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The Sun's ingress into Aries is always regarded as significant in mundane astrology because the chart calculated for this date is said to forecast immediate trends in the fortunes of the nation concerned. This year the Aries ingress should be especially significant for the United States, because transiting Uranus in Pisces will be squaring its natal position in Gemini in the US chart. Those like myself, who use a Gemini rising chart for America, believe it will also be squaring the natal US Ascendant from the Tenth House, so it should have a definite effect.

The nature of a square aspect is that of conflict, challenge, resistance and discomfort as two planetary bodies war against each other. In this case we are dealing with the Uranus cycle, with this planet in conflict with itself . Uranus is typically rebellious, uncompromising and unsettling in its manifestation, so this transit is usually an eventful one.

Uranus in Pisces

Uranus last transited Pisces between April 1919 and March 1927, squaring the US Uranus and Ascendant in April and August of 1921 and February of 1922. This was the era of prohibition, in which the influence of Uranus in Pisces may be seen as a radical response to the nation's perceived alcohol problem. The Roaring Twenties was also characterized by the rival gangs that supplied alcohol to illegal venues. Another cultural influence at the time was a Ku Klux Klan revival, which might be interpreted as a secret society's victimization of certain sectors of humanity. Communism (Uranus), which was considered subversive (Pisces), was also a pervasive social element in America in the 1920s.

America in 2005 is embroiled in the messy aftermath of its invasion of Iraq in 2003, having ousted Saddam Hussein at the cost of destroying most of Iraq's infrastructure and attracting the bitter enmity of his supporters. As it happens, the incursion into Iraq took place on the morning of the 2003 March ingress. At that stage Uranus had just begun its transit of Pisces and was conjunct progressed US Mercury, ruler of the US Ascendant. A Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Pisces suggests that the attack, which defied the wishes of the United Nations, may have been an error of judgment.

Transiting Uranus Square U.S. Uranus

In any case, the anticipated square of transiting Uranus to its natal position in the American national chart should be viewed within the context of the ongoing situation in Iraq. For instance, the constant attacks by Iraqi insurgents on the country's oil wells is a recognizable expression of Uranus in Pisces that may intensify as the planet moves closer both to its square to the US Ascendant and Uranus and to its return to its position in the horoscope set for the inauguration of the Kingdom of Iraq in August 1921. The American government insists that its actions in Iraq are aimed at securing democracy for the Iraqi people, and this objective also has an element of Uranus in Pisces ("freeing the victims") which will have to survive any pressures associated with the Uranus-Uranus square.

It is necessary, too, to remember that transiting Uranus is already squaring retrograde progressed US Uranus, so that the effects of the unpredictable planet can already be seen in such incidents as the suicide bombing that killed 122 Iraqis in Hillah on March 1. Attacks like these victimize innocent Iraqis and extend the American occupation of Iraq, thus also threatening the lives of American soldiers. As the square to natal US Uranus becomes exact at the time of the March ingress, one can reasonably expect this danger to increase, especially since transiting Neptune in Aquarius, ruler of Pisces, will be separating from a conjunction to the US Midheaven and approaching a conjunction to the US Moon, ruler of its Cancerian Sun.

Another factor that may affect the impact of the coming Uranus square to the US Ascendant and Uranus is that transiting Uranus will also be approaching a square to natal Mars in Virgo in the horoscope of President George W. Bush. The Mars-Uranus connections between the charts of the president and the nation have been observed elsewhere. It seems to me that these connections, with their implied dangerous belligerence, become all the more potent if one uses the Gemini rising chart for America, in which Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant with Mars prominent in the First House. The March ingress may see an upsurge of US aggression against the rebels initiated by Bush. It is to be hoped that the transit of Uranus in Pisces will ultimately bring a breakthrough in initiatives for peace within the troubled region, but the situation may first face further crises as the square becomes exact.


Beth Evans is an astrologer based in Western Australia. She qualified with the FAA in 2001 under the tuition of Cindy Naunton. She is particularly interested in mundane astrology and has done a lot of work on plane crash and shipwreck charts. She is interested in American history, especially the American Civil War, which she has attempted to analyze astrologically.  

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