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Thursday, July 30
Our path is rife with unexpected twists and turns today as the cautious Capricorn Moon runs into early morning surprises from wacky Uranus and feisty Mars. Although the energy settles down as we figure out the limits of our control, weíre in for a more exciting evening once the Moon shifts into unconventional Aquarius at 5:40 pm EDT. However, a phantasmagorical Mars-Neptune connection adds a mysterious layer of fog over an already strange day.
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Aries     You can push boundaries without even realizing it when you are keyed up about something new. However, todayís enthusiasm might be a bit misdirected as assertive Mars misaligns with delusional Neptune. The problem is your pet idea may not be as brilliant as you think. Donít be so cocky that you stubbornly try to defend an incorrect assumption or an unrealistic goal. Be patient and review your plans one more time; practice makes perfect.
Taurus     Your dreams are right at the tips of your outstretched fingers today, making your professional goals seem within your grasp. On the positive side, you can believe a fantasy is so real that your legendary determination makes it so. However, you may be overconfident, convincing yourself that youíre very close to reaching your destination even if youíre not. Use your common sense before wasting more energy pursuing something that realistically canít happen. Focus on the tangible possibilities in the present moment instead.
Gemini     Jumping to conclusions can land you in a heap of trouble today as you revive an old dream of becoming a student for the sole purpose of learning. Exploring educational options is admirable if your primary goal is to expand your mind. Unfortunately, the Moonís visit to your 9th House of Higher Truth doesnít always prompt the most practical thinking. Widening your perspective is a healthy process as long as you donít rush to make a decision. Avoid participating in a comedy of errors by giving your ideas enough time to develop now before doing anything rash; haste makes waste.
Cancer     It's safer to keep your unexpressed emotional desires to yourself today, for your intensity can be unsettling to someone else. However, you still must be willing to gamble on the unknown if you want to experience new levels of intimacy with a special person you admire. Revealing your feelings creates a vulnerability that could pull you into a danger zone; thankfully, the benefits outweigh the risks now if youíre sincere in your affection.
Leo     You might be concerned that a magical moment could slip through your fingers today, but no amount of logic can help you figure out an effective strategy to stabilize your position. Attempting to rationally understand a relationship that eludes comprehension is an exercise in futility now. An approach based upon intellectual analysis only brings you back around to the same dissatisfaction youíre trying to escape. Itís time to release your need to discover truths other than what is already in your heart.
Virgo     You have a perfect opportunity to influence your physical well-being today by simply changing your attitude. The Moon's shift into innovative Aquarius and your 6th House of Daily Routine helps you focus your energy on self-improvement and cleaning up some of your old habits. The powerful impact positive thinking has on your life should not be underestimated. Obviously, taking decisive action is part of the program, but for now your mind holds the key to a happier and healthier you.
Libra     You could easily rekindle an old flame today; however, your feelings may be more dependent on your illusions than reality. Youíre open to the possibility of playful romance, whether or not youíre willing to express your emotions. Since a current infatuation might be the result of idle daydreaming, you really donít require anyone to act out your fantasy. Go ahead and enjoy the fruits of your imagination without worrying about reaching satisfaction in the real world. Love will find you when you stop looking for it.
Scorpio     You believe you understand how a domestic situation is going to play out, especially if you are in the process of reevaluating your long-term goals. However, it's nearly impossible to make a decision now because your future still seems like a faraway fantasy. Thereís little you can do to fill in the elusive details of your upcoming adventures. Instead of taking concrete action, give yourself permission to dream without attempting to make anything real yet.
Sagittarius     Communicating your ideas can be exasperating today, especially if you want others to play on your team. The good news is there are many options available, but your current plans probably lack substance. Normally, youíre quite happy to float in the realm of abstractions. However, your immediate need to create realistic goals is in direct conflict with your dreamier thoughts. Nevertheless, making a commitment to anything is better now than drifting along aimlessly. Saying yes requires you to take a risk, but putting all your eggs in one basket is much safer than you think.
Capricorn     Your ego may lose its sense of proportion now as others encourage you to reach for the stars. Obviously, self-confidence is a useful asset, but your outrageous ideas can annoy those who might otherwise be your most supportive allies. Moderating your ambitions with a little modesty is a wise strategy today. A healthy perspective on life makes all the difference between your success and failure. A touch of humility saves the day.
Aquarius     People might think youíre being particularly weird today, but itís just business as usual for you. In fact, you might have a few tricks up your sleeve to fool your audience into thinking you've got everything under control. You can cleverly avoid a skirmish over who is in charge if others feel less threatened by you. However, youíre still a formidable opponent behind your eccentric veneer. Donít waste time on a strategy based on misdirection; honest communication right from the start is a much more evolved way to build trust and get things done.
Pisces     You may be engaged in an uphill battle to keep your dreams under wraps today because they are overflowing right into your waking life. Obviously, rationalizing your feelings when your emotions are strongly influenced by unconscious urges is an impossible task. If you canít map out a sensible course of action, step back until the path becomes clear. A temporary retreat isnít a sign of defeat when youíre using your time constructively to gather your thoughts and get your bearings.
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