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Monday, July 25
The cosmic heat is cranked all the way up by a Grand Fire Trine that warms our hearts and encourages us to take action. It’s nearly impossible to remain passive today while the spontaneous Aries Moon triggers smooth trines with authoritarian Saturn, magnetic Venus and talkative Mercury. But even as the expressive energy of these harmonious aspects begins to wane, a late night Moon-Uranus conjunction lights up the inner sky with emotional fireworks.
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Aries     Excess and self-indulgence entice you to risk stability in search of pleasure today. Three planets, including sensual Venus, are camped out in your 5th House of Love, urging you to express your romantic needs. Unfortunately, you might fall victim to your own excitement and share more than you intend. Your enthusiasm prompts others to expect even more from you, which could eventually lead to disappointment, unless you follow through with your promises. Be safe and stick to the script.
Taurus     You face complicated issues with a playful sense of humor that makes it easy to turn a loss into a gain. However, you can still see the dark side of things -- perhaps even imagining the worst -- yet a Grand Fire Trine reveals a great potential for happiness. But don’t get bogged down in doubt; let go of someone or something important if you must. Doing so makes room for even better experiences to fill in the gap. A head full of fears has no space for dreams.
Gemini     Your nerves are on edge now and you’re ready to seize the moment as it arrives. However, anxiety and frustration can catalyze a sudden shift of energy. Nevertheless, today’s Grand Trine activates your social life, motivating you to go out of your way to interact with others at work and play. Developing new communication skills is easy once you recognize its importance in bringing happiness back into your life. A caring heart that listens is more valuable than an intelligent mind that talks.
Cancer     Ironically, you can push others to their limits without appearing pushy today. Adopting a gentler approach increases your sensitivity and enables you to address difficult issues with compassion. Collaborating with your colleagues makes it easier to pursue mutual dreams. But communication needs to flow both ways for everyone to benefit. Although you’re ready for change now, even the most brilliant strategy will require time to manifest the results you seek.
Leo     You can charm your way into nearly anyone’s heart today, but you may overstep your bounds without even realizing it. Although the Moon’s presence in your 9th House of Big Ideas is inflationary all by itself, trines to Venus and Mercury enable you to sweet talk your way out of trouble. Nevertheless, you might try to shatter the social conventions that normally restrain you. Tread lightly now; your unconventional ideas could create a mess you’ll be busy cleaning up over the days ahead.
Virgo     Analysis comes easy to you Virgos, empowering you to make a particularly smart decision today. However, brainy Mercury can lead you down a confusing path if you’re under pressure to make an immediate choice, especially if others are depending on your powers of discernment. Eliminate unrealistic alternatives when trying to make up your mind. Nevertheless, entertain every sensible possibility on its own merit as it appears. In all likelihood, you already know the truth.
Libra     Cultivating close connections is complicated today because you’re following your feelings down two entirely different tracks. On one hand, you can get along with others better than ever. On the other hand, you’re itching to surprise everyone with your independent thinking and bold actions. Unfortunately, you might be so far ahead of your time that you must slow down, step back and rethink your strategy to bring your ideas to life. Focus on collaboration instead of competition for the best results.
Scorpio     You can feel the cosmic equilibrium today, even if there are disturbances to the force. The Moon’s square to tough-guy Pluto agitates a conflict between you and someone who may oppose your plan. Later in the evening, the Moon runs into reckless Uranus, encouraging you to push everyone out of their comfort zone. Battles for control and a desire for freedom can undermine cooperation. If you find a compromise is impossible now, walk away from the disagreement before it escalates into a fight. A moment of silence saves you from a lifetime of regret.
Sagittarius     You are hungry for new experiences and find yourself taking chances in pursuit of a good time. You are compelled to express your feelings in more dramatic ways now thanks to an alignment of the Moon in your 5th House of Play to affectionate Venus and curious Mercury in your 9th House of Getaways. Romantic feelings may be aroused when you push past personal limits and explore unfamiliar territory. Proceed on the side of caution when someone’s heart is on the line.
Capricorn     You’re convinced you have to take charge today or you’ll completely lose control when a Grand Fire Trine zaps three planets in your 8th House of Transformation. Fortunately, you should have no difficulty sharing power and cooperating on a profound level as long as there’s time to gradually let down your guard. Once you notice the little improvements that are occurring around you, making a giant leap forward will seem as simple as taking another small step.
Aquarius     Your thinking could be so far out on the ledge today that people believe you might be losing touch with reality. It’s entirely possible that your ideas are too radical to be understood. Nervous energy and intellectual restlessness is high as cerebral Mercury forms a creative aspect with evolutionary Pluto. Concentration is difficult when the flow of information is constantly interrupted. Nevertheless, exciting discoveries offer unexpected answers and foster surprising new connections if you can relax enough to stay flexible.
Pisces     Your playful mood and creative approach to relationships make you a skillful collaborator today. You’re feeling quite popular now as the spontaneous Aries Moon trines flirty Venus in expressive Leo. This yummy cosmic combination magnifies your desirability, making you more successful at getting what you want from others. Passion expressed with patience is a winning formula; know what you want and pursue it at your own pace.
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