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Mercury Aspects and Their Associated Nervous Functions

Mercury-Moon aspects relate to the water equilibrium in the nervous system and fluids in the brain.

Mercury-Venus aspects relate to nerve supply to the endocrine glands.

Mercury-Mars aspects relate to the motor nerves that control the muscles. A tense aspect may show excessive reflex action and inflammation of nervous tissue. An excitable aspect may show fear and nervousness.

Mercury-Jupiter aspects magnify any influence on the nervous system, making one excessively stimulated by coffee, tea, cola drinks and food additives. These substances are not well processed by the liver, leading to systemic nervous disturbances.

Mercury-Saturn aspects may create hypofunction (underfunction) of the nervous sytem (including dyslexia and deafness) and contribute to inadequate nerve supply to the skeletal system.

Mercury-Uranus aspects are sometimes indicative of a potentially brilliant but easily overstimulated mind, a difficulty relaxing and a hypersensitive nervous system. A person with this configuration needs considerable periods of low stimulation and rest.

Mercury-Neptune aspects suggest a highly impressionable nature with weak nerves and a tendency toward irrational fears. They benefit from guided imagery and the support of affirmations to occupy a system that tends to worry and undermine confidence.

Mercury-Pluto aspects may contribute to nervous overstimulation, hyperfuctioning metabolism of the nervous sytem and excessive formation of new nervous tissue. There may be a tendency toward autoimmune and allergic problems associatied with the nervous system or lungs, where the body perceives input from the external world as a threat

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