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Monday, December 18
We need to hold onto our hats for the planetary winds are blowing strong. The forward-looking Sagittarius New Moon at 1:30 am EST marks a powerful turning point that empowers us to set new intentions into motion. But there are no free lunches at the Cosmic Kitchen because the New Moon joins karmic Saturn just prior to her shift into serious Capricorn at 8:33 am. Hard work may be required to tie up loose ends before Saturn enters Capricorn tomorrow.
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Aries     You can see blue sky on a rainy day, enabling you to walk on the sunny side of the street no matter the weather. The inspirational Sagittarius New Moon energizes your 9th House of Distant Horizons, empowering you to transcend the apparent obstructions between you and your dreams. Although you might lack practicality at first, establishing ambitious goals gives you a reason to work harder and smarter. Pleasant surprises are all but guaranteed when you dare to reach for the stars.
Taurus     You are eager to give a partner the benefit of the doubt today, even if you envision potential trouble ahead. The optimistic Sagittarius New Moon occurs in your 8th House of Shared Resources, prompting you to gloss over any lingering doubts you might have about a joint venture. Your unwavering determination goes a long way to counterbalance unresolved issues that have yet to surface. However, itís still wise to reconsider the entire project one more time before finding yourself in over your head. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Gemini     The more you seek approval from external sources, the less likely it is that you will feel encouraged. Unfortunately, your most dependable allies might question your ability to fulfill your ambitions while the Sagittarius New Moon joins naysaying Saturn in your 7th House of Relationships. However, your success is not contingent on anyone elseís judgment unless you succumb to their negativity. Use the feedback you receive to improve your game rather than to abandon your dreams.
Cancer     Your commitments may have piled up so high that you are overwhelmed today. You thought that everything was moving along according to plan, only to realize how much remains to be completed. The Sagittarius New Moon falls in your 6th House of Work, giving you hope that you still can perform a miracle. But its conjunction with taskmaster Saturn reminds you of the long row to hoe extending before you. Although you wish you could find an escape hatch, rely on the fact that you will feel a real sense of accomplishment once you are done. The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish.
Leo     The weekend may be over, but you are busy building momentum toward the end-of-year festivities. You may already feel the holiday spirit and donít see the need to pretend otherwise just to keep up appearances. Much to your chagrin, you wonít be free to indulge in sentimentalities if you havenít fulfilled your obligations. Thereís no simple way to avoid the fact that austere Saturnís authority is restraining the Sagittarius New Moon in your 5th House of Spontaneity, requiring you to work now and play later. Responsibility is the ability to choose your response.
Virgo     You are quite comfortable stepping into your power, but only when you are supported by solid information. However, you grow timid when you lack good data. Normally, anxiety might surface when the buoyant Sagittarius New Moon emphasizes your 4th House of Foundations because you canít trust the ground on which you stand. However, the proximity of retrograde Mercury and stabilizing Saturn helps to shore up your confidence. Nevertheless, as Roman philosopher Pliny wrote, ďThe only certainty is that nothing is certain.Ē
Libra     You may be blinded by the light of your own positive thinking today. Normally, optimism works in your favor, but you must exercise caution or you could spread your energy so thin now that you wonít be effective at anything you do. Thankfully, the Sagittarius New Moon collaborates with strict Saturn in your 3rd House of Information, enabling you to filter out extraneous distractions. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.
Scorpio     You are neither an optimist nor a pessimist today. You are a possibilist, believing that good intentions coupled with hard work can bring about the results you desire. The audacious Sagittarius New Moon lands in your 2nd House of Self-Esteem, planting seeds of confidence that might grow into a job well done. However, your efforts are only rewarded by serious Saturn if you diligently complete all your work. For better or for worse, you get what you deserve.
Sagittarius     Taking your game to the next level seems like a piece of cake until you actually step up to the plate. The cavalier Sagittarius New Moon prompts you to believe you can do nearly anything now, without taking responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Thankfully, sobering Saturnís presence demands that you come to your senses before you create a situation that you canít control. Thereís no time to waste; you must swing into action if youíre hoping to hit a home run.
Capricorn     The sands of time are slipping through the hourglass and you intuitively know you must act before the moment is lost. You are passionate about your current ambitions while the ennobling Sagittarius New Moon invigorates your 12th House of Destiny. However, matters are complicated because this lunation is aligned with restrictive Saturn, which enters your sign tomorrow for a three-year visit. The short-term benefits of anything you undertake now may be limited. Thankfully, karma is at work and your current efforts will produce positive results over time if you are persistent and patient.
Aquarius     Tantalizing glimpses of the future fascinate you with a variety of possible paths. You wish that you didnít need to wait until your dreams come to fruition. However, authoritative Saturn has laid down the law and there are no shortcuts when traveling down the river of time. Nevertheless, the adventurous Sagittarius New Moon triggers your 11th House of Long-Term Goals, inspiring you to reexamine your priorities and make plans to fulfill your utopian visions. Every flower must grow through dirt.
Pisces     Youíve been wandering long enough and itís time to take bearings on your current position. Normally, youíre quite happy to follow the whims of your imagination. However, the opportunistic Sagittarius New Moon animates your 10th House of Career, offering you the chance for professional recognition for your outstanding work. Nevertheless, you must pay your dues to achieve success. Athlete Bo Jackson said, ďSet your goals high and donít stop till you get there.Ē
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