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Monday, August 31
A sudden plot shift in the cosmic storyline occurs as the evocative Moon blasts into impetuous Aries at 4:32 am EDT, reminding us that the only time we can change our future is in the present moment. However, we may experience bouts of self-doubt, second-guessing our recent decisions. Meanwhile, the Sunís annual opposition to nebulous Neptune confuses us with unclear messages from others. In the final analysis, all we can do is follow our dreams.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You want to swoop in and heroically save the day as you negotiate for the common good. Nevertheless, youíre not fully prepared to set aside your personal needs now that the sensitive Moon is hanging out in your sign. Walking the fine line between fighting for a cause and honoring your own priorities is your number one challenge today. No one expects you to drop everything, but taking one for the team demonstrates the generosity of your heart and the depth of your character.
Taurus     You surprise others by bringing a highly spiritual perspective to your relationships today. Thankfully, you can count on your common sense to keep you grounded while you gather facts and gain much-needed clarity. But donít pretend you know exactly whatís going on now; allow yourself to drift in the imaginary dimensions, even if it makes you uneasy. Thereís plenty of magic to be found if you can surrender to the unknown.
Gemini     You may find yourself swinging back and forth like a pendulum between the largest possible view of your life and the tiniest of details. Your imagination is soaring, allowing you to see every issue from a global perspective today. But it's difficult to act on a grandiose vision while floating up in the clouds. Bringing your mental meandering back down to earth is highly advisable now. Find small ways to move toward the big picture and youíll be fine.
Cancer     Youíre not as resistant to change as everyone thinks. After all, the Crabís daily rhythms are intimately entangled with the constantly shifting tides. But as emotional currents finally begin to turn today, itís challenging to tell which way the waters will ultimately flow. Float in place for a little while longer; once the confusion clears you can happily set sail while the wind is blowing in your direction. Working with the cosmic energy is key to your success.
Leo     If a close friend or partner is hard to read, it may be that your own confusion is broadcasting mixed messages which now echo back to you. If you are uncertain about a relationship, don't fall into the trap of acting as if everything is okay. By covering up your feelings today, you are setting the stage for more misunderstandings to surface tomorrow. Being honest about your needs encourages others to do the same. Nevertheless, imagining the best possible outcome opens the door to stronger connections.
Virgo     Your spiritual curiosity is growing by leaps and bounds today, while your current metaphysical interests take on greater significance. Subtle changes are occurring in your energy field now, even if their effects aren't yet visible. Although there are shifts on the horizon, the transformation is already beginning in your subconscious. Nothing useful comes from worrying about things you canít control. You can fully benefit from what's transpiring in your imagination if you donít sweat the small stuff and let the magic happen.
Libra     You are proud of being the uncontested champ of the balancing act, yet youíre feeling somewhat unsettled today. The cosmic conflict between the willful Sun and surreal Neptune pulls you in two directions. Part of you is busy ascending into spiritual realms as another part sticks around to handle the very real limitations of the material world. You may idealize the situation, yet it is essential to see things as they truly are now. Honoring the invisible and the tangible ensures that youíll be ready for whatever happens next.
Scorpio     Although you might not know your exact destination these days, your role in the outer world is still highly significant to you. You wonder if you should doggedly pursue your career or focus your efforts on the creative dimensions of your life. However, there arenít any quick and easy answers to your existential dilemma. Simplify the issues as much as possible and then let yourself feel what it's like to linger in your own uncertainty. The longer you sustain the mystery, the easier the resolution will be when clarity finally arrives.
Sagittarius     You often gravitate toward the most outrageous projects, since you enjoy living life on the edge. But the problem is you may not always attend to all the details and sometimes they can come back to haunt you. You don't have a strong inclination to return from your current dreams yet if youíre wandering through the outer limits of the universe. However, you might not have a choice if unexpected changes at work require you to be on your toes. Everyone will be extremely relieved if you take your cues from reality now; save your explorations for another day and choose the responsible path.
Capricorn     You feel the need to change things up in your everyday life but youíre clueless on where to begin. Start by pulling away from more practical realms since magical Neptune is lifting you into the clouds of illusion now, making it tricky to keep both feet on the ground anyhow. Although others might expect you to stick closely to the actual facts, you can easily misunderstand each other if you do. Listening with your heart enables you to read between the lines and catch the meaning behind the words.
Aquarius     Intimate relationships may be the source of great confusion today, especially if you donít pay close attention to what your partner is saying. In fact, it could take superhuman effort to hear the truth because words can get in the way of the real message. Don't force your perspective on anyone else. The solution to the current tension comes from recognizing multiple points of view and allowing them to coexist side by side now without panicking. Practicing unconditional love isnít always easy but itís the best use of your heart.
Pisces     Checking off each item on your list of things to do as early as possible allows you to get down to the important work of the day. The truth is that you may find it very challenging to maintain focus while the brilliant Sun opposes your key planet Neptune. Nevertheless, the cosmic advice is for you to spend more time daydreaming now rather than overcompensating with busy work. Todayís spiritual journey feeds your imagination and nourishes your soul.
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