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The inner wheel of this chart is a chart for the United States. The outer wheel is the placements of the planets on April 1, 1989, relevant to the U.S. chart.

The birth of a nation is not as easily determined as that of an individual. There are a number of diverse birth charts for the United States based on the research and opinions of different astrologers.

Most astrologers use the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 for the U.S. chart. There are, however, differing opinions about the correct time. The chart above falls in the period corresponding to the writings of Jefferson, Adams and Hancock described as "late in the day." NewsScope columnist Michael WolfStar uses an earlier time that gives a Scorpio Ascendant rather than the Sagittarius rising here. You can find an explanation for WolfStar's choice at:

Many astrologers use a Gemini rising chart for the U.S., which would place the signing of the Declaration in the middle of the night. Others have proposed entirely different dates. The best source for information on the charts of nations is Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (The Aquarian Press, 1988). Campion is an expert astrologer and historian who approaches the subject with solid, objective research.

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