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Saturday, May 28
We can escape from the hectic rat race today only if we think itís possible. It takes little effort now to make a clean break from our everyday responsibilities while the Moon finishes up her stay in rebellious Aquarius. Our feelings should be more accessible once the Moon enters compassionate Pisces at 5:05 pm EDT. However, the Sunís anxious aspect to radical Uranus later this evening enables us to shift out of our emotions and into our thoughts.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries     You love the idea of socializing with your friends yet you may discover that their interests are vastly different from yours today. At first, youíre ready to head out on your own instead of modifying your plans for the sake of harmony. Nevertheless, itís smarter to soften your stance and consider acquiescing to the needs of others. However, your peace of mind is temporary, even if you enjoy the buzz of the crowd. Sufi mystic Omar Khayyam wrote, "The thoughtful soul to solitude retires."
Taurus     Although the process of realization takes a while, it begins to dawn on you that you donít have to handle your regular load of responsibilities today. You still may spend time thinking about moneymaking opportunities, but you grow less concerned with material success throughout the day. Instead of trying to get ahead of the pack, your focus shifts to simply expressing yourself as freely as possible. Although you could get off to a false start, your attitude improves when you accept that itís more important to be true to your heart than to continue old habits that no longer serve you well.
Gemini     You can talk your way around nearly anything as long as you arenít swept up in a rising tide of emotions. But once you become attached to a certain outcome, you canít see the myriad of possibilities that are right in front of your face. Donít settle for the path of least resistance now; you need to stand up and fight for whatís rightfully yours. On one hand, you must be resolute when it comes to getting what you need. On the other hand, compromising with others makes your path easier to walk. The challenge is to find the sweet spot between honoring your heart and meeting the expectations of everyone else.
Cancer     You may feel like a Crab out of water until the Moon floats into fishy Pisces later in the day. However, youíre not interested in being limited by the synchronized swimming of all the other fish in the school. Youíre craving something entirely new and different without really caring if youíre out of step with everyone else. Ultimately, following your own rhythm is exhilarating and brings you more pleasure now than you might imagine.
Leo     Friends and relatives seem to be pushing your buttons today, and itís almost as if theyíre doing it on purpose. However, upon closer examination it becomes readily apparent that the real issue lies within you and not anyone else. Stop fighting against the prevailing winds; your life grows simpler when you are wise enough to discern the difference between those things that can and cannot be changed. Taking the high road shows your strength of character.
Virgo     Everyone seems to think that you will continue marching to your own drummer and they assume you arenít interested in conforming to the consensus of the group. Although you might ruffle some feathers with your eclectic behavior today, there is an admirable precision to your actions. Your tendency is to explain your strategy in great detail, but all that talk wonít help your case now. Instead, proceed with your original plans; your success is your best publicity.
Libra     Sometimes saying no to a social invitation is essential for your emotional well-being, especially if there are specific things you wish to accomplish. Instead of falling into the trap of getting lost in someone elseís agenda today, decide early in the day what you want to achieve and commit to making it happen. The feeling of deep satisfaction you will derive from following through with your plan will leave you smiling for days.
Scorpio     A flurry of events shifts the spotlight to your relationship with your outer world. Although you may be content running errands and crossing things off your list now, you secretly long for a break in all the action. Thankfully, youíll get your chance later today if youíre willing to prioritize your tasks so you can spend some time in quiet contemplation. Reconnecting with your inner world will bring you peace of mind and the wisdom to overcome any challenge.
Sagittarius     Relationship tension is slowly building as you try to balance your needs with the desires of others. Itís frustrating when your personal goals conflict with the wishes of someone you love. Rather than trying to smooth over the rough spots today, speak from the heart about the things that matter most to you. However, you must also take the time to listen to someone elseís story, too. Although you may end up at a stalemate, compassion overcomes the emotional distance created by fear or ignorance. Agreeing to disagree is a viable option.
Capricorn     You might feel as if youíre being pulled in several different directions at once. Unfortunately, you donít do well when there is no concrete plan in place. Even if someone is annoyed at your need for a detailed schedule, map out your day the best you can. Nevertheless, circumstances could change and your evening may still take you down an unexpected path. Finding that middle road between rigidity and chaos leads to a memorable experience.
Aquarius     Making up your mind is not the easiest thing to do today. In fact, you might surprise everyone with how quickly you can change your stripes. However, any uncertainty you experience during the day could vanish in an instant when the lightning strikes and you see the ultimate truth. This kind of ďahaĒ experience can be a profound moment, but avoid trying to explain your epiphany to everyone else. Mere words can't convey the magic of serendipity.
Pisces     It may seem as if your weekend is being hijacked because you have so much work to do this morning. Thankfully, your busyness will pay off sooner than you expect if you are strategic with your schedule. However, you need to take charge in order to make something special happen. Although you might not feel ready to relax until nighttime, the high level of mental and social stimulation acts as a tonic for your soul.
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