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Saturday, March 25
Love is in the air today and we are breathing deeply while the radiant Sun aligns with sensual Venus in arduous Aries. However, retrograde Venus requires us to reconsider unresolved issues while the Aries energy wants us to move forward. Nevertheless, the Moon’s shift into idealistic Pisces at 6:06 am EDT enchants us with unrealized potential everywhere we look. However, we won’t see true progress unless we’re willing to make a commitment.
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Aries     You may question where some of your fire has gone today as your lust for the future conflicts with your longings from the past. It's no surprise that your eyes drift back and forth on the timeline when the Sun's rays fall on tender Venus retrograde in your sign. Reflecting on earlier desires might make you wonder if you made a mistake somewhere along the line. However, sudden corrections of presumed blunders impede your progress. Instead, observe your feelings and let them pass like clouds in the sky. Love works in mysterious ways.
Taurus     A dreamy haze settles over your day, glossing over nettlesome details and mellowing your mood. Silhouettes enter your daydreams as murky recollections of past aspirations join the shadow play. Fondly remembering what you used to love most may reawaken an old goal that you want to put back on your agenda. However, in this foggy climate it's best to just savor the memories without renewing a commitment. Author Susan Gale wrote, “Sometimes a short walk down Memory Lane is all it takes to appreciate where you are today.”
Gemini     You're looking forward to catching up with your tribe, but in the back of your mind you're remembering an awkward incident that still affects the group dynamic. However, there's no reason to let prior misunderstandings spoil the fun, and your friends might be more willing to talk it out than you expect. Fortunately, the sympathetic Pisces Moon in your 10th House of Reputation augments your ability to empathize, allowing you to facilitate discussions with kindness. Rachel Joy Scott wrote, “Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.”
Cancer     You want to make the very most of your aptitudes and leave a good impression today. You're willing to put some extra time into your appearance, following the advice to dress for the job you want. You're eager to review your current progress and evaluate how best to proceed while the visionary Pisces Moon floats through your 9th House of Long-Term Goals. Although you may not be a paragon of success quite yet, patience with yourself and faith in the process can carry you a long way toward achieving your dreams.
Leo     You're captivated by an exotic idea that fills your mind with wonder and curiosity. In fact, you might be so drawn to a foreign place that you're tempted to book a vacation so you can experience it in person. However, the journey you need to take may be within as the spiritual Pisces Moon swims through your 8th House of Deep Feelings. Observe how your inner adventure mirrors the outer and you could find the most fascinating treasures of all.
Virgo     You might feel as if you're all out of words today, preferring more subtle forms of communication. Sometimes just being in someone's presence is enough to comfort a troubled mind, even if you speak very little of the details. It’s perfectly alright to reach out to a friend for support when your emotions are confusing. Although you're hesitant to ask for help since you dislike being a burden, sharing time is beneficial to the other person as well. You don’t have to walk through life alone, especially while the deep work of the soul is at hand.
Libra     It seems as if everywhere you go today people are talking about their romantic antics. You may find yourself in the position of both the giver and seeker of advice when the spirited Sun and magnetic Venus dance in your 7th House of Relationships. However, perhaps the best tip you could offer or receive now is to stop asking what others can do for you and start asking what you can do for yourself. In the end, you have the final say on your own feelings; a regimen of compassionate self-care might be more valuable than anything else.
Scorpio     Fulfilling your obligations is always easier if you enjoy the chores you're doing. You're determined to keep as many plates spinning as possible now but sometimes the best way to stay motivated is to take a break from the action. Find a space where you can do something creative just for fun, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much simpler it is to manage all the things on your to-do list when you return. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, even when it comes to work.
Sagittarius     The passion that stirs you originates from a deeply felt place today and you're looking for ways to show your appreciation. Whether you need to make amends with a family member or just tell a close friend how much you care, a joyful Sun-Venus combination in your 5th House of Love makes your heart swell with gratitude. Shine your light brightly; your positivity is a beacon of hope for everyone traveling in your orbit.
Capricorn     The more softly you speak, the more impact your words will have today. A compassionate tone makes a world of difference when reconciliation is on the agenda, even if you simply feel the need for closure. The people closest to you will respond well to extra time taken to not only bring up matters of the heart, but to phrase them mindfully. Your sincerity is your greatest ally. Leading with vulnerability demonstrates your strength of character.
Aquarius     Sometimes it's challenging to express your feelings with words for fear of sounding clumsy when it comes to emotional topics. In lieu of writing a poem or singing a song, you may decide that picking out a meaningful gift is a better way to communicate your intentions. However, you might end up agonizing just as much over finding the perfect present as finding the perfect words. It's much simpler than you think; any earnest gesture will suffice as long as it has the power of love behind it.
Pisces     Your friends are lucky to have you by their side. Always looking for ways to help, you're quick to remind people that they should feel good about themselves. However, you may not be practicing what you preach today as retrograde Venus and the noble Sun align in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem. Subscribing to a victim narrative when it's within your own power to recognize your worth is a disservice. Change your mindset and find new ways to lift yourself up. Heed your own advice and love yourself as much as you love others.
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