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Tuesday, September 19
Tolerance toward others is not just an act of compassion. The Sunís opposition to wounded Chiron reminds us that forgiving someone else also heals ourselves. But empty words that arenít connected to the heart do more damage than good. We are cautious with our feelings as loving Venus slips into practical Virgo and we approach the Virgo New Moon early tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, we strive to take the high road as Mercury opposes spiritual Neptune.
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Aries     Youíre saying all the right things today, but there is something else happening that is more complex than the words you are speaking. Your message may be concise and to the point, yet there is a subtle undercurrent that conveys an entirely different subtext. Something as simple as the tone of your voice can make the difference in what others actually hear. Be aware of how you express your intentions so there is no room for any misunderstandings. Listening with your psychic radar will help you navigate the waves.
Taurus     You might think that you are being completely transparent now, so you donít understand why your friends are confused by what you say. Unfortunately, there is an apparent disparity between what leaves your mouth and what enters someoneís ears today. Do your best to get your point across and then let it go. Your packed schedule doesnít leave you much time to backtrack to explain your message. Wyatt Earp said, ďFast is fine, but accuracy is everything.Ē
Gemini     Your thoughts are like sharp knives today, cutting through the mundane distractions. You are feeling more service-oriented as your key planet Mercury focuses your efforts on making emotional connections now, even in the workplace. Nevertheless, itís a mistake to assume that your associates are comfortable with this uncharacteristic level of personal disclosure. Thereís no reason to shift gears and bring up your feelings unless others are doing the same. Mutual consent keeps everyone on stable ground.
Cancer     Your brain is being taxed by all the facts and figures you must keep track of now. However, all you really want to do is stare out the window today, and let your imagination run wild as you make up stories in the clouds. But dreaming is a luxury you canít afford while your concentration is needed in the real world. Luckily, you can narrow your vision and reach your goals by simply exercising a little self-discipline. Your focus determines your future.
Leo     Itís completely your choice whether to handle unfinished financial business today, or skip out on your responsibilities. Oddly enough, your business partner is luring you into a spiritual quest but you canít just leave your mess behind now, expecting that someone else will clean it up. Itís a nebulous context, but you can trust that healing is possible if you are willing to confront a long-standing issue once and for all. Facing your fears is more than half the battle.
Virgo     A relationship dance may be strangely confusing today, even if you think you know the steps at first glance. However, it becomes readily apparent that youíre missing some important information now, because someoneís actions are not in sync with their words. Although asking lots of questions could annoy a friend or lover, donít let anything stop you from trying to gain additional clarity. Walt Whitman wrote, ďBe curious, not judgmental.Ē
Libra     You may be overwhelmed with emotion today, but you canít easily tell whether these feelings are yours or someone elseís. If they belong to you, itís your responsibility to honor them and share them in a manner that resonates with your heart. However, donít let yourself be consumed by another personís thoughts that have seeped into your imagination because you forgot to solidify your boundaries. Being a psychic sponge is useful only if you learn how to balance your needs with those of everyone else.
Scorpio     You might believe that you are analytical enough to navigate your way through a current relationship or family dilemma, but the best answers come from intuitive realizations now. A subtle but significant opposition between mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune in your 5th House of Romance conjures up vivid fantasies. Pay attention to your imagination today, for spiritual solutions could be just what the doctor ordered. Love is near, but additional preparation and even sacrifice may be required before you achieve the intimacy you seek. Jimi Hendrix said, ďWe have time, thereís no big rush.Ē
Sagittarius     Your anticipation of an upcoming trip leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat. Nevertheless, pragmatic concerns force you to reconsider your plans today. You can keep your dreams alive, but you might want to downsize for the sake of the adventure. Tuning into your feelings may not produce immediate answers, but they will provide more valuable insights than counting on your rational thinking alone. Make a clear distinction between your professional and personal lives, so you can focus on one while youíre more relaxed about the other.
Capricorn     Your superpower is your ability to convert your ambitions into a concrete plan. But your current ideas might be too big to fit into a working model. If the tension between home and career escalates now, consider the long-term consequences of your choices rather than limiting your analysis to the immediate situation. Ultimately, following your heartís desire brings more happiness than doing what is logical. Inventor Michael Faraday wrote, ďNothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature.Ē
Aquarius     You can tap into some magical fantasies while youíre trying to discern what you want from life. You may choose to talk about your dreams, but youíre likely to think twice before giving voice to your deepest secrets today. Donít avoid your feelings just because youíre more comfortable living in your head. Your life will be more meaningful when you also honor whatís in your heart. Norman Vincent Peale wrote, ďImagination is the true magic carpet.Ē
Pisces     You may be blinded by your high hopes today, especially if they suddenly tumble to the ground. Unfortunately, you might lack the ability to access your common sense now, leaving you vulnerable to wandering into a deceptive situation. You could be misled in a relationship if you fall victim to someoneís confusing message while Mercuryís sharp lens is diffused by its opposition to ephemeral Neptune. Caroline Myss wrote, ďThe soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.Ē
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