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Consultations with Jeff

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds.

StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to describe energy patterns for the month ahead. This is a big picture view of the general cosmic weather that affects us all.

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New Moon in Cancer
Friday, June 27, 1:08 am PDT, 4:08 am EDT

The New Moon in nurturing Cancer helps us plant seeds for future growth. Taking the first steps toward changes, professionally and personally, will produce better results when you carefully tend to the early stages of this creative process. Emotions need to be aligned with your desires to make concrete changes of a meaningful nature, so reassess them to make sure that they fully support your ideas. Magical Neptune's harmonious trine to this Sun-Moon conjunction inspires imagination and offers forgiveness as old wounds are salved by faith and compassion. If difficult feelings arise, letting the waters flow without guilt or self-pity will accelerate the healing process.

Mercury Direct
Tuesday, July 1

The communication planet ends its reversal period today, enabling conversations that have been put on hold to start moving forward again. This transition occurs in Mercury's airy home sign Gemini, which could flood us with more information than we can easily digest. Avoid scattering attention too widely or allowing curiosity to take you so far off track that you lose sight of your goal and muddle your message with excess data.

Full Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, July 12, 4:25 am PDT, 7:25 am EDT

The Full Moon in pragmatic and tough-minded Capricorn opposes the sensitive Cancer Sun to provide a fresh perspective on security and ambition. Being overly emotional or self-protective is unlikely to prove successful because energetic Mars forms challenging squares to this lunation. Acting assertively makes sense as long as we consider others' needs and act accordingly. Cooperation works better than competition or going it alone, even if it means that you have to slow down or adjust your methods to maintain the enthusiastic participation of others.

Mercury in Cancer
Saturday, July 12, 9:45 pm PDT, Sunday, July 13, 12:45 am EDT

Mental Mercury revisits the cardinal water sign where it turned retrograde back on June 7. Emotional issues that were set aside or ignored then may re-emerge with a greater intensity now. Balancing facts and feelings is a key to getting a personal message across without sounding weak and whiny. Delicate discussions are best handled in private settings where vulnerability can be expressed honestly and safely.

Jupiter in Leo
Wednesday, July 16, 3:30 am PDT, 6:30 am EDT

Enthusiastic Jupiter's yearlong journey through Leo rewards the bold and the brave. This creative fire sign ignites the optimism and grand vision of the solar system's largest planet. Egos may expand in the process, but it's usually smarter to take chances and aim for the stars than to settle for the status quo. It's time to look beyond the limits of current reality to see a future filled with greater possibilities for love, joy and discovery. Even if we fall short of our highest expectations, we're likely to land in a more rewarding place than we are in right now.

Venus in Cancer
Friday, July 18, 7:07 am PDT, 10:07 am EDT

Relationships grow sweeter with the love planet's entry into tender and sensitive Cancer. We might take people's comments and criticisms more personally with approval-seeking Venus in this highly intimate sign. Yet we may also develop feelings of closeness that can only occur when we feel safe enough to drop our defenses and let others in.

Saturn Direct
Sunday, July 20

The planet of crystallization's shift into forward motion pushes us to take action on our plans. Saturn is about dealing with reality, which turns from a subjective inner experience to an objective external one as it goes direct. Hard work done during the past few months should start to pay off soon, but areas where obligations have not been met could become more challenging.

Uranus Retrograde
Monday, July 21

Revolutionary Uranus' retrograde period until December 21 is a time to fight for freedom by liberating ourselves from outmoded patterns. Instead of rebelling against others' rules, this turning point helps us to start noticing the barriers we've set up for ourselves. Liberation from concepts, habits and actions that stifle innovation and limit individual expression comes by waking up from unconscious instincts and learning to see ourselves in new and different ways.

Sun in Leo
Tuesday, July 22, 2:42 pm PDT, 5:42 pm EDT

We can be ennobled and energized by the Sun's entry into its royal home sign Leo. The extravagance, playfulness and creativity of this transit are strong with the solar conjunction to jovial Jupiter on July 24. Pride becomes a more significant issue with the Sun's ingress and the question is whether it is earned or not. When our needs for recognition and respect hard work, they should be honored. However, when the desire for approval from others comes from a lack of self-esteem it's time to put in the effort to get it.

The New Moon in Cancer connects emotions and ego, which can lead to personal drama if there aren't healthy outlets to express ourselves freely. Finding the will to act on unfulfilled feelings and desires, though, is a potential gift of this lunation. There's no need to bully oneself or others because the rewards of this instinctive water sign multiply when we treat everyone with tender, loving care.

Have a great month!

(c)2014,, Inc.

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