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Consultations with Jeff

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds.

StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to describe energy patterns for the month ahead. This is a big picture view of the general cosmic weather that affects us all.

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New Moon in Leo
Saturday, July 26, 3:42 pm PDT, 6:42 pm EDT

The New Moon in Leo is a firestorm of fun, especially with expansive Jupiter's conjunction to this lunation. More, more and more are keywords for this enthusiastic event. Confident and creative self-expression increases opportunities for romance, creativity and adventure. Yet running on blind faith could be dangerous with aggressive Mars in Scorpio's tense square to this Sun-Moon conjunction. This aspect amplifies pressure and sparks a sense of urgency that's better used to break new ground than to fight change from a defensive position. Anger is transformed into constructive activity when we recognize the enormous potential available now for discovering new ways to love, play and express ourselves.

Mercury in Leo
Thursday, July 31, 3:46 pm PDT, 6:46 pm EDT

Chatty Mercury in confident Leo infuses messages with enthusiasm. Bold statements are expected and even straightforward comments can sound grand. Fresh ideas flow easily and are spoken with the assurance of an experienced salesperson. There is a chance that conversations may devolve into ego battles when we're more interested in showing off than engaging in a meaningful dialogue. Taking ourselves less seriously reduces the likelihood of coming across as bossy or pretentious and invites a more joyful, convivial and creative approach to communication.

Mercury conjunct the Sun
Friday, August 8, 9:22 am PDT, 12:22 pm EDT

The alignment of Mercury and the Sun in Leo provides clarity about oneself if we're not too busy trying to impress anyone. Tooting one's own horn is tempting in this prideful sign, yet opportunities for insight increase when we look inward. Speaking from the heart is a definite plus as long as honesty is tempered by sensitivity. Still, we may become so fascinated by our own ideas that we're less inclined to hear what others say, making listening skills especially valuable now.

Full Moon in Aquarius
Sunday, August 10, 11:10 am PDT, 2:10 pm EDT

The opposition of the Moon in friendly Aquarius to the Sun in playful Leo is often one of the best party times of the year. However, the contrast between the collaborative nature of the former and dominating characteristics of the latter can trigger issues about freedom and control. This year, though, stern Saturn in skeptical Scorpio enters the picture with stressful squares to both luminaries. We may over-react to any restrictions by forcing a showdown or withdrawing from involvement with authoritarian individuals. A more effective application of these planetary patterns is to concentrate on gathering the resources and establishing the efficiency needed to turn big concepts into reality.

Venus in Leo
Tuesday, August 12, 12:24 am PDT, 3:24 am EDT

The planet of love and approval's transit of demonstrative Leo heats up relationships and heightens our hunger for affection. We may be extravagant in expressing emotions and expect equally passionate responses in return. Taking romantic risks is appropriate because playing it safe is likely to leave us out in the cold. Attention comes to those who dare to act boldly, yet putting on a big show without sincerity or the commitment to back up our words with action can be embarrassing. Give generously from the heart and much will be given back in return.

Mercury in Virgo
Friday, August 15, 9:44 am PDT, 12:44 pm EDT

Cerebral Mercury's entry into its earthy home sign sharpens minds. Analytical skills, attention to details and mastering techniques should come more easily now. Critical thinking is excellent for solving problems but could also narrow minds so much that we can't see the forest for the trees. Don't lose sight of the big picture. Finding flaws is easy; it's coming up with practical solutions that's the real benefit of this transit.

Sun in Virgo
Friday, August 22, 9:46 pm PDT, Saturday, August 23, 12:46 am EDT

The life-giving Sun's presence in methodical Virgo is meant to take the creative impulses of the previous thirty days and find the means to turn them into reality. Focusing on immediate tasks is more likely to lead to success than daydreaming about the future. Developing healthy habits increases vitality, providing the energy to refine old skills and learn new ones. A key to self-improvement is to make incremental changes as small steps taken in a positive direction lead to major advances over time.

The stark contrasts of the Leo New Moon conjunct outgoing Jupiter in Leo and square secretive Mars in Scorpio can take us on a wild ride from unbounded optimism to deep doubt. The downside can be avoided when we act with passion and persistence to overcome obstacles on the way to the bright lights of personal and professional success.

Have a great month!

(c)2014,, Inc.

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