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Fast Facts About Astrology

Public Acceptance

  • One-third of Americans believe in astrology (USA Today 6/20/00), with the fastest growing segment among executives and professionals (USA Today, 1996).
  • According to The Harris Poll, nearly 41 percent of adult Americans believe in astrology (The Harris Poll, #52 9/13/00).
  • An eight year, worldwide study by Roper Starch reported a 30 percent increase in the belief in astrology (USA Today, 1996).
  • In 1976, 17 percent of Americans believed in astrology. In 1998 that number jumped to 37 percent (, 3/3/00).

The Market

  • 75 percent of astrology consumers are women (StarIQ registrants).
  • An estimated 80 percent of women make most of the household purchasing decisions (Harris Interactive 2000).
  • Americans spend $100 million on astrology each year (Business 2.0, 3/1/99).
  • An estimated 38 million people spend approximately $44 billion annually on new age products and services including astrology (New Age Cities, 12/00).
  • There are 6,000–8,000 professional astrology practitioners in the United States (based on membership to the National Council for Geocosmic Research, NCGR).
  • A growing academic community of psychologists, statisticians, stock market analysts and professional astrologers effectively uses individually calculated astrological data for purposes beyond diversion (based on membership lists from the International Society for Astrological Research and NCGR).
  • Astrology products are unique because they cut across normal demographic lines. Research indicates that astrology users span the spectrum from blue-collar National Enquirer readers on one end, to white-collar Psychology Today readers on the other.

Astrology and the Internet

  • "Astrology" and "horoscope" are consistently among the most searched topics on the Internet (, 1999).
  • Astrology provides completely personalized information that can be created and delivered electronically at any frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Astrology allows for vertical market application and the creation of specific subject matter to target audiences.
  • A simple search for "astrology OR horoscope" on AltaVista returns over three million web pages (AltaVista).
  • Time Inc.'s reported that "astrology" was the fifth most searched and "horoscope" the seventh most searched word on the site (, 6/19/98).

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