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Consultations with Jeff

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds. The New Moon Report describes the collective patterns in which we all exist, yet each of us is unique. Jeff Jawer provides personal consultations to make the most of your abilities according to your individual birth chart. He helps you to understand the cycles of the planets and apply this knowledge to bring more happiness into your life. Contact Jeff at to schedule an appointment or go to Consultations with Jeff to find out more.

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For a personal forecast based on your personal birth chart check out Your Big Picture Forecast and the 30-Day Forecast created by Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine. Click on Celebrity Sample to see the detailed transit information these reports provide.

New Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, November 22, 4:32 am PST, 7:32 am EST

The New Moon in visionary Sagittarius opens our hearts and minds to faraway places and big ideas. Imaginative Neptuneís square brings faith and fantasy that either inspires grander visions or takes us well past the limits of reality. This Sun-Moon conjunction in astrologyís most adventurous sign is an invitation to broaden horizons through higher education and travel. It also plants seeds for seeking and speaking the truth. Sagittarius is a sign of both humor and honesty (with a little exaggeration thrown in to make the stories more interesting), but can sometimes lack sensitivity to the insecurities of others. Expressing beliefs openly can feel liberating but it is not a license to judge or lecture people without regard to their feelings. When faith in what weíre saying is shaky, we push others harder to get their support, but when conviction is real thereís no need to force people to agree with us. Responsible Saturnís conjunction to this lunation is a reminder that the consequences and costs of traveling a new road may not be recognized at first, making caution an essential element of a successful journey.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Thursday, November 27, 6:26 pm PST, 9:26 pm EST

Small minded Mercury can over-inflate the importance of details or fail to notice critical data when passing through philosophical Sagittarius. The speedy messenger planet excels at gathering and sharing information yet may be careless about accuracy in this enthusiastic fire sign. Ideas that fire up the mind can lead to generalizations and blunt speech. Excitement about learning and teaching are plusses as long as we donít oversell ourselves or others on the value of our ideas.

Mars in Aquarius
Thursday, December 4, 3:57 pm PST, 6:57 pm EST

Marching to the beat of oneís own drum is the theme of Marsí transit through Aquarius. Thereís a paradox with the action planetís presence in this sign because the Waterbearer values both independence and cooperation. Pushing others to stay within a box is likely to produce negative reactions, and appeals to authority may be equally fruitless. Yet treating people as equals can produce innovative actions and more productive forms of collaboration. Intellect may cool passion in this brainy air sign, but we can use a bit of detachment to be able to recognize ways of changing patterns that have become dull with repetition.

Full Moon in Gemini
Saturday, December 6, 4:27 am PST, 7:27 am EST

The Gemini Moon is like a butterfly that flits from flower to flower while the Sun in opposing Sagittarius is a long-distance traveler with a higher goal in mind. Both signs are intellectually stimulating but with very different purposes. The former gathers facts and the latter seeks meaning. Itís easy to become distracted by overdoses of information and trivial distractions as we learn how to shift attention from current issues to future concerns and back again. We benefit by combining flexibility with truth-seeking to reduce self-righteousness and invite openness to new ideas.

Mercury conjunct the Sun
Monday, December 8, 1:52 am PST, 4:52 am EST

The union of the self-conscious Sun and cerebral Mercury provides a sharper picture of ourselves and a greater capacity to express our opinions. Recognizing patterns and formulating plans are easier with this conjunction, but there is a possibility of becoming narrow-minded and judgmental. Tolerance for different beliefs is important now because whatever personal truths we discover may not make sense to everyone else.

Jupiter Retrograde
Monday, December 8

The reversal of this planet of aspiration doesnít eliminate the ability to make progress toward our goals. It does, however, indicate that more review and reflection might be necessary to ensure the success of long-range plans. Instead of trying so hard to sell your ideas to others, double check to make sure that whatever youíve been saying still feels true to you.

Venus in Capricorn
Wednesday, December 10, 8:42 am PST, 11:42 am EST

The planet of charm and graceís entry into ambitious and hard working Capricorn encourages more assertiveness in relationships. Earning love and approval comes from discipline, patience and a plan of attack, making this a time to go out and get what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you. There is, though, a competitive side to this sign that can make cooperation more difficult. However, partners can advance their interests when an alliance is based on mutual respect and a commitment to putting in the effort to make both parties more successful.

Uranus square Pluto
Sunday, December 14

This is the sixth of seven transformational squares between these world shaking outer planets. Itís another chance to recognize where weíve institutionalized habits and beliefs that keep us tied to the past. Rebelling against authorities and rules may be a common response but isnít as important as overcoming resistance to change within ourselves. Sociable Venus joins Pluto and squares Uranus in six days, making relationships, resources and self-worth issues ground zero for radical shifts during the week ahead.

Mercury in Capricorn
Tuesday, December 16, 7:53 pm PST, 10:53 pm EST

Thinking is squared up by practicality and purpose with perceptive Mercury in this well-organized sign. A more pragmatic view of life will support personal and professional ambitions. However, even casual comments can feel like commands in dominating Capricorn, so a little bit of diplomacy goes a long way toward sharing strong ideas without rubbling people the wrong way.

Uranus Direct
Sunday, December 21

The drive for freedom and innovation begins to assert itself with revolutionary Uranusí shift into forward gear. Restlessness rises unless healthy outlets are found to express our urges for something new. Subtly changing daily routines can relieve pressure and open pathways to even more meaningful forms of creativity.

Sun in Capricorn
Sunday, December 21, 3:03 pm PST, 6:03 pm EST

Itís time to get serious about setting and achieving goals as the Sun enters earthy Capricorn. The days grow longer in the Northern Hemisphere, signaling a rise in ambition and a stronger sense of purpose. Higher expectations need to be matched by the maturity it takes to live up to these lofty expectations. Persistence and maintaining a steady pace will take us further than sudden bursts of activity followed by slacking off or slowing down. Saturn-ruled Capricorn responds well to regular rhythms, so showing up and tackling tough tasks with consistency are major keys to success.

This hyper-enthusiastic Sagittarius New Moon is a picture of contrasts. Constraining Saturn is close by to hold tightly onto the reins of reality while dreamy Neptuneís squishy square tosses pixie dust in our eyes. Vacillating between sober thinking and imaginative flights of fantasy are more likely to be exhausting than appealing. Yet cleverly combining these diverse perspectives might produce the magic that can make dreams come true.

Have a great month!

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