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Stars, Stripes and Conventional Wisdom

The Moon rose over Massachusetts on opening day of the “Boston D Party” and beamed brightly on the waters in Boston Harbor. At the Fleet Center, reporters on the ground scoured for stories, while the big three networks limited coverage on the premise that the conventions had devolved into “carefully scripted political infomercials.” The sky report tells a different story. Only from this higher point of view can the cosmic perfection of events in Boston be fully appreciated. The script was totally on message, unfolding in league with a greater plan that all players helped to advance.

Through our cosmic inter-connectedness, we co-create our world. The planets, as repositories of the collective consciousness and harbingers of destiny, are our star reporters and penultimate authorities on spin. Each overseeing a particular domain of earthly experience, their symbolic reflections become a feedback loop through which we read the collective mind. Outer planets speak to long transformational cycles. The Moon, which thanks to Shakespeare we all know “monthly changes in her circled orb,” reflects our immediate concerns. Daily events mirror the transiting Moon and, through the advancing cycle, days become weeks and months, all in the purview of the Moon. Those astute enough to read the (zodiac) signs in lunar reflections can learn a great deal about what matters in our world in the micro-cosmic moments that move mankind forward by small steps into the future.

I kept a lunar journal during the four days of the Democratic Convention, cataloguing many synchronicities. The data represents one segment of a longer journey, in progress and on track. As history unfolds we will be able to put it into perspective. The convention took place under a waxing Moon, lending momentum. Yet the almost but not quite full gibbous stage, symbolizing a developing project coming up against the last hurdle before manifestation, is most certainly a harbinger of the uphill struggle this campaign will encounter in its bid to unseat an incumbent president. The Cancer New Moon of July 17 th began the current month’s cycle and we will be under the influence of the Cancer/Capricorn polar axis until the next New Moon. The party slogan—Stronger at home, more respected in the world—quintessentially captures the sentiments of these two signs and integrates them neatly. Political rhetoric falls predictably within certain parameters, and most of the issues of this campaign have already become clichés. Nevertheless, it is striking to note (below) how closely the campaign speeches parrot the Moon signs.

A Lunar Convention Journal
(Italicized items reflect the daily Moon energy.)

DAY ONE: The Moon is void of course in Scorpio. Void Moons, similar to retrograde planets, are like holes in the fabric of consciousness—portals that allow shadow (unconscious) material to seep upward. Disowned parts of the personal or collective psyche are projected onto the outer environment and reflected back. The Moon, as a luminary, is a natural metaphor for this psychological process. Voids often revive old pieces of the past and unearth material that is repressed or suppressed. Both positive and negative reflections of prevailing energies surface, along with polar opposites—in this instance Scorpio and Taurus. To whit: despite large Republican elephants in the room (stealing the 2000 election and misleading us to war), conventional wisdom dictated that Scorpion rage be subverted to Taurean loyalty as Democrats of every stripe united. On opening day, the party displayed its star power, the “ghosts of Christmas past,” two former Democratic presidents and one near miss (that gibbous Moon again). Clinton was welcomed back into the fold (a sex scandal precluded his participation in the last campaign). With lightly veiled sarcasm, he indirectly attacked President Bush, as he blithely referenced the income tax advantages to being newly wealthy. Day one set the groundwork and created an energetic template for the entire event.  

DAY TWO: Moon in Sagittarius. Much invocation of the Patriots—those visionaries who “fought the good fight” for our freedom. Today on NBC, Ted Kennedy took Katie and Matt on a historic tour of Boston, including the Old Massachusetts State House where the Declaration of Independence was signed. (Repeated references to our country’s history and to the founding fathers are a major reflection of the Cancer/Capricorn Moon cycle theme.) Day two focused heavily on the future. The future of the country rests on fulfilling the patriot’s dreams. The future of the party is its new rising star, State Senator Barack Obama. Billed as a political Tiger Woods, his address was inspiring and transcendent. Ron Reagan urged support of stem cell research, the future of medicine. Theresa Heinz Kerry, an immigrant and naturalized citizen greeted her audience in five foreign languages. She sounded the Sagittarian themes of women’s rights, civil liberties, environmentalism, faith, truth and optimism. Vision was at the top of everyone’s list.  

DAY THREE: Moon void (voc) in Sagittarius. Robert Kennedy cited administration policies that have eviscerated thirty years of environmental progress. The Gemini shadow emerged early on, as my own hometown mayor, Baltimore’s Martin O’Malley addressed the desperate plight of America’s cities. VP candidate, John Edwards, a Gemini, commanded the prime time speaker slot. He connected easily with the crowd, while many of the speeches that preceded his rang hollow (an inability to connect is typical in voc). The difference? Others spoke in the third person about Kerry “the man who wasn’t there” (the void was noticeable), while Edwards spoke from personal experience about both himself and his Sagittarian Sun sign alter-ego. (No wonder they are such a balanced ticket!). His major theme—uniting polarities (remember Pluto is in Sagittarius, too), bringing the two Americas into oneness and restoring America as the land of opportunity. Edwards abrogated the VP’s traditional role as “attack dog.” That distinction fell to Reverend Al Sharpton, the dissenting voice that party unity could not silence. Speaking truth to power, he pleaded passionately for a reversal of the course that is eroding our judicial and constitutional freedomscivil rights, women’s rights and especially voting rights, a milestone achieved by the blood of martyrs. Day three primed the pump for the candidate’s arrival. But first, the votes must be counted.

The Gibbous Moon Strikes Again

The delegate roll call began at 11 pm when the networks signed off. At 11:38, Nightline broke into its regular program to announce that the delegation from Ohio had just put Kerry over the top of the 2162 votes needed to win. Ted Koppel declared the nomination official, confetti dropped, and the band played. But wait! Not so fast! Democrats would not be falling all over themselves to declare a winner if they knew that eight presidential candidates (including Al Gore) nominated under void Moons either lost their election bids or were later removed from office! In just 20 minutes the Moon would be safely ensconced in the presidential sign of Capricorn; they were almost, but not quite there! Fortunately there were still 2100 votes to go. The DNC secretary made a final tally in the wee hours of Thursday. So, the “curse” of the void Moon, is one superstition that won’t be tested this time around.

DAY FOUR: Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer/Capricorn axis lights up as family members, sons, daughters and extended family, i.e., the “band of brothers” (Kerry’s unit in Viet Nam) parade to the podium, followed eventually by “father” John reporting for duty. The war hero’s Commander-in-Chief role is heavily emphasized. (It’s critical in wartime.) The pundits have said he must appear presidential. He succeeds by hitting the right Capricorn/ Cancer notes—God and country, valuing families, caring for seniors, fiscal responsibility, seeking the high ground, being a beacon in the world, and invoking President Lincoln—“I want to pray that we are on God’s side.” (God is our ultimate Capricorn father figure.)

Democrats have now taken the show on the road. The Republicans will hold their convention in New York City at the end of the month, under some challenging cosmic conditions. Pluto goes direct on August 30th—potentially an opening for the emergence of previously concealed truths. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo perhaps highlighting (unintentionally) the division between the “two Americas”—the privileged and the working people Bush will be wooing. Big Apple, big sky, Full Moon and lots more stars and stripes, most notably of the flag-waving variety. Some of us will also be watching the heavens.


Judith Goldberg, MFA has a Master’s Degree in Art Education from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Certificate in Karmic Astrology from Creative Choices, Inc. Judith writes a monthly column, Star Track: Astrology for the New Age in the Spirit Crossing free online newsletter. Judith is a Vocational Astrologer in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland. She welcomes your comments and questions.

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