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Tuesday, October 21
We do our best to live up to high standards while the Virgo Moon reflects our need for perfection. However, the Moon enters accommodating Libra at 7:11 am EDT, reminding us to seek balance, especially as we face extreme social and economic pressures. A shortage of time and resources plagues us as the Moon forms harsh aspects to potent Pluto and unforgiving Saturn. Thankfully, energetic Mars is in Sagittarius, empowering us to set long-term goals.
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Aries     A radical shift in relationship dynamics might mean that someone finally understands your point of view. But don't assume that your friends will automatically encourage your independent behavior just because they listen to your story. Instead of pushing your luck, be thankful they accept you as you are rather than trying to change you. You wonít gain any further advantage if you continue to pull them outside of their current comfort zone. Knowing when to back off is essential to cultivating a harmonious atmosphere for everyone involved.
Taurus     You Bulls donít like to change your daily routine unless there is a compelling reason; itís just easier to do things the same way as you did last time. However, the Moonís shift into rational Libra and your 6th House of Habits motivates you to review the basics of your everyday behavior. Consider what works and what doesnít before making improvements to your diet, exercise program and other lifestyle choices. Itís the littlest changes now that can have the most positive and lasting effect.
Gemini     You are obsessed about pursuing a creative whim today, yet you canít just jump into the flow until you tie up some loose ends. Tending to unfinished business sounds boring when compared with chasing your desires. However, ignoring previous obligations invites unnecessary trouble down the road. Nevertheless, you feel better in the long run if you work now and save your self-expression for a more appropriate time. Maintaining your integrity at all costs makes you a hero in the eyes of others.
Cancer     Acknowledge your inner Crab today by establishing a protective shell around you. A more positive way to create this bubble is to surround yourself with the love of special friends who nurture you and stand by you, no matter what. The cosmic energy is perfect now for settling into your cozy nest and appreciating your family. Even if you must head out into the world at some point to run errands or go the office, staying put for a while can be rejuvenating to your spirit. Home is where the heart is.
Leo     The controlled chaos is rather exciting today, but you can get so caught up in the adrenaline rush that you keep piling more on your schedule. But your attraction to action doesn't mean you have to squeeze everything into one day. Wake up early and get a head start on your chores; make your plans with the intent of establishing a healthy balance rather than creating more noise. Don't go overboard when you finally decide to have some fun; for now, moderation is the key to your success.
Virgo     You could become so consumed with your desire to acquire something today that your heart becomes intent on buying it. Normally, youíre prudent enough in your spending habits that itís easy to pass up a bargain item if you don't really need it. Wait a few days before making a final decision even if you feel very strongly about the purchase. Time works in your favor; gaining a bit of practical perspective now allows you to make a choice that will serve you well into the future.
Libra     You may reach a point today when your path becomes clear enough to set a new course of action. You could experience a bit of anxiety once you get started, yet the stress actually acts as a catalyst that encourages you to make a choice. Fortunately, your future begins to make more sense once you eliminate unnecessary noise by fixing on a single direction. Paradoxically, narrowing your focus now actually increases your options over the days ahead.
Scorpio     Your weariness could catch up with you today, especially if youíre carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Thankfully, your fate is not determined by your current actions alone, so donít try to do everything all at once. Instead, find some time for contemplation where you have the privacy needed to refocus on your dreams. Sink into your feelings without trying to change them or bring others into your inner process. You will emerge from your little retreat with renewed vigor, ready to make the most of the challenges ahead.
Sagittarius     You have your eyes set on the horizon but still have unfulfilled promises keeping you in the past. This period of renewal that began last month is coming to an end next week as energetic Mars leaves your farsighted sign. Use these last days wisely by imagining what you want to come next. Make intentional visualization a part of your daily routine to empower you to manifest your dreams. Luckily, you can positively impact your future by changing how you see it.
Capricorn     You may be preoccupied with professional issues today and your current role in the community. Although others naturally look to you for guidance, they don't necessarily want you to take over. They only need you to listen, reflect upon what they have said and add your seasoned perspective. You can be an amazingly effective leader now by being part of the team instead of assuming authority and telling everyone what to do. Believe it or not, taking the time to help others also helps you.
Aquarius     You are eagerly anticipating whatís around the next corner, but itís not healthy to live so far into the future that you detach from current circumstances. Spending quality time with your friends, associates and family inspires you to refocus your attention on the present moment. Fortunately, you receive cosmic support from action-hero Mars now moving through adventurous Sagittarius. Your path to happiness is one of duality; you can live in the here and now while still dreaming of the future.
Pisces     Thereís no reason to succumb to self-doubt today, even if something reminds you of your personal limitations. Old fears aren't necessarily relevant to your present circumstances anyhow. But don't keep your anxiety buried or it will continue to grow unchecked. Find a trusted friend or colleague and express your feelings, without falling into the trap of placing blame on anyone else. Simply discussing your concerns helps dissipate negativity before it causes any further trouble. No burden is too heavy when itís shared.
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