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Thursday, March 26
We may be able to turn our best ideas into action today as the clever Gemini Moon forms a cooperative sextile with forceful Mars. However, we can also fall into the Gemini trap of rationalizing our feelings to ourselves without attempting to justify them to anyone else. Nevertheless, our emotions grow deeper once the Moon enters watery Cancer at 3:45 pm EDT and we shift from a rather distracted intellectual approach to a much moodier one.
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Aries     Everything appears to be coming up roses now, but your positive attitude is still being directly fueled by your fantasies. You know that there is more happening beneath the surface and you are extremely curious about what isnít being said out loud. However, you may try taking the easy way out by ignoring your doubts and keeping your discomfort buried at an unconscious level. Although you might declare that youíre worry-free today, itís healthier to talk about your feelings rather than avoiding them. Sharing your secrets inspires others to do the same.
Taurus     You are wise to initiate action sooner rather than later today while the Moon is still hanging out in your 2nd House of Values, empowering you to clearly verbalize your core beliefs. Unfortunately, if you delay the conversation until later in the evening, youíre likely to stir up an emotional melodrama. Making time to reveal your thoughts to a trusted friend can open a door to a meaningful discussion about your dreams for the future.
Gemini     You may have to consciously slow down in order to catch up with yourself today. If you continue to run at full speed you could be exhausted by the evening. You appear as if youíre open to other peopleís ideas now, but chances are you have already decided your course of action. Unfortunately, if a friend confronts you about your beliefs, you could lose your temper before you know it. Be mindful and donít project your moodiness onto anyone else now, just because you might be able to get away with it. Be honest and establish firm boundaries for the sake of everyone involved.
Cancer     Everything may seem rather chaotic today as you run around juggling all your projects. Unfortunately, you might not successfully fulfill your obligations if you take on too much at this time. If you become anxious about your work, an ensuing letdown could be difficult to handle. Being aware of your feelings should go a long way toward preventing an inappropriately intense emotional response to a relatively innocent question. Take a deep breath and count to ten before opening your mouth.
Leo     The winds have changed and you are breathing easier today. Youíre able to look ahead and see all the possibilities, rather than still being tied to past responsibilities. Swing into action with firm resolve; you have a chance to accomplish more than you expect now if you stay focused on your goals throughout the day. But start early because your momentum will surely slow down as the day progresses. Strike while the iron is hot or you might miss the boat entirely.
Virgo     You are determined to produce measureable results today, but your willpower gradually fades as your mind is drawn to less pragmatic things this evening. Unfortunately, you don't have the luxury of being able to lose yourself into your imagination now as a disagreement abruptly brings you back to the present moment. But don't take your annoyance out on others just because you wish you could still be meandering around in your dreams. Resolve your differences as quickly as possible so you have time to explore your fantasies.
Libra     Although you may be imagining all the exotic places you want to travel to and all the intriguing people you hope to meet, youíre running out of time. The weight of your unfulfilled commitments is quickly overtaking your other thoughts. This stress could lead to an unnecessary argument because it's easier to blame a friend or lover for your circumstances now. Even if you are unhappy with the current dynamics, taking full responsibility for your situation is the quickest route to reconnecting with your true self.
Scorpio     You have been plucked from your natural habitat today, yet are able to quickly adapt by visualizing a time when you were more comfortable. Later in the day, the tides shift, inspiring you to rediscover the emotional connections with those you love. Unfortunately, everything might not be as simple as you wish. Acknowledge where reality falls short of your expectations in such a way that releases everyone else of the need to be responsible for your happiness.
Sagittarius     It may appear as if your friendsí eagerness to follow your lead is more bark than bite, making it harder to trust their intentions now. Although your current cynicism could appear out of character, youíre fairly certain that others will just let you down. You might grow more sullen throughout the day and even pick a fight with someone in an attempt to express your frustration. Instead of taking your fears out on anyone else, look within for your answers. Acknowledging your role in creating the current dynamics gives you the best odds for finding a permanent solution.
Capricorn     Something profound is coming down the road and as hard as you try to get out of the way, you cannot. Thankfully, physical harm is not likely, yet you may be confronted with the wide gulf between you and your loved ones now. This isnít the time to force a resolution between two people who respond very differently. Instead, stay aware of the feelings that arise, for they reveal where there is work still to be done. Listen to your heart and the mystery will solve itself in its own time.
Aquarius     Finishing your chores is challenging work now, especially if you would rather be dreaming about your future than managing the mundane details of a annoying situation. But the Moon's entry into your 6th House of Work this afternoon convinces you that tomorrow will be a much more productive day. And, astrologically, this just may be true. Nevertheless, some things must be completed today or you'll just end up doing them under pressure at a later time. Bite the bullet and do what must be done.
Pisces     You might go out of your way to hide your feelings today, but your attempts may not be sufficient to do the trick. Even if you sidestep a confusing situation early in the day, it's likely to swing back around and catch you off guard later. Don't stress too much if you are involved in an uncomfortable discussion. Instead of trying to emerge victorious in an argument, simply strive to find common ground or just smile and walk away.
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