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Saturday, May 23
Recent tension in relationships is still on our minds today, yet the stress gradually gives way to a more cooperative flow of energy. It may take work, but weíre able to balance the lingering heaviness of Saturn with the lightheartedness of three planets in friendly Gemini. Fortunately, the lively Leo Moon helps to lift our spirits with her easy sextiles to Mars and Mercury. There is power in having a positive attitude if we donít go too far.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You may not catch up with your chores as quickly as you wish today, for you are preoccupied with pleasure rather than production. Thankfully, you might have the right idea about getting the distractions out of your system sooner than later. If you have a lot to do now, you wonít be able to procrastinate forever. Nevertheless, returning to your unfulfilled obligations with a happy heart enables you to accomplish more in the long run.
Taurus     Domestic tasks are on the front burner today, including paying bills, emailing friends and even cleaning your home. However, you might not make measurable progress by the end of the day because youíre probably slow to get started, making it harder to get ahead. Nevertheless, your determination builds to a mid-afternoon crescendo, motivating you to finish strong. Just remember that everything could take longer than you expect, so cut yourself some slack instead of setting goals you cannot reach.
Gemini     You might be stubbornly clinging to negative feelings about an unfinished conversation, but itís wiser to let go of yesterdayís news and move on. You have other fish to fry now, and thereís no time to replay an interaction that didnít go as you wanted. However, you could end up frustrating yourself today if you think you can somehow make everything right. Planning for new successes throughout the coming week is much more useful than worrying about the past.
Cancer     Itís dangerous to jump to conclusions without getting your facts in order because once you make up your mind today youíre pretty certain that you are correct. Unfortunately, you could become a victim of believing your own hype now. The good news is your breadth of vision can fuel the most amazing discussions on a variety of interesting topics. Although your conversations might be quite fascinating, specific comments that remain unsaid may speak volumes. Sometimes, silence is louder than words.
Leo     Responding to the fallout from your anger could be a sore spot that resurfaces every now and then. However, you might believe that you already dealt with the original source of the problem. Luckily, you can count on your friends and relatives for support, which may be sufficient to guide you through these rough waters. Lean on the shoulders offered, but take full responsibility by learning from your past mistakes. Gracefully adapting to the changing tides demonstrates your magnanimity and your willingness to grow.
Virgo     Relaxing isnít as simple as it sounds these days because your unfulfilled commitments have piled up since Mercury turned retrograde a week ago. Although youíre buzzing all over the place, you probably wish you had several additional days packed into your weekend. Aside from wanting to accomplish more, you also need more time to think. Nevertheless, your time for contemplation is coming to an end. Instead of waiting for that magic moment, jump into the flow of activity and figure it out along the way the best you can.
Libra     Making a long-term plan can be tough now because several things you want to do interfere with existing obligations. You have one-too-many exciting choices in front of you, complicating matters even more. But donít let anyone tell you that you must decide your future today, since itís advisable to keep your options open for a while longer. There is currently a lot of clear blue sky around you, making everything seem better than it is. Wait until a few clouds return and see where the shadows appear before going on record with your final answer.
Scorpio     Your anger may simmer beneath the surface all day, especially if anyone tries to talk you out of your feelings. Uncharacteristically, youíre willing -- even eager -- to change your mind today, but only on your own terms. If others donít take the time to ask you what you want, then you wonít likely be ready to compromise. However, if someone is really interested in your perspective, you can be more open-minded now than anyone expects. A little mutual respect does the trick.
Sagittarius     Establishing your top priorities is not a piece of cake today, especially if youíre unprepared to make an important decision yet. It's not that you should forget about your objectives; it's just you have a lot to gain now by following an intelligent friend or partner for a while instead of heading off on your own. Don't worry about a missed opportunity because a new situation for advancement at your current job is likely. Paradoxically, easing off on your grip solidifies your current position and positively impacts your future.
Capricorn     Donít be afraid to ask for advice as you navigate through uncharted territory today. Itís nearly impossible to make sense of everything because there could be so many possibilities, leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to figure it all out. Your stress multiplies if you believe that your current choice must be finalized now. Rest assured that you can still change your mind later without as much difficulty as you think. Show your courage and dare to be yourself.
Aquarius     Instead of booking your schedule so tightly that your entire day is locked down, try moving the energy by giving yourself more flexibility today. The easiest way to shake things up is to leave blocks of time completely unstructured to do as you please. It may also help to reexamine your motives for keeping so busy every moment of the day. Remember, you donít have to put lots of activities on your calendar now in order to be considered a success. Not all those who wander are lost.
Pisces     Revealing your feelings helps dissipate any lingering negativity; however, you could easily go overboard in the other direction now by pretending everything is just fine. However, donít whitewash the truth just because itís not pretty. Instead of trying to anticipate peopleís reactions, concentrate on the accuracy of your message. Avoid the temptation to share your personal information as a way to get your friends and workmates to take notice. Your only real option is to take the high road and work for the good of all.
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