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Friday, April 18
We continue to float on the currents of love but emotions intensify today as sweet Venus shifts her connection from optimistic Jupiter to passionate Pluto. A lighthearted attraction may deepen as we grow aware of the price we must pay. Fortunately, the philosophical Sagittarius Moon enables us to maintain a healthy perspective by focusing our attention on the future. Remembering our long-term goals helps us get through these challenging times.
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Aries     You might not know whatís around the next corner, but you can see unexplored possibilities everywhere you look. Unfortunately, you donít have enough time in the day to pursue every intriguing opportunity. Therefore, establishing priorities is the most crucial component to your happiness now. Luckily, the idea of slowing down and doing less sounds good to you today, making it easier to pare back your activities. Spreading yourself too thin could prevent you from finishing what you start. Choose quality over quantity for a change.
Taurus     Youíre not too eager to jump into something new today even if youíre feeling more confident about a recent decision. It isnít that youíre worried about the uncertainties ahead; it's just that you have a better chance of achieving success if you take your time now and proceed slowly. Remember, thereís no reason to stress out because of someone else's arbitrary schedule. Set a pace that works for you and then stick to it.
Gemini     People seem to have unrealistic expectations about what you might accomplish today, and you arenít interested in arguing with them. Nevertheless, you don't want to make yourself crazy by working extra hard when you know you canít meet an impossible deadline. Even if it is uncomfortable to address the real issue up front, everyone will feel relieved if you do. Don't turn your disclosure into a major drama; simply be honest and clearly tell others what you know you can deliver. Revealing your vulnerability is scary, but it will serve you well in the long run.
Cancer     You are often all too aware of your limitations, but may get so caught up in your eagerness to please today that you commit to more than you can possibly manage. Unfortunately, your good intentions arenít enough to power you through the day, especially if youíre delayed by unforeseen obstacles. However, thereís no reason to sell yourself short. Don't be too concerned about completing your tasks on time; it's better to strive for perfection now than to sacrifice quality by rushing your work.
Leo     Your roar may be a bit muted today but, thankfully, no one seems to notice but you. Your coworkers see your positive attitude and unwavering commitment in action and they believe that youíre rock solid even if thatís not how you actually feel. However, itís not a smart strategy to talk about your insecurities now; there's no point in exposing your weaknesses unless you have no choice. You can improve your chances for success by keeping your feelings private for a few more days while you concentrate on giving the best performance of your life.
Virgo     You may have a clear picture of where you want to go now, but cannot find a direct route that gets you there quickly. All the roads before you appear more circuitous than you prefer. Fortunately, whatever path you pick will probably straighten out once you are on your way. The best strategy might be to just head off in the most sensible direction without worrying if you are making the right choice. There are many ways to reach your destination; just donít forget to appreciate the scenery along the way.
Libra     Your illusions intertwine with reality today, making it tricky to separate fact from fiction. Paradoxically, it might not matter which is which because your visions have the potential to become real if you believe in yourself. Putting too much faith in the analytical data sets up artificial limits that could end up preventing you from realizing your highest potential. Thankfully, a bit of magical thinking now can inspire you to manifest your dreams.
Scorpio     Your emotions may settle down today, enabling you to concentrate on your backlog of work. But your newfound ability to remain objective doesn't necessarily mean that production will be a piece of cake. You have to work extra hard for everything you want to accomplish now. Although setting your goals unrealistically high motivates you to reach for the stars, you could grow discouraged and give up too soon. Remember, dreams are wishes your heart makes, so donít let the limiting thoughts of your head stand between you and success.
Sagittarius     You have the chance to catch up at work today if you roll up your sleeves and get busy. The Moon's monthly visit to your optimistic sign can be revitalizing while she harmonizes with brilliant Uranus and energetic Mars. As long as you stay in motion, you should be fine. Don't stop to think about what youíre doing; just continue to do it. Normally, logic is an essential tool for making decisions; however, it only clutters your path with confusion now. Instead of wasting time justifying your choices, simply remember that actions speak louder than words.
Capricorn     You may be struggling between two mindsets today. You can see the advantage of initiating decisive action based on your ambitious plans. Your organizational skills come to the rescue, enabling you to make substantial progress now. However, you also understand the risk of doing too much too fast. Nothing positive comes from erecting a house on an unstable foundation, so take your time and make sure you build it right.
Aquarius     Your friends and associates are eager to give you extra words of encouragement today. But you still need to maintain a healthy perspective on what you can finish or you could quickly burn yourself out in the process. Although positive feedback from your allies feels great, it might fill you with so much confidence that you take on one too many challenges. Proceed with caution; if it's a great idea, it will look even better tomorrow. In the meantime, let others know how much you appreciate their support.
Pisces     Your compassion is normally one of your greatest strengths, but it could actually get in the way of your productivity today. Although the Moonís visit to your 10th House of Public Responsibility encourages you to nurture nearly everyone, this is an impossible task. Nevertheless, you might wear yourself out trying to help more people than you can. Creating healthy boundaries is a crucial step in your current efforts to positively impact those who need you the most. Keep in mind that thereís a fine line between being a saint and being a martyr.
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