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Consultations with Jeff

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds. The New Moon Report describes the collective patterns in which we all exist, yet each of us is unique. Jeff Jawer provides personal consultations to make the most of your abilities according to your individual birth chart. He helps you to understand the cycles of the planets and apply this knowledge to bring more happiness into your life. Contact Jeff at to schedule an appointment or go to Consultations with Jeff to find out more.

Join Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine for their annual forecast retreat in Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon on January 9-11, 2015. Get the details at

For a personal forecast based on your personal birth chart check out Your Big Picture Forecast and the 30-Day Report created by Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine. Click on Celebrity Sample to see the detailed transit information these reports provide.

New Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm PDT, 5:57 pm EDT

This New Moon is a solar eclipse that can take us on a stroll down memory lane as the emotional Scorpio Moonís partial coverage of the Sun stirs up issues from the past. While we normally expect powerful feelings in this passionate sign, Scorpioís intensity is softened by loving Venusí conjunction and forgiving Neptuneís healing trine to this lunation. Cerebral Mercury plays its reminiscing part as it approaches its turning point in partner-oriented Libra. Revisioning and renegotiating relationships are potential plusses of this subtly powerful event. Rediscovering hidden or underused resources can also help to fill hungry hearts and empty purses. The eclipse path covers much of the U.S. and Canada, making these the most likely places where its impact will be felt. But the possibility of economic recovery and sexual scandals associated with it can take up to six months to occur. Loving the most unlovable parts of ourselves, though, can start immediately and will work as a remedy to restore trust and to raise self-esteem.

Mercury Direct
Saturday, October 25

Brainy Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and slowly begins regaining forward momentum in the days ahead. Conversations that have hit dead ends or gone awry may finally get back on track. New connections should be made more easily and fresh ideas can revive projects slowed by stagnation. Making amends where conflict has damaged relationships is another constructive way to use the messenger planetís turnabout in peacemaking Libra, preparing us for deeper levels of communication when Mercury returns to profound Scorpio in two weeks.

Mars in Capricorn
Sunday, October 26, 3:43 am PDT, 6:43 am EDT

Mars in Capricorn is like a well-disciplined soldier who pushes aside pain and persistently sticks to a plan of action. This transit has the power and punch of the warrior planet that is highly effective in pursuit of a clearly defined goal. Mastery of tools and techniques are benefits that allow us to apply our abilities with patience and precision. This traditionally favorable astrological pair works best when high aspirations are matched by total commitment. If youíre not ready to conquer continents, use this 40-day transit to take on lesser challenges like getting your body into better shape or tackling practical tasks with maturity and consistency to overcome doubts and discomfort in order to achieve your goal.

Full Moon in Taurus
Thursday, November 6, 2:23 pm PST, 5:23 pm EST

Full Moons are associated with extreme emotions because we face the contradictions of opposing points of view. This one, though, may feel more like putting our feet on solid ground than being washed out to sea. The stabilizing influence of the earthy Taurus Moon gains additional ballast from harmonious trines with potent Mars and Pluto in competent Capricorn. The intensity of the Scorpio Sun is softened by its close proximity to pacifying Venus and weíre finally out of the eclipse zone thatís been rattling cages for the past month. Still, we may expect some drama about money, resources and self-worth with overspending or exaggeration spurred by profligate Jupiterís stressful squares to the Sun and Moon. But the sound and fury of strongly expressed opinions is probably more of a show than a final showdown. Once excessive pride and the need to prove others wrong have been set aside negotiations to settle differences can commence with a common desire to find solutions.

Mercury in Scorpio
Saturday, November 8, 3:09 pm PST, 6:09 pm EST

This is perceptive Mercuryís curtain call in penetrating Scorpio, providing second chances to pull aside the covers, push through niceties and get down to discussing essential issues. Minds dive below the surface to ferret out vital ideas and hard to find information. Suspicious thinkers, though, may try to hide from invasive inquiries, yet overcoming mistrust and fear of exposure will help to untangle knots in highly charged relationships and complicated financial matters.

Mars conjunct Pluto
Mars square Uranus
Venus conjunct Saturn

Monday, November 10 and Wednesday, November 12

Incendiary Marsí conjunction with Pluto on the 10th and square to Uranus on the 12th trigger the transformational forces of these explosive outer planets. Resistance to rules may fuel revolts against authority figures and lead to breakdowns in the chain of command. Yet a purposeful application of power and innovation provides more than enough energy to break through inner and outer obstacles. Venusí conjunction with stern Saturn on the 12th is socially and fiscally sobering, forcing some to deal with unpaid bills and unfulfilled emotional expectations. Facing hard facts is rarely comfortable, yet knowing exactly where we stand sets a solid base from which effective changes will follow.

Neptune Direct
Saturday, November 15

The forward turn of the solar systemís most formless planet is not likely to make an immediate impact. This is a slow shift of private dreams toward public action, allowing us to put our ideals and fantasies into motion. Compassion and spirituality may become more visible in the weeks ahead as this super sympathetic planet pivots away from inner reflection to outer activity.

Venus in Sagittarius
Sunday, November 16, 11:04 am PST, 2:04 pm EST

Amorous Venus in adventurous Sagittarius inspires us to expand our social horizons. Love and pleasure come from fresh experiences, faraway places and philosophical pursuits. Restlessness and boredom can provoke emotional honesty that may come across as insensitive so temper truth telling with tenderness. Itís tempting to overlook inconvenient details and unrealistic expectations when hearts are pounding with the fire of newfound romance. Going too far is a temptation that some of us may be unable to avoid but itís wise to forgive yourself and others when high hopes overcome common sense. Still, taking chances in pursuit of pleasure is called for and should prove more rewarding than risky when tempered by small doses of reason.

Sun in Sagittarius
Saturday, November 22, 1:38 am PST, 4:38 am EST

The expressive Sun follows Venus into outgoing Sagittarius where the sky is the limit. The heart yearns for meaning and truth but could settle for a good time if they are not available. Sagittarius aspires to more of everything which can, of course, lead to all forms of excess, overstated opinions among them. Being judgmental and prejudiced are the dark shadows behind this signís characteristically jolly exterior. When we are stuck with the notion that thereís only one right way to be, to think or to act, weíre straightjacketed in ignorance disguised as certainty. Curiosity and humility are remedies against the excesses of self-righteousness and generosity is the gift that expands hearts with hope and minds with optimism to reward us with the open spirit of this adventurous sign.

This New Moon in Scorpio is a solar eclipse that reminds us to look back and complete unfinished emotional business from the past before desire and a sense of urgency compel us to forge ahead. Facing the shadows of our fears is wiser than driving them underground as the former enriches and empowers us while the latter diminishes potency and potential. There is no shame in hunger and need because recognizing them without shame is a significant step toward filling the empty places within. A person who feels complete brings less to a relationship than one who is able to give and is willing to receive.

Have a great month!

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