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In August, Jupiter advanced to 4 degrees Taurus. It stopped there and made its station, turning retrograde and beginning to retrace its steps back into Aries. This puts a special emphasis on the area of 4 degrees Taurus, almost as if Jupiter had marked his place to hold it until he returns.

Coach Norv Turner's chart prominently features 4 degrees of Taurus, with both his Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction exactly on that degree, and his Mars directly opposite at 4 degrees Scorpio.

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August also marked Turner's Jupiter return, which happens about once every 12 years, as Jupiter returns to its original position in the birth chart. A Jupiter return tends to reemphasize the influence of the birth Jupiter in a big way.

The Redskins have been scoring points in a big way since then, and Turner, his job no longer on the line, is now receiving praise for his decisions. The recent hiring of Bill Arnsparger to stiffen the Redskins' defense could provide some balance for this ground-gaining team.

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