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Astrology by Hand 15 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses whether or not there is a difference between magic and technology. 12/8/2012
Astrology by Hand 7 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob takes a time out from his discussion of horary to look into the idea of action-at-a-distance in physics, and how it relates to astrology. 10/13/2012
Astrology by Hand 17 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob takes a look at what consciousness and free will really are. 12/22/2012
Astrology by Hand 3 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Astrologer Rob Hand takes a look at psychological and humanistic astrology as a challenge to science. 9/15/2012
Astrology by Hand 29 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob brings us up to the present with his history of Western astrology. 3/23/2013
Astrology by Hand 20 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the use of ritual in magic and astrology. 1/12/2013
Astrology by Hand 21 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob continues the discussion with a look at the languages of nature. 1/19/2013
Astrology by Hand 36 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob uses traditional astrology to show why George W. Bush's Twelfth House Cancer Sun may not be as weak as it appears according to modern methods for evaluating planet strength. 2/24/2001
Astrology by Hand 18 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the link between language, magic and astrology. 12/28/2012
Astrology by Hand 26 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob concludes his thoughts on the dialogue between heaven and earth. 2/23/2013
Astrology by Hand 27 (98%)
by Rob Hand
What exactly is "traditional astrology" and how does it differ from "modern astrology?" 3/2/2013
Astrology by Hand 2 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Astrologer Robert Hand continues his examination of the relationship between astrology and science. 6/24/2000
Astrology by Hand 16 (98%)
by Rob Hand
Rob looks at the role consciousness and will play in magic and spell-casting. 12/15/2012
Astrology by Hand 1 (97%)
by Rob Hand
One of the most respected astrologers in the world examines astrology's relationship to science. 6/17/2000
Astrology by Hand 37 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob delves deeper into George W. Bush's horoscope using traditional astrology to show what modern techniques fail to see. 3/3/2001
Astrology by Hand 10 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob discusses what he believes to be the most common reason for errors made in chart readings. 11/3/2012
Astrology by Hand 24 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob goes more in-depth about planets in their debilities and looks at a few examples. 2/9/2013
Astrology by Hand 13 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob explores different definitions and types of magic, as well as whether or not such a thing even exists. 11/24/2012
Astrology by Hand 9 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob returns to his discussion of horary astrology and the particular challenges it makes to astrology's acceptance by science. 10/27/2012
Astrology by Hand 6 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand continues his discussion of horary astrology and its connections to other branches of astrology and to science. 10/7/2012
Astrology by Hand 40 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand interprets the horoscope of John McCain as the Virgo senator's bill on campaign reform is being debated in Congress. 3/24/2001
Astrology by Hand 23 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob argues that having planet-sign combinations traditionally known to be in their detriment or fall may not simply be bad, but have their own gifts as well. 2/2/2013
Astrology by Hand 22 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Nothing in the physical world is entirely of this world. Everything participates in varying degrees in the higher worlds. Even the planetary motions have some degree of indeterminacy. Could this be a kind of freedom? 1/26/2013
Astrology by Hand 34 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob continues his exploration of the function of the planets by examining medieval ideas regarding the difference between a planet occupying and ruling a house or sign. 2/10/2001
Astrology by Hand 5 (97%)
by Rob Hand
Rob Hand continues his discussion of the conflicts between astrology and science with an examination of horary astrology. 9/1/2012

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