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Saturn Opposite Pluto

During this time of crisis, we can use astrology to help us get a cosmic perspective on the tragic events that have unfolded in New York and Washington, DC. Loss of property and loss of life are tragic enough, but a deeper symbolic event has transpired. The United States has had its boundaries infiltrated in an act of war that frightens and angers us. Regardless of our individual political beliefs, our stance on big business and world trade or our position on military funding, every American was attacked today.

Astrologers have been watching serious Saturn as it begins its stressful opposition to Pluto, the planet of intense and sometimes volcanic change. This aspect, which began in August and will be with us through next spring, is a harbinger of powerful structural transitions and economic austerity. But a slow-moving aspect like this needs a trigger to manifest an event of this proportion.

Winged Messenger and the Fated Septile

Astrology Horoscope: May New MoonAt the moment of the first attack on the World Trade Center, Mercury was rising in a harmonious trine aspect to Saturn in Gemini, representing the winged messenger delivering its message to the Twin Towers. The Sun, fiery Mars and unexpected Uranus were positioned in a septile pattern, at three points on an imaginary seven-pointed star in the sky. This division of a circle by seven represents fated events that have great power and little warning. In addition, Mercury was also in the picture, tied to this pattern by a half-septile to the Sun. The overall pattern shows a sudden event, crashing through from unexpected quarters, delivering a very real blow to the larger structural shift described by the Saturn-Pluto opposition.

The Fatal Full Moon

Astrology Horoscope: May New MoonNew and Full Moons often foreshadow events in the weeks that follow. The Full Moon prior to the terrorist attack was particularly intense, as the Sun and Moon formed stressful right angles with the powerful Saturn-Pluto opposition. The following comment appeared in StarIQ's monthly New Moon Report:

The key event of this lunar cycle is the Full Moon in Pisces. Its potent alignment with planetary heavyweights Saturn and Pluto makes this a time of serious changes. We may face some of the less attractive parts of ourselves, but digging deep is necessary to make fundamental changes as individuals and for society as a whole.

Inauguration Angle

Astrologer Matthew Carnicelli predicted the possibility of terrorist attacks on the U.S. based on the inauguration chart of George W. Bush in his article The Bush Presidency: Storm Clouds at High Noon. Regarding the placement of Mars in the house of open enemies, he wrote, "Mars in Scorpio suggests the dramatic projection of military power somewhere outside of the continental United States—perhaps in response to a series of terrorist attacks, or even an attack upon the presidency itself."

Fortunately, while fate may play its hand on the collective, we each have choices as individuals in how we respond to life's painful experiences. As long as we are willing to learn from them, there is always hope for the future.

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