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Friday, April 29
Itís beginning to dawn on us that we canít just leave the past behind now that Mercury and Mars are retrograde. Thankfully, we can minimize frustrations and maintain a positive attitude about the future by using this time to regroup, rather than resisting the cosmic tides. Paradoxically, we need to feel connected to a social network even if weíre afraid of losing our sense of individuality once the Moon shifts into quirky Aquarius at 4:46 am EDT.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     Youíre quite pleased when you can get along with everyone so easily, but you still must be careful that your self-confidence doesn't turn into arrogance today. You can become so focused on what you are saying that you inadvertently offend someone. People might even believe that youíre intentionally pushing their buttons. Hopefully, your best friends understand your motives, but you could anger a coworker if your approach appears too forceful. Honestly, it takes little effort to keep the peace by simply softening your rhetoric.
Taurus     You have a very specific agenda now and you wonít likely waste any time when starting your work. Unfortunately, others might interpret your behavior as theatrical rather than practical today, which can be irritating to you. Even if you are disappointed that people donít appreciate your efforts, itís not in your best interest to try to convince anyone of your good intentions because you have more important things to do. Although it may take a while, your actions will ultimately speak for themselves.
Gemini     You might run into some unexpected opposition today, no matter how self-assured you feel as you look to the future. However, facing resistance head-on isnít your best strategy now because your determination only piles more pressure onto a delicate situation. Thankfully, thereís no need to let someoneís negativity precipitate a crisis of self-doubt. Lighten up and do whatever is necessary to avoid confrontation; the sooner you move on, the sooner the disruptive energy settles down.
Cancer     Behaving in a carefree manner today sounds like the course of least resistance, but you wonít likely be flexible enough to make a big enough difference. Acting in an emotionally detached manner is challenging when you can see through someone's faÁade without even trying. But it isnít helpful to climb onto your soapbox and broadcast the truth as you perceive it because others probably wonít hear your message anyhow. Although you may be fed up with the entire charade, itís still wiser to let the awkward moment pass without giving it unnecessary attention.
Leo     Expressing your emotions in a forthright manner is tricky today, especially if you grow annoyed with a friend. Youíre tempted to find a scapegoat standing in your path who doesnít really deserve your wrath. Donít take your feelings out on the wrong person; this kind of unconscious behavior sours an otherwise sweet connection. Instead, gently vent your negativity without blaming anyone else. Engaging in vigorous physical exercise is one way to reduce your stress while removing others from your little drama.
Virgo     You might get so carried away with your work today that you exhaust yourself before reaching your objectives. If you start a task that grows into a major project, be sure to set well-defined limits so you know when to call it quits. You donít need to prove anything now, even if you think others may judge you in a negative light. Simply give it your unrestrained best effort and then walk away with a clear conscience.
Libra     You could unconsciously carry a chip on your shoulder today, especially if you have grown overconfident about your contributions at work. However, your larger-than-life attitude may stir up negativity from a close friend or partner. You might experience more than your fair share of discord if you hold on to the belief that your approach is superior to all others. Remember, there are many ways to view current events and yours is only one of them. Humility is your friend.
Scorpio     You may be so irritated with people who don't respect your boundaries that it becomes necessary to take a stand today. It doesnít matter that you understand on a logical level that being adaptable is the mature response. Your annoyance could still build until it morphs into anger because youíre tired of always assuming that things will improve. Don't wait until itís too late and you lose your temper; express your displeasure while you still can communicate in a kind and rational manner. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
Sagittarius     Youíre weary of doing everything the same old way today and yearn for the excitement of change. Itís great to be innovative as long as your restlessness doesnít prompt you to add chaos to your life just because you are currently bored. Proceed with caution or you could manufacture a whole new set of problems before you know it. Although it might be contrary to your natural flair for the dramatic, making small adjustments to your normal routine is smarter than shaking up everything all at once.
Capricorn     You have your own unique way of deciding whatís most valuable now, and your unconventional priorities could generate a bit of static. It doesnít matter how serious you are about improving your life; people still might assume youíre just acting eccentrically today. However, you probably sound more argumentative than you actually are, so be sure to temper any extreme opinions with a desire to maintain harmony. Thankfully, your common sense nudges you to stop and consider the impact of your words prior to alienating your closest allies.
Aquarius     You might not be in total control of your energy today as your awareness swings back and forth between your head and your heart. It's often easier for you brainy Aquarians to be rational than emotional, but the reflective Moon's visit to your sign brings a variety of desires up to the surface now. Your wide mood swings may confuse others, so try to maintain a pragmatic middle-of-the-road approach by integrating your feelings with your thoughts. Finding your center is the key to restoring balance in your world.
Pisces     Although you may believe your logical thinking will steer you in the right direction today, itís likely you will make assumptions based upon unconscious desires rather than solely on the facts. Whether you are right or wrong, stubbornly defending your position could escalate a minor disagreement into a larger conflict now. Listen carefully to the advice you receive instead of trying to win an argument. Once you realign your idealism with the truth, everything else will fall into place.
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