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Friday, October 31
Itís easy to detach from our feelings today and gain some perspective on recent events. The ingenious Aquarius Moon enables us to make conceptual breakthroughs without falling victim to emotional manipulation. But things are never as simple as we wish. Itís Halloween and the veil between worlds is thin while rational Mercury anxiously aligns with mystical Neptune. We canít decide whether to trust our intellect or to go with our intuition.
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Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Push your thinking around the corner of convenience and into the neighborhood of excitement. Even if there isnít a significant social component to your day, itís essential to give yourself the time and space to dream. But this isnít about sleeping the day away; itís about manifesting the greatest potential in your life. Hang out with friends who encourage your growth while you explore all the possibilities within your imagination.
Taurus     Step beyond your own personal needs today by jumping in and helping someone take care of a larger set of concerns. Nevertheless, you still want to discuss your long-term career objectives with like-minded friends. But be careful not to slip into denial because you might try to use global thinking to avoid the weight of the responsibilities on your shoulders. Escape isnít an option, even if it sounds like a good idea at first. Balance your obligations with altruistic behavior for the good of all.
Gemini     Your nervous system is working overtime today if youíre pulled into a situation that is beyond your control. For that matter, the current circumstances might also be beyond your understanding. Donít spin your mental wheels too hard or too fast; logic wonít beat a path to happiness now. Thereís no reason to fight what you cannot change. Accept the situation for what it is and proceed from there. You will never know what adventure is waiting around the bend unless you move on.
Cancer     You might feel somewhat out of sorts today if you attempt to use analytical tools to untangle a thorny issue. Unfortunately, this rational approach may not serve you very well. It should come as no surprise that the best way to deal with emotional problems is to bring them out into the open. Although a solution could remain elusive now, your attitude will improve once you know that you shared your truth and your message was clearly received.
Leo     It may be upsetting if a friend doesnít rush to offer a helping hand today, but donít assume the worst if the support you want isnít forthcoming. Your needs might not be as clear to others as you think. In fact, a simple misunderstanding could escalate into a hotbed of conflict. Instead of stirring up more trouble, try to let the energy settle down. But avoiding your feelings is only a temporary solution to the current imbalance. You need to figure things out on your own for a while without expecting anyone to come to your rescue.
Virgo     You are usually the champion of analyzing situations and discerning what is most important. But not today. Your key planet Mercury crosses paths with nebulous Neptune, making it nearly impossible to see the forest for the trees. You might not even be able to distinguish a single tree through the mists of your own illusions. Donít struggle when practicing patience could be your perfect answer; the fog will lift and clarity will return before you know it.
Libra     Your creativity could soar to new heights today, but you must get past your own sense of inadequacy first. Self-imposed restrictions may stem from some previous hurt or painful experience from your ancient past. The most important thing is to understand the difference between then and now. Stop listening to old messages if you want to reach your potential. Let your inner artist out to play because your self-esteem is now directly linked to your need for self-expression.
Scorpio     Unexpected tension arises today from your own lack of certainty about your feelings. This confusion isnít your usual state of affairs, since you normally donít have any problem holding a distinct point of view. However, your perspective is clouded by your own fears now. Thereís no time to waste; move past your current ambivalence by sailing straight into the mists of your illusions. Direct confrontation with your inner demons is the fastest way to eliminate them.
Sagittarius     Itís up to you to ascribe meaning to the variety of images that pop into your imagination today. The best way to work with this stream of information is to simply allow your fantasies to flow into awareness without judgment. Thereís no reason to hold back; let both the positive and negative thoughts rise to the surface. You can always pick and choose which ones you want to focus on later. For now, surf the energy without making any long-lasting waves.
Capricorn     Memories that hearken back to long-forgotten failures, physical pains or emotional hurts could resurface today. But now your maturity enables you to see these old experiences in a brand new light. And that is exactly what you should be doing. The best reason to revisit the past now is to free yourself from it once and for all. Your future is calling and there is little time to waste.
Aquarius     You may be offered another chance to manifest a dream -- or at least thatís how it seems today. The time to hesitate is through. Grab the opportunity thatís right in front of your nose; youíve earned it. It doesnít matter that everything isnít exactly the way you imagined it; donít give up when you are so close to your goal. Take a leap of faith and see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Pisces     Whatever certainty you recently experienced has now disappeared into the elusive Neptunian mists. This temporary shift would overwhelm anyone else, but not so for you Fish. These dreamy realms are your native terrain and you are quite comfortable swimming in murky waters. When reality fuzzes out and facts become less clear, you shift into overdrive. Your intuition and imagination are connected with the entire cosmos -- whether you can see it or not.
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