably havenít given it much thought. Nevertheless, tectonic plates are shifting within your imagination, creating metaphysical earthquakes and releasing a tremendous amount of energy. You stand to benefit from this inner turmoil, especially if you can quiet your mind enough to get in touch with your own power. Donít be greedy and save it for your personal gain. As Anne Frank wrote, ďNo one has ever become poor by giving.Ē
Pisces     It takes quite a bit of contemplation today to choose which of your friends and relatives are worthy of your trust. Everyone seems to have a bright idea now, but you canít say yes to every opportunity that shows up at your door. You must limit your choices or you will just scatter your energy without accomplishing anything. However, developing a working relationship with the right person can take your life in an entirely new direction. Donít rush your decision; you will live with its consequences for a long time to come.
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