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Week of June 6
Love's Week in Preview:   Love takes flight on Thursday when alluring Venus flits into flirty Gemini. A light-hearted spirit spurs playful feelings and a dreamy Venus-Neptune hook-up adds a splash of fantasy on Friday, starting the weekend off in a rosy haze. However, the Moonís shift from accommodating Libra to intensifying Scorpio on Saturday afternoon brings a more serious tone to love by stirring up deep emotions.
Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn
Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Aries   Expect a wide range of emotions on Friday with a romantic Venus connection occurring while the Libra Moon makes stressful aspects in your 7th House of Partners. Sorting out conflicted feelings could go surprisingly well during the rest of the weekend as a lunar shift into incisive Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy on Saturday opens the door to greater emotional honesty.
Taurus   The party starts on Saturday afternoon after the Moon enters sultry Scorpio and your 7th House of Partners. Emotions flow with passion and power that intensify your experiences. Profound desires motivate you to demonstrate a willingness to go to extremes and take risks in expressing yourself. Use your newfound courage to get closer to someone special or to end an unfulfilling relationship.
Gemini   Alluring Venus enters your playful sign on Thursday, enhancing your sense of beauty, boosting your self-esteem and inviting flirtatious interactions. Drifting off into a romantic fantasy is a form of risky fun on Friday. But taking relationships more seriously is recommended after the Moon dives into penetrating Scorpio on Saturday, when emotions are likely to go to some dark and deep places.
Cancer   The action begins on Saturday afternoon when the Moon moves into steamy Scorpio and your 5th House of Romance. You could go into full seduction mode, which might not be entirely obvious in your sometimes subtle sign. Try out new and delicious experiences on Sunday since a wicked little Venus-Uranus sextile encourages you to break a few social rules.
Leo   Sometimes itís better to talk about love and play around the edges of romance than to jump in with both feet. A fantasy-driven Venus-Neptune square on Friday sets you up to dream about something that may not be worth pursuing in the real world. Exploring the possibilities in your imagination is fine, but a full commitment of your heart requires a few more days of practical consideration.
Virgo   You could be surprisingly intense about romantic matters on Saturday and Sunday. The Scorpio Moon infuses you with a quiet passion that others can't help but notice. Your eyes and words carry a great deal of power, enabling you to send signals of desire with one glance or a casual remark. Conversation may be your best tool for seduction even if the subjects of love, sex and relationships are never discussed.
Libra   The Moon is in your idealistic sign on Friday when loving Venus creates a sketchy square with imaginative Neptune. Romantic dreams are likely to be much more interesting than reality now, but you might not even notice the difference. Try to maintain a dash of common sense to prevent your emotions from leading you into an untenable situation. Once the Scorpio Moon shifts into your 2nd House of Resources on Saturday afternoon, you will need to work even harder to not let your feelings overtake logic.
Scorpio   The Moonís entry into your passionate sign on Saturday afternoon gets your heart beating faster this weekend. Happily, you are able to balance your emotional intensity with an open-minded curiosity that allows you to enjoy unusual people and experiences. Your experimental attitude lightens the mood and makes it possible to discuss delicate issues without turning the conversation into a major drama.
Sagittarius   Your enthusiasm is best expressed with a healthy dose of restraint during this emotional weekend. Feelings are tender on Friday when facing reality can be a problem. The Moon scoots into your secretive 12th House on Saturday, making privacy and discretion your temporary top priorities. If you feel safe, sharing your feelings with someone you trust can bring you welcome relief.
Capricorn   Do your best to avoid raining on someoneís romantic parade on Friday. You may clearly see the foolishness of his or her ideas, but your job now is to be kind rather than critical. A quiet conversation on Saturday or Sunday is more likely to allow your opinions to be heard. Practicing patience will reward you with trust, but being in too much of a hurry can cool off a potential partnership.
Aquarius   Sweet Venus sashays into your 5th House of Romance on Thursday, which can greatly enhance your personal life in the coming weeks. You may even be ready to set reason aside on Friday when the love planet merges with dreamy Neptune to shut off your mind and open your heart. The rest of the weekend will give you a chance to see if what youíve felt is actually real, or just a figment of your imagination.
Pisces   Your romantic nature is supported by a dreamy Venus-Neptune connection on Friday while the Moon travels through your 8th House of Intimacy. This cosmic climate may be yummy or it could be crummy if your judgment about someone is off the mark. A short break from reality is fine as long as you donít plan to build your life around a feeling thatís not actually supported by facts. You might want to explore uncharted waters once the Scorpio Moon drifts into your 9th House of Adventure on Saturday, just don't get lost along the way.

LoveStars is written by Jeff Jawer , professional astrologer and cofounder of, the source for intelligent astrology on the Internet. Your zodiac sign is just one part of the story. For the rest of the story get personalized astrology based on your complete birth chart with your FREE PlanetForecast from

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