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Thursday, February 11
We receive a cosmic blast of motivation as the Moon shifts into enthusiastic Aries at 4:54 am EST. A new emotional cycle encourages us to impulsively rush ahead into whatever we think we should be doing next. But harsh lunar alignments mean we can come on too strong. Itís even easier to be excited about our plans because Jupiterís optimism lingers. Meanwhile, a fantasy-prone Venus-Neptune connection tempts us to confuse our dreams with reality.
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Aries     Youíre ready to set the world on fire today in order to achieve your goals. However, your confidence could succumb to self-doubt when you see how others react to your unrestrained energy. You might not even be aware that youíre giving off mixed signals. Your moods are changing quickly and you aren't very good at hiding your emotions while the Moon is hanging out in your sign. It's wise to balance your innate sense of urgency with a healthy dose of prudence. Thankfully, you have more time than you think.
Taurus     Itís just plain common sense to check in with your heart today to determine what you need, especially if youíve been busy spending lots of time with friends and family. Ironically, increased responsibilities at work may be a welcome relief now because they give you something outside of your personal world to focus on. Your current restlessness could inspire you to take on a challenging project, but it's still a smarter move to finish tying up loose ends so youíre ready for new opportunities when they come knocking at your door.
Gemini     Youíre eager to reconnect with friends and coworkers today because youíre excited to share some good news. But the Moonís visit to your 11th House of Networking fuels your enthusiasm to the point that you want to drop everything and shout your plans from the rooftop. Nevertheless, itís crucial to follow through on your previous commitments because people are counting on you now. Luckily, you crafty Twins are experts at juggling your desire for social interactions with your sense of responsibility.
Cancer     Youíre standing at a crossroads today, imagining what it will feel like to be on the other side of the intersection. You want to blast your way through any fear you encounter, but it grows more challenging with every step you take. You can see there are many alternatives, so what starts as an impulse turns into a much deeper consideration. Don't rush the process; let your adventure unfold naturally, according to its own clock.
Leo     Youíre intrigued by the idea of exploring your emotions today as if they were uncharted lands, but might not know exactly how to do it. Actually, being yourself can be very complicated if you're normally more comfortable hiding safely behind a mask. Although youíre often able to disguise yourself, the true you shines through now. Luckily, itís much easier to touch others with what's in your heart once you realize how much work it takes to keep your intensity hidden. Your authenticity is all you need for a successful journey.
Virgo     You may be more relaxed about your responsibilities today, but only if youíre already caught up at work. You have a lot on your plate these days, yet your state of heightened efficiency enables you to complete your chores and still have time left over for fun. However, donít be so eager in your quest for excitement that you agree to be part of something before you know what it entails. Youíll be happiest now if you listen to your heart, decide what you want and then methodically execute your plan to get it.
Libra     Someone close to you could become annoyed or even angry with your behavior today. However, from your vantage point he or she seems to be needlessly stirring up conflict. Unfortunately, your valiant attempts to avoid confrontation might not be effective. Donít slip into an argument; relying on logic to solve the situation will only make matters worse. A strategy based on compassion is a wise choice, especially for you peacekeepers of the zodiac. Soften your position and apply the Golden Rule whenever possible.
Scorpio     Youíre not happy about having to hold your tongue for the sake of harmony today. If there is something on your mind, you need to just come out and say it. Your patience wears thin if you are challenged by someone who is acting selfishly now. Although you might know whatís best in the long run, youíre still tempted to push an issue right to the edge. However, itís currently smarter to step back from a confrontational encounter. Reducing the pressure on a difficult situation, rather than adding more stress to it, will be greatly appreciated by all involved.
Sagittarius     Youíre craving some good old-fashioned fun now that the Moon is skipping through your 5th House of Pleasure. The impulsive Aries Moon hangs over you like a temptation to pursue the sweet spontaneity of childlike play. Of course, you canít just walk out on your current responsibilities, even if it sounds like a wonderful idea. Instead of trying to escape, integrate your excitement into your work routine. Expressing your creativity within responsible limits just might bring the satisfaction you were searching for all along.
Capricorn     Your tight schedule can be a problem because you donít want to jeopardize your stability today. Youíre not in the mood to add anything to your calendar that's not already in your plans. However, keeping everything neatly compartmentalized wonít guarantee the certainty you seek. Much to your chagrin, someone's unexpected emotional display still could pull you off course. Just remember, other peopleís feelings must be taken as seriously as your own, even if it seems like an inconvenience to you.
Aquarius     Your willingness to let go of your personal agenda makes it relatively easy to interact with others today. However, those close to you might have their own ideas about how you should conduct your affairs and could suddenly be an obstacle to your relationship happiness. It's smarter to just state whatís on your mind and let people know if something makes you uncomfortable. Thankfully, your current issues don't need an immediate resolution. A spirited conversation that gets everyoneís feelings out on the table will help more than you think. Talk more, worry less.
Pisces     You might be considering new ways to increase your income now that the Moon is counting coins in your 2nd House of Self-Worth. However, your current thoughts may not be very connected to reality. Nevertheless, donít worry if your ideas are rather impractical; the important thing is to give yourself permission to dream. Your imagination is the key to an upcoming breakthrough, so let your fantasies roll by unedited. Wait until you return to earth in a few days before settling on a goal and choosing a logical course of action.
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