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Astrology by Hand Week 46

Ariel Sharon Part II—The Transits

Last week we looked at the chart of Ariel Sharon to see what sort of a man now leads the government of Israel. This week we will look at the major indications of the next two years and see what kind of impact these may have on Sharon and, therefore, what kind of impact he will have on the world.

The year began with Saturn making several transits to Sharon's natal chart. Last year and early this year Saturn made several passes directly over his Moon and at about the same time was 90 degrees away (square) from his Neptune. You may recall from last week that Sharon has a Moon, Neptune, Mercury combination that suggests something other than a strict, logical mind. Sensitive yes, logical not so much! Saturn on the Moon suggests that during this period Sharon was feeling rather emotionally isolated and not very charitable. This is usually considered a "difficult" transit. Yet Sharon became prime minister under this transit! This should caution people against thinking that a difficult transit is bad for everything in a person's life. When we look at a difficult transit we must always examine its precise effects and not see a general tendency toward good or bad luck.

But, in general, Saturn to the Moon and 90 degrees to Neptune is not good for clear, optimistic or positive thinking. Then after the last transit of Saturn square Neptune (which happened at the end of March) Saturn will make another 90-degree transit to Sharon's Mercury. This happens in the first week of May just as this column appears in print. Recall that Mercury makes an opposition to his Neptune and a square to his Moon. We can expect that at about the time this column appears Sharon is likely to do one of the following: 1) cut off some important negotiation, or have someone else cut off one with him, or 2) assume an attitude of mental rigidity that could have an important effect. But we cannot tell for certain whether this will have any observable effect that we can see in the news. It could be completely personal. Sharon's Mercury is in his Twelfth House, which is, among other things, a house of secrets.

Transits for Fall 2001

After that, the first part of this year is not a terribly dramatic one for Sharon personally. Things do not begin to heat up until the fall. In October and November the planet Jupiter makes what astrologers call a station on his natal Pluto. What actually happens from the point of view of the Sun is that the Earth begins to pass by Jupiter in its orbit. From our point of view on the Earth it looks as if Jupiter stops going forward and begins to go backward. This is just like what happens when we speed up to pass another car on the highway. A station occurs when the planet changes from seeming to go forward to seeming to go backward or the other way around. This is a very powerful kind of transit and should have a strong effect on Sharon. I find this transit somewhat troubling because it coincides with the second of two transiting Saturn opposition transiting Pluto events this year. Saturn-Pluto conjunctions (0 degrees), squares (90 degrees), and oppositions (180 degrees) have since World War II coincided with difficulties in the Middle East, especially those that feature the Arabs and the Israelis.

On top of this the symbolism of Jupiter conjunct Pluto suggests that Sharon will make a heroic effort to improve, reform or completely alter some situation that has become difficult for him. The transit occurs in Sharon's Fourth House, which is not only his own home, i.e., place of residence, but also his country, his native land. And Jupiter in his chart is the ruler of his Ninth House (Sagittarius), which indicates foreign nations, foreigners in general, and anyone who is not of his own people. It also rules his Twelfth House of secrets and hidden things.

After the stationary transit of October-November Jupiter makes one more pass over his Pluto just in time to coincide with the third Saturn-Pluto opposition next May. During this time Uranus begins to make a series of 90-degree transits to his natal Moon and oppositions to his natal Neptune. These are the same natal planets that Saturn hit at the time of his appointment as prime minister. The same irrational, emotional and perhaps oversensitive combination that we have recently seen activated by Saturn will be activated again by Uranus, the planet of sudden, hasty and often rash moves. So just as we need Sharon to be especially clear-headed and rational, he is probably not going to be. He may be touchy, rash, and prone to making snap decisions based on instinct, an instinct that may not be at its best at the time. Does this mean that things are going to get worse between Israel and the Palestinians? I suspect so, but remember that this is the chart of one man. It is not the chart of a nation. If these transits work themselves out through his personal life, there will not be a serious problem. If they work themselves out in his career, there could be one.

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