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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds. The New Moon Report describes the collective patterns in which we all exist, yet each of us is unique. Jeff Jawer provides personal consultations to make the most of your abilities according to your individual birth chart. He helps you to understand the cycles of the planets and apply this knowledge to bring more happiness into your life. Contact Jeff at to schedule an appointment or go to Consultations with Jeff to find out more.

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New Moon in Capricorn
Sunday, December 21, 5:36 pm PST, 8:36 pm EST

Every New Moon marks the beginning of a 28-day cycle, providing a fresh direction and impetus for discovery and growth. This one is even more powerful in its capacity to trigger ideas and activities because it occurs in the very first degree of season-starting Capricorn. The commitment, authority and discipline of this ambitious Earth sign send roots into new ground from which opportunities and awareness can emerge. A key to connecting with the power of this event is a willingness to push hard to overcome obstacles rather than avoiding the effort required to reshape our lives. Persistence is a major Capricorn asset, so sticking to a slow-moving plan will produce more desirable results than occasional bursts of activity. Set a goal and stay with it to establish a rhythm of consistency that will be a key to success.

Saturn in Sagittarius
Tuesday, December 23, 8:36 am PST, 11:36 am EST

Taking a hard, cold look at belief systems is called for with the planet of realityís shift into this philosophical sign. Some people, however, are likely to hunker down and become even more resistant to concepts that donít fit into their traditional ideas about truth. The planet of order in this farseeing sign could suppress intellectual growth, reinforce prejudices and inhibit educational development. Yet, instead of seeking solutions in the dogma of the past, this is a time when weíre responsible for expanding our visions of the future. Dutiful Saturn in outgoing Sagittarius requires us to come up with hopeful solutions to even the most intransigent problems and to back up optimism with committed action. The ringed planet will revisit Scorpio from June 14-September 17, 2015 before settling back into the enthusiastic Archer until December 2017.

Venus in Aquarius
Saturday, January 3, 6:48 am PST, 9:48 am EST

Amorous Venus in this independent sign indicates that pleasure flows more easily without the pressures of control and the regular routines of predictable relationships. The concept of love is more universal in Aquarius, which is not its most intimate expression. Yet the agape of brotherly love that cools the passion of romance is needed to open hearts to less possessive and exclusive forms of sharing. Innovation in alliances and the arts, openness to different kinds of people, and discovering new ways to connect are among the gifts of this transit.

Mercury in Aquarius
Sunday, January 4, 5:08 pm PST, 8:08 pm EST

Minds open to higher levels of awareness with brainy Mercury in intelligent and airy Aquarius. We tend to think outside the box as the limits of old patterns of perception fall by the wayside. The conceptual power of this combination is highly inventive but could be so far from conventional logic that communicating our insights can be challenging. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius from January 21 until February 11, prolonging its stay in this sign until March 12.

Full Moon in Cancer
Sunday, January 4, 8:53 pm PST, 11:53 pm EST

The careful, cuddly and protective Cancer Full Moon usually seeks safety. Its opposition to the pragmatic Capricorn Sun is more about a difference of style in the ways to find security than in their fundamental goals. This lunation, though, occurs in a stormy sea of transformational uncertainty as it triggers the ongoing square of volatile Uranus and pressurized Pluto. Itís tempting to withdraw into a defensive shell when the environment feels so unstable, but resistance to change is more likely to intensify it than to calm it down. This powerful event is a reminder that we must go forward, evolve and create the future instead of clinging to our patterns of the past. Life as we know it is shifting and the safest way to make the transition is to embrace it. Emotional extremes are possible, yet recognizing that disturbances are expected helps us to keep from adding even more drama to the drama. Crises in politics and the environment are other expressions of this explosive event that hopefully will be a jumping off point for meaningful long-term change.

Mars in Pisces
Monday, January 12, 2:20 am PST, 5:20 am EST

Fighters put down their arms when the warrior planet Mars enters super-sensitive Pisces. Direct attacks and overt hostility are reduced as competitiveness gives way to compassion. While this is excellent for softening the edges of our swords of anger, some may replace open confrontation with passive-aggressive behavior. This transit, which lasts until February 19, is excellent for gentle cajoling, battling for noble causes and disempowered people, as well as initiating spiritual and artistic activities.

Sun in Aquarius
Tuesday, January 20, 1:44 am PST, 4:44 am EST

The Sunís transition from ambitious Capricorn to cooperative Aquarius is meant to engender idealism and teamwork. It might also help us to accept and give support in a less rigid environment. Still, there is a bit of cool, detachment in otherwise friendly Aquarius that might not warm the heart of romantics (all the chocolate, roses and jewelry of Valentineís Day notwithstanding). Aquarius is a time to recognize that even though we experience ourselves as unique individuals, taking a step back from ourselves reveals the many constellations of family, friends, colleagues and community of which we are all part. This awareness overcomes alienation and reminds us that we are all full-fledged members of the human race.

This Capricorn New Moon is a time of conquest when we can overcome fear, self-doubt and indulgence to take on more meaningful challenges in our lives. There is a growing sense of authority and competence that comes from slowly and steadily building skills and establishing structures that help us to fulfill our desires. Hard work tempered with kindness toward ourselves and others enables us to climb the highest mountains of ambition without putting anyone down as we ascend.

Have a great month!

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